Musings From the Philosopher's Den: Is Asking “What will happen to me?” the Wisest Question to Ask?

Posted on October 29, 2017
Posted by Jim Sher

Oftentimes, people go to psychics, card readers, and astrologers etc., in order to find out what will happen in the next several months or year. It is a natural question to wonder about and even to wish for, so we can prepare for whatever it is. At least that’s what I often hear. But, can one ever prepare for something that hasn’t happened yet? Sure, we can make sure we have plenty of water and canned supplies if ever the power goes out for a long period of time after a natural disaster, so in that sense we can prepare. But, is that what we mean when we ask an astrologer what will happen to me?

In many of my posts, I have commented on the limitations that astrologer’s have in their ability to make concrete predictions. Also, I have mentioned that it can be psychologically damaging to attempt to do so as it reduces a person’s ability to make positive choices and even places a person into a state of fear.

This article is not focused on that set of concerns. What I want to ask the reader to consider is what might the wisest question one could ask that would both benefit them and also be in the territory an astrologer can successfully answer. The question is the following:

What might I be able to create in the next period of time?”

This question can take us somewhere. The previous question not only limits and even restricts us, but it focuses on making our life concern totally about how we are affected by others and by the world. Yet, we can’t control that. Yes, of course, things happen to us and how we respond to these events may be where we have the most freedom of all. Is it possible that when we do not understand that we are totally free on how we respond to any outer event, that we are, consciously or unconsciously, playing the victim role?

When we create, what can we control in terms of how it is received by the world? A writer can write, a painter can paint, etc., and, in fact, there are many things we can do that are creative and do not require anything from others. Moreover, when we are in a creative state, we often feel great joy. It is important to not be concerned about how one’s creation will be received by others. It is much better to create without thought of reward or concern for how others will react. Can we increase our freedom by creating in whatever way suits us?

Further, the act of ‘intention’ is itself a creative act. It does not require agreement from others to set out with an intention. Let the universe figure out how it will manifest over the days, months, or years.

It is our nature to be creative. It is how we receive the most joy. And, it is what I consider to be a ‘Being’ act. It can come from our deepest Self.

Since the universe is more ‘plastic’ than we may think, when we are in a creative state or create an intention, we may find that the universe is moldable. It can mold itself to accommodate our creative acts and bring them into manifestation. We just need to learn to create for its own sake, without any thought of reward. This is an important consideration, because when we create for a reward of any kind, we are creating from ‘ego’ and that’s not when the universe will respond and co-create with us. Why? Because ego is for oneself alone, whereas co-creating is a form of aligning with the needs of the vaster system, which can be thought of as the ‘Divine.’

But, perhaps the simplest thing we can do is ask if being creative brings us joy. Astrology can contribute to our understanding of what things might be worth considering at any given time about how we might be creative. Many people won’t need this kind of help, but at other times when we feel stuck, astrology might help us give us a nudge, a slight suggestion on what area of life we might want to look into that will put us into a creative state.

I hope this nudge might help us contemplate what kinds of creative actions can take us forward towards a better life.

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One response to “Musings From the Philosopher’s Den: Is Asking “What will happen to me?” the Wisest Question to Ask?”

  1.' Stephen Zendt says:

    You are truly gifted at making clear the analytical elements of our desire to “know the unknown.”
    Somehow, we have bought the presumption, over the years, that Astrology and Metaphysics will provide prophetic awareness to our contemporary reality. It disappoints those who want an “easy answer.”
    You and Kimberly demonstrate that you see clearly the awareness of a higher dimension of reality penetration, even “cosmic consciousness.” I value your insights weekly and monthly.
    If we are able to evolve away from the present morass, to a plane of ethical and aesthetic evolved-comprehension, we may thrive, yet again, in simplicity and ego-less-maturity. (Or not . . .)
    Thank you for being and doing what you are gifted to bring to light!

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