AstroCast: March 6 - 18, 2016

Posted on March 5, 2016
Posted by Kimberly Maxwell

astrocast-headerRadicals and romantics, step aside.  The whales are here.  After experiencing the archetypal energies of the Uranus/Pluto and Saturn/Neptune squares, Jupiter and Pluto figure prominently in this time period with their combined, unimpeded forces archetypally representing Big Power.  The thing about whales, however, is that we generally can’t see them, unless we are looking under the surface of the ocean, or symbolically behind the scenes of the massive amounts of media we consume, between the frequently agenda-soaked lines of what we read, within the vaults of anonymous off-shore bank accounts and on the other side of closed doors where deals are made away from public view.  As the U.S. election cycle gets into full swing, the planet of expansion and the planet of power in the solid and practical earth signs of Virgo and Capricorn form a broadband channel of energy guaranteed to move underwater mountains.  The powers that be will prune the pack and consolidate their resources behind the candidate of their choice.  As a nation or as individuals, we may have our idealistic notions of what we’d like to see happen, and we may attempt drastic measures to upset the status quo, but in the end, it is where our power is coming from that makes the difference.  If we operate from ego or fear, the power surge to instigate change may make some spectacular noises but it won’t have the sustenance to maintain an effective evolutionary course.  Adding a special dynamism to this period, both the Sun and Mercury in wide-vision Pisces align with the titans, as does a Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse.  During this time may we tap into the powerful flowing astral forces and develop big picture strategies set to a philosophical compass intent on serving our soul’s purpose.

March 6th through 8th, the Sun in Pisces activates the developing Jupiter/Pluto trine, which is barely a degree apart at this point.  Representing the Self at the core being level, the Sun sextile Pluto has the potential to activate our power center.  The effort required here is to find a way to bring that power to the surface where it can be seen.  Whether in a position of authority or in the company of those in charge, we may experience the Sun/Pluto vibration as a facilitator to foster influential alliances or tap into deep funding sources.  The Sun in opposition to Jupiter instills confidence and managerial prowess, not to mention an infectious enthusiasm.  Again, effort is required to minimize exaggeration but with Pluto in the mix, authenticity is extremely important, as is being accountable for what we put on the table.

Also on March 8th, immediately after the Sun completes his translation of the Jupiter/Pluto trine, the Moon in Pisces follows in his wake and culminates her power lap with the New Moon Solar Eclipse.  Jim Sher calls eclipses “inertia busters” and in mutable Pisces, this one has the potential to create a rupture in the mental constructs that hold us back from experiencing a meaningful connection with our own spirit and our role in the cosmos.  This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces opposite Jupiter and sextile Pluto has the potential to be the consciousness-expanding equivalent of the big bang theory.  For anyone with an inkling of the ALL, access to experiences in the higher consciousness planes is possible under these astral conditions and can lead to cognitions you can use in this earth life.  To make a play on an old proverb, necessity is the mother of intention.  Under these eclipse conditions we may realize the necessity of getting in touch with our own power and set an intention to do so.  Commencing an inquiry into just what authentic power is may lead us to seeing a situation in a whole new light that dispels doubt as to what is necessary to do, or not do, in order to change the landscape of our life.  The current state of our socio-political world believes that where there is power there is generally money and that without one you won’t get the other.  But from a different point of view, a cosmological one that is broad enough to take into consideration the existential questions of why are we here and what is our purpose line in this earthly incarnation, we may see that real and absolute power is consciousness.  The larger consciousness system (LCS), or whatever term one uses to describe what governs all existence – all that we perceive and conceive, the one that takes us out into the nether reaches of the entire galactic construct – doesn’t really care if Hillary or Donald wins the US presidency, or not.  What it cares about is what we are learning from our experiences here.  It wants us to grow in consciousness because it knows that if we open our minds enough to understand that we are playing a part in the evolution of the cosmos, we may make different choices about everything we say, do, touch, and who we stand with.  The LCS doesn’t care about money; it only cares about what is necessary for its evolution.  As we are part and parcel of the LCS, it therefore cares about our progress.  It wants us to allow the enlightening astral rain of the eclipse in Pisces to do its work and flood our minds with spectacular visual and aural imagery engineered to produce a profound all embracing love.

