Musings from the Philosopher’s Den - Third Edition

Posted on July 18, 2017
Posted by Jim Sher

In 1994, I had an unusual experience where I ‘accidentally’ saw a person from my past in a health food store in Portland, Oregon. It had been about 5 years since we had last seen each other in a small town on the Oregon coast about 250 miles away. He had just seen a metaphysical teacher we both had worked with and, although the meeting was awkward, he shared the fact that this man was asking him for help in finding a quite exotic book on the Kabbalah written by Carlo Suares. The book was entitled “The Cipher of Genesis.” He had located the book for our teacher, so I began searching for it and through a series of letters with the publisher and then Carlo Suares’ son, I was able to find and purchase a copy of this enigmatic book.

This book was more than I ever could have imagined in that it revealed the meaning of each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which interpreted the hidden code that is buried within the Old Testament. I don’t know if the readers of this Blog are familiar with the fact that the Kabbalah, which was the basis not only for Orthodox Jews, was also the basis for the magickal societies of the last 200 years.  And the key was in the meaning of each letter. When this code was used the bible could be translated in a completely different way than it is ordinarily. The idea that each letter has meaning is not at all new. It has been part of the Kabbalistic traditions for many centuries or millennia. But Suares’ interpretations were very new to me and it wove a new understanding of the nature of reality and of who we are.

My research into both the book and its author further revealed that Suares was close friends with Jiddu Krishnamurti and wrote a book about his transformational process called “Krishnamurti and The Unity of Man,” which was published in 1950. To think that Suares was closely associated with Krishnamurti was both odd to me and somehow it made sense.

Furthermore, Suares discovered that the nature of quantum physics is utterly connected to the Kabbalistic teachings. In his later years, he met with some physicists and his work is described in a few books, including by Fred Alan Wolf.

I must leap to why I am writing to you about this book and this man’s work. He concluded, both from his research and personal experience, that we are not only not mere bodies, but that we are multi-dimensional beings. He then showed how this truth was actually hidden in the metaphorical stories within the New and Old Testament. He then wrote a summary of his many years of effort called the “8 Propositions.” I am going to publish it here exactly as he wrote it.

Suares – 8 Propositions


  1. Seek your total individuality. Don’t write it down anywhere. Don’t give it a name. Any definition of yourself is a deceptive hideout.
  1. You will not find your total individuality. It is your total individuality that sees you, that witnesses your doings. It acts in our space-time continuum but is not restricted to it.
  1. Your total individuality is your soul. It abides in the indeterminate plurality of universes. Because it is alive, it is evolving. Because it is outside of time, its evolution is only the time that you need to permit it to find you. Because it is multidimensional, it contributes to the composition of an Ecclesia. It is one and innumerable.
  1. Your soul will not find you as long as your consciousness is made of the stuff of false evidences created by your mind: as long as you do not feel a sense of suffocation in those space-time false evidences.
  1. The death of false evidences is a psychological death, announcer of resurrection. Each false evidence denounced opens a window in the inner space where the measurable dies.
  1. This death of the measurable in the inner space is a personal experience. All that is said to you about it will prevent it from occurring. Do not listen to the professionals of any religions.
  1. Beyond this death, our infinitely multiple individuality reveals to our present person that we are only one of its multifarious manifestations. We then meet the other manifestations of our soul spread out through history, still present and alive.
  1. So this consciousness emanating from our soul integrates its earthly past and also its future. It knows itself continuous, without limits. It is all-consciousness, it penetrates every consciousness, it understands every consciousness, and that understanding is love.

I know that perhaps most readers will not want to delve into these waters, and I understand. Sometimes, I need to write just for the few who might resonate with, or even feel a certain kind of call to these hidden teachings. I do not write this only as an observer. This book was the first one I ever read that confirmed the nature of the experiences I have had and in a way that touched the ‘ancient’ part of me. If there is interest, I will write more about these ideas. This School is a Mystery School after all.

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11 responses to “Musings from the Philosopher’s Den – Third Edition”

  1.' Perry says:

    Thank you for revisiting this. My experiences have led to a much more profound appreciation for these words than the first time I read them years ago. Please do continue along this line of thinking.

  2.' weaver says:

    profoundly appreciated. this feels like a kind of anchor as mars enters leo, spectrum of soul purpose.

  3.' Laura Ledesma says:

    Thanks Jim, as always great article and interesting reading. Please keep it coming. I’m still learning from you.

  4.' Susan says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I would love to read more. Linking quantum physics with ancient teachings is indeed a mystery school!

  5. Love this…! An amazing story of ‘coincidence’ that led to powerful insights and now powerful teachings… thank you for sharing! (And yes, please, on more of this…!) ;+)

  6.' jen amo says:

    very interesting…please continue with the arcane information…we are ready to go deeper more than any other time in history. also, another area is the tarot which also has a letter assigned to each card. ‘The Rabbi’s Tarot’ delves into this is a very deep metaphysical way.

  7. Jim Sher says:

    Yes, he did. Thank you for responding with this information for the readers. Philip K. Dick is well worth reading as he had many amazing insights.

  8.' Ilie says:

    thanks for this piece. very interesting and useful!

  9.' tim says:

    #7 Philip K. Dick touched on this in his explorations.

  10.' James says:

    Thank you for sharing this rare text and perspective. I want to confirm for you that the imprint of the Mystery Schools is alive and well in many of us who are out here exploring the expanded self. So please continue these writings; they are inspiring and encouraging.

    Thank you for your service!

  11.' Kimberly Dante says:

    Thank you for this article!

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