Update – Uranus Square Pluto

Posted on August 13, 2014
Posted by Jim Sher



In astrology, the most significant transits are the ones that can last 3-5 years or longer. These are the transits that involve the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Not only are these type of transits deeper and more profound due to their duration, but all of these planets are involved with some type of transformation or significant change. By significant, I mean paradigm shifts that change the inner as well as the outer landscape of life for people, families, cities, countries and the entire planet.

I have written many articles on this transit as it lasts from 2012- 2015. Actually, it lasts longer than that as the orbs that astrologers use often result in the belief that this kind of transit can last from upward to 5-8 years. Interpreting the meaning of such transits can, in the beginning, only be guessed at. While we are in the middle of such profound changes, we cannot fully see what meaning of all of it will be. We are just too close to it. But we can sense and feel it. We can feel that things are breaking down, not making sense, and great feelings of instability, etc. Yet, in this article I want to emphasize the difference between how it tends to affect an individual as opposed to how nations and world affairs are affected. They can be very different.

Individuals vs. the Collective

I have written about this theme several times, but right now, the world is experiencing breakdowns that are getting enormous world attention. Events in Iraq, Ukraine and Russia, Israel and Gaza, are just some of the areas that are raging. The Ebola virus is another world event, though for now, we don’t know what the extent of its effects will be. Madeline Albright, previous Secretary of State, on the CBS show “Meet the Press” is quoted as saying that “To put it mildly, the world is a mess.”

To me, however, we must go deeper in order to see what might be going on. This takes me to the issue of belief systems. Every one of the hot spots in the world right now is explosive because of entrenched belief systems. Whether it be Putin’s need to keep Russia an independent entity with its own clear identity, or ISIS’ need to control the belief systems of everyone else (convert or be killed), or the beliefs between Israel and the Palestinian’s, all of it resolves down to identification with belief systems and the need to maintain them at all costs. This means, of course, that if one doesn’t agree with your belief system, the other must be wrong and often, when we cannot tolerate the other viewpoint, someone must be forced to change. This is a very old paradigm. In fact, it is a throwback to ancient times. But, in today’s modern world, with 7 billion people living on this planet, is that old set of rigid viewpoints sustainable? Clearly, no. The world faces global issues that are monumental, and yet, most of the world leader’s time and attention is spent on matters that have little to do with the issues that count the most.

When we pay attention to world events, we can become frustrated. Maybe we wonder why people can’t solve these problems, why are they so intractable, what will it mean if the people on this planet continue to behave in the way they do, etc. The distinction I am making in this article is that while individuals can grow and evolve, the mass consciousness cannot do so, except over longer periods of time. In fact, that the only way the planetary consciousness can change is by individuals transforming in enough numbers, that it begins to affect the way countries and the world respond to life challenges.

How Individuals Might Grow From This Transit

I need to go back to the subject of belief systems. When Uranus and Pluto interact, their ‘agenda’, so to speak is to get a person to look at their belief systems. Most astrologers believe that this is a good time for people to question these systems and release the ones that are no longer working. Then adopt new ones. In other words, replace one set of belief systems with another. To me, this is not a paradigm shift. It does not address the nature of belief systems themselves. It does not take a look at whether we need belief systems at all. What are they really? Do they help us or hurt us? Most importantly, is it helpful to even look at this question?

I cannot expect or hope that the planetary consciousness is going to look at this matter. Most people are not ready to do so. They are incredibly invested in the ones they are identified with. But individuals might be able to open to at least questioning, or inquiring into this deeper kind of question.

This is where I hope the reader will pause a moment. Ironically, I am not saying people should leap to having no belief systems. First of all, that would be absurd, but it also would be useless because it doesn’t lead anywhere productive. The first step in this Uranian kind of paradigm shift is to take a very clear look at one’s own belief systems, at their nature. So let me offer a possible starting point. Do you regard your belief systems as mere belief systems, or as facts? From my observations as a counselor, astrologer and other roles I play, I have seen that people often do not think of their belief systems as such. In fact, often people do not recognize many of their deeper belief systems at all. What can happen when a person recognizes a belief as a belief that the air goes out of the balloon. It no longer has any force over the person. The power of ‘belief’ exists only when it is considered to be a fact. That’s when it has great power.

Let me offer one idea. Belief systems give us comfort. They allow us to believe that something about ourselves or life that we don’t know, somehow we do know. It has to do with the ability to live in a state of uncertainty. Instead of being truthful with ourselves and admit to not knowing something, we prefer to think we do know and we feel more settled. How much uncertainty can we handle?
Are we willing to look at this and see it for what it is? It isn’t so easy when we are identified with them in a profound way. But to even inquire into it, is a real paradigm shift and this is what can happen to a person when Uranus and Pluto dance together as they are doing right now.

One way to learn is by observing what’s happening around us. Right now, in politics, wars, threats of war, economics, etc., we get a chance to see how destructive embedded belief systems are. We can learn from that. Together these two outer planets can help us have revelations, to see things we couldn’t see before, and to then extrapolate on these cognitions and become open to a very fundamental shift in one’s consciousness. When we inquire we do not use force to try to change ourselves. We do not automatically agree with another person because they seem to be an authority figure. Instead, we take up the area of concern and do whatever it takes to discover something new.