Following closely behind the Sun, Mercury in Pisces makes a quick succession of aspects to four outer planets March 10th through 15th, in essence translating two longer-term configurations that are in varying stages of intensity.  The Saturn/Neptune square in effect from late 2015 through Fall 2016 (most recently discussed in the last AstroCast) is related to the testing and/or dissolution of boundaries.  Jupiter in Virgo is now in range to form a more complex mutable T-square, opposing Neptune in Pisces and squaring Saturn in Sagittarius.  Jupiter’s presence in this configuration will build in intensity over the next couple of months, expanding its effects, possibly to the point of exaggeration, but also bringing in a more philosophical perspective about what is happening.  Mercury translates this T-square, plugging first into Neptune, then Saturn and finally Jupiter, giving voice to its message of the need for compassion as well as stability, and sustainable growth along with the free flow of progress without obstruction from fear-based barriers.  Mercury asks, for example, can our societal structures that protect us and enhance our lives evolve past narrow national interests?  Can they allow for uninhibited movement of people and ideas across organized territorial units?  What can unite the people of this earth under one gloriously diverse civilized structure based on mutual respect for all?  Activating the Jupiter/Pluto trine, Mercury catalyzes their influential message into our perceptions and communications.  Big talker meets the hidden persuader, whispering seductive concepts into willing ears.  Panoramic and tenacious thinking combine to generate the ability to stick with a problem until it is solved no matter how long it takes, and the willingness to inquire into the profound big picture questions of our day.  Mercury in stream of consciousness Pisces, highlighting his own archetype by making connections between spirituality (Neptune), order (Saturn), transformation (Pluto) and abundance (Jupiter), may elevate the discourse to the transcendental to inspire enduring positive solutions.

On March 12th, Venus becomes the fourth planet in Pisces, tipping the scales to the dreamers and the poets to interpret the blur of the whirlwind pace of modern life and make sense of it all from the perspective of the cosmos. The Goddess of Love is in her element here, in tune with the heart’s purpose as well as its desire. After experiencing free and detached love in Aquarius, Venus in Pisces can now fully feel love, the kind that is focused on seeing the pure potential in others, no matter how the trials and tribulations of life have knocked them down.  She knows they will get up and try again, in this life or the next.  As she enters Pisces, Venus enters into a square with Mars in Sagittarius.  In this tense relationship, it’s a bit of a tussle rather than a sweet embrace for the Lovers of the sky, but with that friction comes the motivation to grow beyond current conditions.  They will challenge each other to go beyond their comfort zones.  Venus in Pisces will need to accept what is and recognize the limitations of the space/time continuum that governs progress on the earthly plane of existence.  It may be a long, long journey to reach the potential she sees.  Mars in Sagittarius will need to embrace a diversity of opinions and also be willing to settle in one place long enough to establish continuity in relationships.  Once their challenge has been met, Venus in spiritual Pisces will take Mars in adventurous Sagittarius on a mystical journey of the soulful heart.

Creating a broad, deep current of energy for nearly a year, the trine between the titans Jupiter and Pluto culminates for a second time on March 16th.  They had their last pass on October 11, 2015 and will make their third exact aspect on June 26, 2016.  Looking back over the last few months, we may see that we’ve been extraordinarily productive and taking on much more than we ever thought we were capable of.  Depending on where this aspect falls in our own natal chart will determine the areas of life that are brimming with responsible activities that are likely taking our game to the next level, even if we can’t see it yet, or bringing new and influential connections into our lives.  With this aspect unfolding in the middle of two eclipses, these new responsibilities and connections may be the catalyst for big changes in our reality.

Here’s the data (using Pacific Time and planetary positions rounded to the nearest whole degree, unless otherwise noted):

March 6th – Sun sextile Pluto at 17° Pisces/Capricorn at 8:38 p.m.

March 8th – Sun opposite Jupiter at 18° Pisces/Virgo at 2:57 a.m.

March 8th – Moon conjunct Sun (New Moon Solar Eclipse) at 19° Pisces at 5:54 p.m.

March 10th – Mercury conjunct Neptune at 10° Pisces at 10:01 p.m.

March 12th – Venus at 0° Pisces at 2:24 a.m.

March 14th – Mercury square Saturn at 16° Pisces/Sagittarius at 12:26 p.m.

March 14th – Venus square at Mars 3° Pisces/Sagittarius at 1:48 p.m.

March 14th – Mercury sextile Pluto at 17° Pisces/Capricorn at 11:57 p.m.

March 15th – Mercury opposite Jupiter at 17° Pisces/Virgo at 2:42 a.m.

March 16th – Jupiter trine Pluto at 17° Virgo/Capricorn at 1:26 p.m.

Kimberly Maxwell

A student of the Sher Institute since 2008, Kimberly has been writing AstroCast since 2012. A long-time Los Angeles resident, Kimberly gives astrological consultations, has various artistic pursuits including the development of a burgeoning creative hub in her community, and works in international television distribution at a major studio.

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4 responses to “AstroCast: March 6 – 18, 2016”

  1.' Anita says:

    I appreciate your words to the effect that there is a much higher and powerful energy overseeing our solar system, our planet and all beings living as part of the sacred circle of Life. And, in fact it is using all thoughts and events to help us evolve into an expanded consciousness at this precise moment. Thanks for your approach that helps dispel fear-based thoughts, decisions and actions.

  2.' Anahit says:

    Reading this imaginatively descriptive AstroCast prompted me to perceive it in the form of a film (along the lines of Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” series) or an animated cartoon, visually demonstrating the essence of how the various aspects between the planets in different signs play out. There are so many elements to grasp that words don’t seem to do justice. I suppose this feeling can’t help surface when the Sun is in Pisces, and the Moon is preparing for tomorrow’s Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse.

  3.' Neesa says:

    This is a wonderful post. Please put on your Facebook page so I can share it!

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