The Spring Eclipses – 2013

Posted on May 3, 2013
Posted by Jim Sher


As many of my readers know, I do not see how it is possible for astrologers to make reliable, concrete predictions. Whether you are a scientific type who sees life through the lens of quantum physics or a more metaphysical type who feels/intuits that the world is a magical place that we can affect with our own consciousness, it seems that the only reason why anyone would want astrology or any other system to make concrete predictions is to believe that it is possible to attain some degree of certainty in a wild and unpredictable world so that it might soothe our fears for a little while. In the long run, though, it can destroy our desire to live fully, courageously and creatively.

To me, this makes astrology much more interesting. I can always be surprised and humbled by the degree to which what we think will happen actually changes what does happen. This is why I am so careful in my writing and in consultations to explore the context of a person’s questions or desire to understand more about where they are and are going. Life is a journey and I’m pretty certain it would be a very boring one if we could actually know exactly what lies around the next corner. So, what I do is use astrology to look at the tone or the nature of the times we are in. Astrology can act as a roadmap, but we must remember that “the map is not the territory.” In fact, if we are alert, we can see subtle changes in every moment of life. Astrology cannot help us see that. But, the more we are conscious, the more we will notice. And yet, there are times when more significant things seem to be happening or when important information is revealed and/or decisions must be made. We are now in one of these time periods.

Three Eclipses Back to Back

Usually, we experience two pairs of eclipses every year, called the Solar and Lunar eclipses. They are both important and somewhat different. This month, however, there are two Lunar eclipses with a Solar Eclipse sandwiched in between. The first one, a lunar eclipse, occurred on April 25th at 5° of Taurus and Scorpio. On May 9th, we will have a Solar eclipse at 19° Taurus. It occurs at 5:28pm PDT. And finally, on May 24th, we have a second lunar eclipse located at 4° of Sagittarius and Gemini.

My view of eclipses is that they change the momentum of things and demand a change be made in some area of our life whether we like it or not. In other words, they change the inertia of our lives. When there are three back to back set of eclipses, the cycle of changes last much longer and the shifts that occur can be deeper and more extensive. This becomes especially true if the location of these eclipses affect our personal chart.

I have written many articles on lunar eclipses which can be found here.  But the brief description is that one’s emotions/feelings are amplified resulting in a possible and necessary cathartic experience. If we try to suppress these, we only invite more problems as we really can benefit from allowing ourselves to confront what is arising for us. We can be ‘refreshed’ after the storm of emotions have run through us and are processed.

Solar eclipses, however, are much more powerful in creating either events or significant shifts in our lives. By the way, in some astrological circles eclipses are given a rather dark, dire, and doom and gloom meaning. I’ve seen no evidence of this. What occurs cannot be stereotyped this way as many wonderful things can come out of the kind of period we are in. The Solar eclipse we will have on May 9th is certainly an example of this. For the astrologers reading this article, I use Saros cycles quite often in my analysis of solar eclipses. This one is referred to as 15 South in the system used by Bernadette Brady. Her view of it is that this type of eclipse is that it is about the releasing of tension. A situation that has been lingering for quite a while can suddenly clear. There may be a sense of loss and grief at first, but as we embrace the new emerging future, it will clear up as well. Because we have a lunar eclipse preceding it, the May 9th solar eclipse is not only being set up now, but for some people important events have occurred already. In one case, a long awaited divorce has become final, bringing about both a release of tension as well as feelings of loss that the person may be processing. I’ll let you know how these eclipses affect me as more develops.

The Uranus Square to Pluto

In the latter part of this eclipse series, May 20, 2013, there will another transiting square between Uranus and Pluto. It will be the third time these two transformational planets aspect each other with four more coming in 2014-15. This transformative and revolutionary transit is providing the beginnings of what I believe is an interesting new paradigm between science and metaphysics/spirituality. When I watch the SyFy or Discovery channels I am amazed at what they are reporting. Firstly, with computer simulations, they are able to provide some amazing images of the various theories that are being seriously discussed among quantum physicists. The emerging theories are going into territory that would not be discussed even a decade ago. I’m not a scientist and am limited in my ability to describe what I’m hearing, but the notion that we might be multi-dimensional beings (it is debated as to what that might mean or look like) who live in more than this dimension is now being seriously studied and considered. The possibility that there are parallel universes or multi-verses are no longer simply dismissed as preposterous. Where this is going no one knows, but I mention it because we can miss the multitude of meanings if we only focus on the political issues of this country with all of its dysfunction and stupidity. The real importance of this transit is not in politics. It is in the emerging paradigm shifts occurring in geology, physics, astronomy, etc. It is becoming possible due to the growth of technology that is ground-breaking. I was very concerned that science was going to become more alienated from spirituality, and it might still go that way, but there is also a possibility that science will be forced to admit that consciousness not only has a role to play in understanding our world, but that it might even precede it. Would there be a world if it weren’t for consciousness? Are we creators in ways that we do not yet understand? And, for astrologers, what does this mean about how we approach astrology? Hopefully, astrology itself will undergo a much needed paradigm shift as well.



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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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9 responses to “The Spring Eclipses – 2013”

  1. Jim Sher says:

    I’m glad you, Tim, and Tallulah are able to settle in and complete your ability to live in Costa Rica. I’m sorry we weren’t able to get together when you were here.

    Be well and let’s talk soon.


