Mars Turns Direct- 2012

Posted on April 16, 2012
Posted by Jim Sher


After 11 weeks of Mars being in retrograde motion, it has finally turned back to its natural, direct motion.  Mars is retrograde only 11% of the time, so its rarity makes this time period quite important.  Let’s see what this might mean for all of us.  Now that this part of the cycle is completed, we have learned much and can now begin to safely put into place whatever plans have been developing during the retrograde period.

This period has the value of helping us look at much of what we do from a new perspective, a new attitude or approach. Mars in Virgo rules matters of health and diet.  Many people have reported to me that they have been taking medical tests, devising new diets, or discovering new ways to maintain or improve their health.  Now, it is a great time to devote effort to putting into practice whatever has been learned.  Virgo also rules our attitudes about work and events that occur in the work place.  Many have told me that this part of their lives has been very difficult the last few months.  One person was terminated through no fault of her own just as Mars went direct.  Another revealed that disturbing issues at her workplace have begun to be addressed and may turn in a new direction, although even this possibility remains uncertain at this point.  What is certain is that both of these people have a new perspective on how to deal with their work life.

Virgo can be quite critical and obsessed with perfection.  And some people have had to examine this during the past few months.  Others affected by this transit have told me that they have relaxed some of their rigid attitudes lately and have been pleasantly surprised at how good it feels to let go of some of their workaholic tendencies.  This is where astrology is so interesting.  Often we see that archetypal issues can go either way for a person and may not reliably predict which way it will go.  Some people have obsessed more than usual about work issues while others have relaxed.  What is common is that people are taking a good look at this area of life.

In general, Mars retrograde asks us to focus on our ambitions and goals.  They can be in small important areas such as remodeling or restructuring something old, or in much bigger areas such as wanting to start major new projects or renovations.  In business, it has been necessary for companies to develop new strategies in their approach to marketing and their managing style.  To not take these issues seriously will very likely to cause major problems later on.

I see this period as a very important one.  Ordinarily, Mars moves almost one degree a day, so it keeps us moving at a steady or even rapid pace most of the time.  When it slows down, we need to take advantage of this opportunity to examine and become open to new approaches and solutions.  Our minds need to consider new things and find ways to implement them.

So, now that we have finished the retrograde portion, it is time to start implementing what we have either thought through or have decided upon. That’s what’s up for us now.  The remodels have started and now must be finished, so to speak.


As one cycle ends, a new one begins.  From mid-May to late June, Venus will be retrograde.  The affairs of Mars and Venus are quite different.  Venus rules our relationships and our approach to them, our values and even our financial affairs.  All of this will go through a review in the coming months just as we had to review our strategies and goals during the Mars retrograde.  But, prior to any planet going retrograde it first must travel into the territory that it will retrograde back through during its retrograde period.  Venus has now entered that territory.  In astrology, this period is called the ‘Shadow’ period.  It is because already any Venus matters are casting a shadow on all of her affairs.  On May 15th 2012, Venus retrogrades at 23° Gemini and goes back to 7° Gemini on June 27th, 2012.  Venus is now in that area of the sky, which means that the cycle has actually begun although we may not be aware of any critical matters coming up for us yet.  What can be helpful is to be aware that whatever ‘Venusian’ issues are coming up for you now, will be reviewed and considered again in the coming months.  This suggests to me that there is no ‘rush’ to solve relationship or financial problems since a broader viewpoint is much more balanced and appropriate here.  Sure, if there are real issues going on that must be solved now, then, of course, they must be taken up and handled.   But, most of the time, this level of ‘urgency’ is not the case.  Patience may be a better approach since any Venus issues coming up now are likely going to be reviewed anyway.

Putting it all together, Mars is now beginning a new cycle and Venus is about to end one and begin a new one as well.  Many things will be much clearer when July begins.  But, for now, be patient and move forward carefully and as safely as possible.  With Virgo and Gemini (the signs of the retrograde planets) ruled by Mercury, we will need great communication and careful thought in order to navigate through what, at times, will seem like murky waters.  I’ll be writing on this cycle much more in the coming months.


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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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4 responses to “Mars Turns Direct- 2012”

  1.' TD says:

    After almost three weeks of interviews, etc., on April 1 I started a new job as Managing Editor for a website all about healthy eating!
    My perfectionist tendencies have been through the roof with my anxiety about doing a good job. It’s been a big opportunity for growth.
    And this is having a hugely beneficial impact on my finances (thank God).
    So yes, I believe this period is *definitely* having an impact on my life! Thanks for the validation, as ever.
    (Maybe the next one will bring me a boyfriend?)

  2.' Joanne Bracken says:

    Very interesting, Jim. My Mars direct experience has been all health-related. I am a Virgo, and starting last Friday I came down with a severe case of bronchitis and fever and put my mom in the hospital for the same condition. Wow. I was hoping I was going to move “forward,” and this feels like a backward step. Or am I just releasing more of the old baggage?

  3.' Fernando says:

    Thank you Jim,
    Back 11 weeks ago marks the point in time when work situations changed dramatically for my son for the better. Then Friday the 13 was a much worse reversal of fortune.
    All hopes and aspirations dashed!
    Consistent with the traditional fear of “Friday the 13th” and all the negative connotations associated, was then when Mars turned direct?
    I am flabbergasted amazed and be wilder-ed about these “coincidences”

  4.' Angela D says:

    Very nice article, Jim. I’m definitely feeling Mars and Venus right now in relation to both health and finances, especially in conjunction with my recent solar return… Fascinating stuff! Can’t wait to see how it all continues to unfold. 🙂

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