The present transits are encouraging us to do this, but for the collective, it shows what happens when the issue is ignored or denied. For those willing to see, the news is all about what happens when people are tied and bound to belief systems. This seems to be how the mass consciousness learns. By terrible effects that might cause them to question what they have refused to question in the past. Does that mean people often open themselves to change only when we are in pain? I will let you decide.

I do know that in my life personally, and with students, clients and friends, this powerful transit does have a huge upside. I hope I have been able to make a contribution as to what they might be.


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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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7 responses to “Update – Uranus Square Pluto”

  1. Anhpetrosyan@gmail.com' AP says:

    Dear Jim,

    Thank you for this latest open and lucid discussion of how the on-going multi-year Uranus square Pluto transit represents a multi-layered opportunity for individual growth that can then contribute to changes on a social/global scale. (Of course, it can tip either way, but I feel reassured since you noted that this transit is having “an upside” in your and your students’ case. I consider myself one of your distance-learning students 🙂 ) I can closely relate to the concept that it is people’s belief systems that lead to the outcomes they observe in their lives. I’ve found it true that the state of one’s inner world reflects one’s experiences in the outer world, rather than the other way around. And as you imply, the irony is that it is very difficult to actually become aware of what belief systems and how are wreaking havoc in our lives and the society at large. It seems belief systems operate on such an invisible level that even one’s conscious mind cannot easily identify them. As far as I understand, the current transit somehow serves to help illuminate and make visible the beliefs that hold back one’s growth. For example, one of my challenges during the past few years has been how to move past the victim mentality. It is so easy to succumb to fear in the face of uncertainty, or when things don’t go the way one thinks they “should”; and feelings of pain tag along not too far behind those sentiments. About your thought on whether people change when they are in pain, I’ve found that it can turn out either way depending on which people we observe. It is so sad to see some people who are in pain, but never end up changing in a way that will free them of their inner chains. I hope I can be an exception to that rule, like very few people that I know who have ended up on the path of light after much patient, inner soul-searching. Thanks for all your on-going support in this arena. For me, becoming aware of your school’s existence has been one of the blessings of this transit.

  2. Santaella777@sbcglobal.net' Bob says:

    In very basic terms I believe we have an opportunity to be open and conscious to the events happening in the world and allow the planetary events to guide our minds/souls to a better understanding of ourselves and how we can shift into a higher consciousness that can collectively shift our planet for the better.

  3. jenamo@msn.com' jennifer amo says:


    brilliant translation of light (energy)…really made me go deeper. Pluto goes sd at 10 degrees cap…right (to the degree) of my ascendant. Uranus conjuncts my IC in 2015. My story is that my partner of over 25 years has pancreatic cancer. Life is changing in a very radical way, what has been my rock and sustainance is being stripped away. Tranformation is the fact….the question I now ask myself is…what can of transformation is it to be?
    jen amo

  4. Jim Sher says:

    To Kisha:

    The link is this, In my view the nature of a paradigm shift is that it is a change of fundamental belief systems. In fact, it could even go so far as to question the value of them. A transit like this can go that deep for a person.

    But, you are right to include Jupiter in the equation. While Jupiter was in Cancer, it squared Uranus and Pluto and as it moves further into Leo, it will trine Uranus and inconjunct Jupiter, as you said. I simply wanted to focus on the Uranus square to Pluto transit.

    Thank you for taking the time to add Jupiter into the mix.

  5. Keisha_tafari@hotmail.com' Kisha says:

    I understand that Uranus is about change (deliberate or unexpected) and Pluto is about lasting transformation. How did you come to the conclusion that a change in belief systems is the key for these upheavals from this planetary interaction? When I think of belief systems, I think of Jupiter. This is my technical mind asking this question, although what you have said makes sense to me. But was just curious if Jupiter was playing a role at this point. Are Jupiter in Leo and Pluto in Cap in aspect at all–like an inconjunct?

  6. Jim Sher says:

    To Matt:

    I agree that the way we deal with uncertainty is highly important. That’s what Uranus teaches us. it opens the door for us to evolve and grow. Thanks for your response.

  7. matthatter717@gmail.com' Matt says:

    I think the keyword in your article is the word uncertainty. Everyone’s problems or issues have either increased in intensity or number, in some cases both. But unlike problems and issues from the past, this set’s consequences and outcomes are unpredictable. There is a large range of possible outcomes which increases uncertainty. As a result, people are more anxious and upset because they can’t predict anything with any certainty. And the nature of Uranus is that if you sit down and reason 1000 possible outcomes, Uranus will provide the 1001st, the exact one that makes sense but that you never gave a thought to. However, what we can do is decide to remain calm and solve problems as best we can. Then growth comes from that. We learn something more, something deeper about ourselves that helps improve our lives and gets us a little closer to a sense of having a meaningful and useful life. We change and grow through struggling with problems. The outer planets and their aspects with each other tear down the old and build the new. And as long as we have a willingness and make the effort to adjust, our change and growth are automatic outcomes. We could not grow and evolve as individuals without the squares of the outer planets. So as painful as they can be, I only have gratitude for them.

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