  2.' Tessa says:

    Dear Jim,
    As you may know my husband, Tim and I moved down to Costa Rica last June while I was six (almost seven) months pregnant with our first child. Since then I have given birth to a beautiful, healthy little girl named Tallulah. The reason we had her down here in Costa Rica was for a few different reasons, but one of them being that she will help us affiliate down here since she was born a Costa Rican, or Tica.
    We came back to the States briefly at the end of March beginning of April to see family members and get paperwork required of us to gain Residence here in Costa Rica. The papers were things like birth certificates, police reports, and they all had to be offically notorized and apolstled.
    I am telling you all this because after we got all of our paperwork, we turned it into a man that helps people affiliate here and then told us all we had to do is go to San Jose to get our fingerprints done at the Security office here in Costa Rica and then tell the Consulate of USA that we were planning to live here with our daughter. This last bit of our long journey to become residence here happened on the 9th! Even though it was a little difficult at the security office for me (being that I am just beginning to learn Spanish!), we got everything done and now that final chapter of our lives is complete! YAY! All we have to do now is wait. But our guy who is helping us said we should be able to get our Cedula (our id cards) and Caja (our health care) by Sept-Oct. In many ways this has been a huge undertaking and am super glad that our part in all of this is complete!
    Thank you for your insight and knowledge! Miss you and hope that someday soon our family can skype you to show you how much we miss being a part of your classes over the years!
    Love and light,
    Tessa, Tim, and Tallulah

  3.' Kip Alexander says:

    Dear Jim, Thank you so much for your insights on the eclipses! I especially resonate with your assertion that things need not be judged as “good” or “bad”…that these phenomena represent malice or threat… We are the thinkers, creators, and interpreters of our experiences on this journey!! So, “choose your poison!”, as they say…Look on the events as the learning, expanding, stimulating forces that we are here to Live!! Choose to learn, grow , love and BE all that you can be! The universe is always giving us these opportunities. and now, with these three eclipses, especially so!! Not to mention the incredible lineup of aspects accompanying,,,,Venus, Merc, Jup, Uranus, Pluto…and on and on!! Thanks for your work and wisdom!…Namaste’, KIP

  4.' Laura Ledesma says:

    Hi! Jim…

    As usual, very well said.

    Thank you

  5.' Judy says:

    Dear Jim ~

    I was stunned by your description of the lunar and solar eclipses for this month. The first, a lunar eclipse which occured on April 25th was the same day my stepson passed away from a sudden heart attack. He was 48 and it was a total shock for all of us. This has definitely become “a cathartic experience” and one that has created a “significant shift in our lives.”

    Reading on it helped me to understand that the upcoming solar eclipse on May 9th may signifiy “the release of tensions”, along with the sense of loss and as we embrace the future, things will start to clear. This has given me some peace in the matter. And this has also given me a good lesson in an Astrology aspect I wouldn’t have otherwise applied to this event.

    Thank You

  6.' AP says:

    Dear Jim,

    Your articles always provide me with intriguing food for thought and continuous encouragement that I might not be on the wrong path as many would like me to believe. Thank you for all your work in the area of expanding human consciousness.

    Best regards,


  7. sherri_fagan@yahoo.v' sherri says:

    Awesome article, Jim!!
    Thank you!

  8.' Aliqua says:

    Consciousness is the precursor to the physical world(s).

    Science does not start until it can measure something. They they put it within a can, bottle, or missle. You can’t bottle Consciousness. So, my conclusion is obvious. All things physical arise out of the Source Field of Consciousness. David Wilcock’s book, the Source Field Investigations clearly demonstrates this Cosmic Law using the tools of the Scientist to confirmation.

    The acceleration of The Shift quickens.

    The Egoic-Structured reality currently in use by several billion people will not endure. Fear-based Realities will lose their seductive quality in a nano-second (if the Shift can even be measured by our Scientist friends.

    So, when the Shift hits the Fan, how will you process that energy within your monkey-suit Egoic viewpoint? This seems the question of the day in our slice of the Time/Space continuum. Fear is on its way out. It is obvious it has run its course on Earth. Fear is a dead end street, either way.

    If our Species does make the Shift beyond extincttionality, then POOF goes the Reality everyone is so afraid of losing and willing to hold on to it at all costs. Thus, there is nothing to fear, because nothing is lost. This collective reality can shift in an instant. Watch a school of bait fish move in unison. That is the idea. We are wired to change in a flash.

    I recommend connecting to the Over Mind of the Species. That is where the Shift is taking place. Just like I am doing right now on the River of Light known as the fiber optic Internet. The internet is a Global network or flowing Consciousness. Its form is in photons, which then become electrons, which then fly around each other to become atoms, which then combine to become chemicals, and then molecules, and then complex molecules, and then biological life. This is how the physical reality comes into form (and holds form). The morpohogenic change is constant and never ending.

    At this very moment, we are surfing along the Over Mind of our Species, together, and it is a reality as real as you sitting in your chair reading it, because it is created by Consciousness from the Source Field.

    The real power is held by Creative Sovereignty. I swim upstream in my life until I find it because I have been taught to defer to lesser authority. But Creative Sovereignty is the nexis of Source. And it is premise in you and me. It can only be taken away by surrendering your Sovereign choice to a lesser force/authority/God/etc.

    Gnosis my friends….

  9.' Charles Sven says:

    Scientific community currently relies on early 1915-1935 mathematical assumptions to describe the Big Bang – a creation out of nothing that created time space and matter without evidence or any plausible theory. And to change this old thinking is almost impossible for anyone inside this community.
    I am outside the academic/scientific world and have compiled much evidence and observations accumulated since the 1930’s; finding a very different picture of our creation and put together two 8 minute videos now available on “you tube” See:

    Dark Energy; Atoms to Big Bang; how the Universe Started and
    The Known Universe – including Earth’s central location using NASA data

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