The Capricorn New Moon of 2014 Activating Powerful Changes

Posted on January 4, 2014
Posted by Jim Sher

On New Year’s Day we experienced a New Moon that is a true activator of significant changes.  The new Moon took place at 3:14am PST, January 1, 2014.  For those of you who might be curious about the chart itself, I am including an image of it in this article (see below).  There are two important astrological factors governing this chart and both of these indicate very favorable changes if we are willing to make efforts to be open to change and to new opportunities, while also willing to let go of old, outworn belief systems or paradigms.  For some people there may be obstacles that must be faced which will require a willingness to be very realistic and make decisions based on what is most constructive and productive.  This is not a time for following whims or flights of fancy.

Let me start by pointing out that this New Moon, at 10° of Capricorn is in very tight aspects to the Uranus square to Pluto that has been in force for the last few years and still has much more coming.  A perfect example of this effect can be given. In Colorado, marijuana was completely legalized.  No need for medical marijuana cards, no decision by the law enforcement to not enforce the laws, etc.  This law simple legalized what most of us ‘hippies’ have wanted legalized in the 60’s when the conservatives made it illegal in the first place.  Ah, the 60’s.  Why bring that up?  Because that is when the Uranus and Pluto conjunction, which gave birth to so many battles between those wanting change and those who resist it, started.  It led to the birth of many new impulses that remain undecided to this day.  There is more. In the state of Utah, the home of the LDS church, rabid opponents of gay marriage, a judge ruled that the State cannot block couples of the same sex from marrying. Utah!?

Now, I would prefer not to focus too much on outer events.  When it comes to those, there are many battles coming, especially concerning women’s rights and government interference in our lives, but as you know, I prefer to focus on how each of us, as individuals, can take advantage of transits such as the ones we are in right now, for our personal growth. With the New Moon itself in tight conjunction with Pluto and also in a close square with Uranus, one may be confronted with a chance or even necessity to make significant shift in one’s attitudes or long time habit patterns.  It is that potent.  For example, a person who has operated in a certain way for their entire lifetime may actually shift and become willing to try something new.  This is especially possible in the way we relate with others, the values we operate within relationships, etc., since Venus is in its retrograde motion at the same time.  Old ‘ways of being’ may end in order to pave the way for a whole new kind of person to enter our life that is completely different from what we would have entertained in the past.


This sign is utterly practical and concerned with being productive and effective.  So, changes that are considered now are likely to be seen through a wonderful lens that is not satisfied with just imagining.  This is a time for action.  This chart has 5 planets in Capricorn, so if you work through whatever problems may be coming your way, you may find very creative and effective solutions.  This is true for several reasons.

The first is that this chart type is called a ‘Bucket’ pattern. This means that there is a Bowl consisting of nine planets and then one planet opposing that Bowl, which we refer to as the handle.  Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and opportunity is that very handle in this New Moon chart. The best way to describe this pattern is to say that the cosmic forces come into the bowl just as waves of information comes into a satellite dish and then are thrust outward towards the singleton planet, which is Jupiter in this case.  The handle acts as an ‘outlet’ for all of the energies to be expressed.  This is a very strong chart pattern.

The last piece is the fact that the ruler of all five Capricorn planets, which is Saturn, is in a very close trine to the handle of this chart pattern, Jupiter.  While the Capricorn planets do oppose Jupiter, the fact that Saturn trines Jupiter, makes it very easy to find ways to constructively bring about very significant changes.  The outcomes will ultimately be favorable, and possibly life changing.  Though New Moons last only about a month, this one sets into motion much more.  What begins now will be with us for the next 5 months, changing, being reviewed, figured out, and so on.  Anytime a person intuits, feels, sense a truly big opening or change, it takes time for this new ’emergence’ to be ‘concretized’.  It doesn’t happen right away.  It’s just too big.  We will ‘play’ with it, test it out, make adjustments, see what comes of it, etc.  No problem.  Just stay the course and ‘handle’ the delays, problems, obstacles, and keep going.   Fix what needs to be fixed.

With Jupiter acting as the output, we might be worried about over expansion, idealism, seeing only what we want to see that supports out biases, but this will not be allowed.  Saturn, the ruler of consequences, accountability and manifestation is just too strong.  Right now, they are working very well together.  They are easily balancing each other, allowing the strengths of each to flow together harmoniously.

Venus is still retrograde and in fact, it hasn’t reached its midpoint yet.  Being open to change and new paradigms is the way to go.  At least, investigate anything that seems intriguing, useful and valuable.


I would like to expand here with a basic astrological tenet that can help us understand the present transit of Uranus square Pluto. ANY conjunction, whether it be a short one such as the Sun conjunct Moon that is called a New Moon and which occurs every month, or a very long one, such as Uranus conjunct Neptune which lasts 162 years, can be divided into cyclic phases.  The conjunction itself always marks the beginning of a new cycle.  The nature of a new beginning is that it brings forth a new seed that will go though many phases in its development.  But, at the same time, within that new beginning is the inevitable resistance from the past.  You cannot have one without the other.  So, when the idealistic 60’s brought forward mew kinds of thinking in just about every area of life, so too was the resistance to these changes.  Thus, as soon as the 60’s turned into the 70’s we immediately see the growth of what now has become the conservative movement that bears little resemblance to the Republican party of the past.

Thus, in the square we are in now, which is often called a “crisis of action”, we see a full blown set of conflicts between the new principles introduced in the 60’s and the resistance to them.  But, we also must be careful here. It seems to me that the 60’s ‘liberal’ antagonism toward authority figures (anti-establishment) and the government can now be seen in the radical right.  Movements are curious that way.  There are many more issues coming in the next 2-3 years as the revolutionary Uranus square Pluto continues to develop.  Expect the unexpected has never been truer.

New Moon2

2014 JAN New Moon 2

Astrology New Moon
Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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3 responses to “The Capricorn New Moon of 2014 Activating Powerful Changes”

  1.' Sharon says:

    Sounds like exciting and productive times afoot astrologically! Bring it on! As always, thank you, Jim, for your clarity and down to earth contributions!

  2.' Diane says:

    Excellent explanation of the astrological events going on right now. Thank you so much for this very insightful article.

  3.' Bonnie Orgren says:

    Thank you again for your posting and positive approach. It is so appreciated.

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