The February Full Moon 2012 and Much More

Posted on February 7, 2012
Posted by Jim Sher


Today’s article is intended as a follow up to my previous article as what began at the New Moon now begins to emerge and expand. Also, as I mentioned in my last article, I noted that the period between February 6-9, 2012 is a very potent time as there are four significant transits happening, each of which is capable of changing things significantly. They are as follows:

  1. On Tuesday, Feb. 7th at 1:54pm PST, there is a Full Moon at 18° of Leo.
  2. Also, on that Tuesday, there is the Superior conjunction between the Sun and Mercury which is the fulfillment of the Mercury retrograde cycle of two months ago.
  3. Even more is happening on that day as Saturn will turn retrograde at 29° of Libra.
  4. And finally, last Friday, Feb. 3rd, Neptune entered Pisces where it will remain until 2025.

While any one of these is important, together they can bring about some unexpected opportunities as well as new discoveries. What an astrologer sees in these four is a wild combination of new beginnings along with the fulfillment of previous cycles of action. Let me define what I mean by ‘cycle of action.’ A cycle basically has three elements to it and all three must be completed in order for the fulfillment of that cycle to be attained. Astrologers presuppose something that perhaps others do not. We know that astrological transits reveal planetary ‘Purpose’ or ‘Intention’. They are not random in the sense that they are not whimsical things that just happen. Now, while there may be a purpose within each cycle, we humans are not automatically going to fulfill them or even understand what they are. It is our job to discover what we must learn or discover and then put it into action. This is where ‘free will’ begins to enter the picture.

The three parts of a ‘cycle of action’ are these:

  • The beginning of a cycle is when the cycle starts or begins. This is where the ‘seed’ of the new cycle is planted.
  • The middle of a cycle is when we begin to work on and make efforts toward fulfilling the intention of what was planted at the beginning.
  • The end of a cycle is when we find out what manifests as the result of our efforts throughout the cycle.

I know this sounds simple and some astrologers use other more sophisticated ways of dividing a cycle than just three, but for this article, let’s just look at the basics. The point here is that there are specific kinds of challenges for us in each of the three stages. And, if we don’t meet those challenges at each stage, we may not be able to succeed at bringing the cycle to completion. It is important to learn to do this because our ability to succeed in life depends on our ability to fulfill the many different types of cycles that occur to us.

Right now, we are in a time period where many cycles are happening in their various stages at the same time. Some of the cycles can be thought of as fulfillment cycles, while others are beginning of new cycles.

We have a Full Moon, which is a time for fulfillment or even completion of some actions or efforts that took place some time ago. The time could be at the new Moon (Jan. 23, 2012) or earlier. Also, there is the Superior conjunction between the Sun and Mercury which represents a time period where the ‘seed idea’ of the Mercury retrograde period now comes to fulfillment. This occurred about two months ago when the Sun and Mercury were together (Dec. 3, 2011). So, despite the fact that Mars is retrograde, we can take notice of the real chance we have to bring together something that has been in the works for quite awhile. However, it also means that there is likely going to be some real efforts that must be made in order to succeed at breaking through any remaining obstacles that separate us from our goals. If one is working with a partner, for example, one might have to find ways to bring the two of you together to refine things or deal with a conflict that is keeping you both from coming together.

Saturn turning retrograde is quite a bit more complex. It is neither a beginning nor an end. Saturn represents our structures, limitations and responsibilities. Saturn is a very purposeful planet. It asks us to do things and penalizes us if we do not do what is necessary. The Saturn retrograde is a time to review how we are doing with those responsibilities. I don’t just mean judging us in a right or wrong sense. I mean we are entering a time where we need to find out where we are and what we must do in order to bring something to completion later on. Perhaps, we have missed some steps and now must go back and get them before we can move forward. It can manifest in many ways but whatever it is it will be revealed during the next four months or so.

We are still under a very powerful earth grand trine between Mars, Jupiter and Pluto, so there are real opportunities to manifest new projects or at least begin to refine and develop them as the Mars retrograde cycle grows over the next few months.

Neptune in Pisces

This long transit has just begun and exists as an undertone that we may not be able to detect. It will rarely create specific events and for many of us be more of a subliminal force than a conscious or obvious one. But over time, it will soften us, make us more sensitive and help us become aware of how connected we all are to both each other and to the Divine. The sign of Pisces is ruled by Neptune so that they work well together, supporting the full expression of the Neptune principle or archetype. The way Neptune works is subtle. I liken it to the soft rain of Seattle, where we go outside and barely feel the rain and then 10 minutes later we find that we are soaking wet. It dissolves our hard edges and allows us to ‘feel’ Truth that lies just below the surface. While it could cause us to deceive ourselves and others, it need not have that effect if we remain alert to any tendency to lie or make excuses for ourselves.

I will be writing more about Neptune in Pisces in the near future, but I want to mention something some of you may find interesting. Mitt Romney has the Sun and two planets in the sensitive sign of Pisces. This is why he has found it so easy to be a moderate when he was Governor of Massachusetts and turn around and proclaim his deeply conservative beliefs now that he is running for President. He really can change and will continue to do so, if the mood or climate changes around him. I do not think we can know what kind of President he will be if he gets the nomination and wins. It will depend on who controls Congress and many other factors. And, one more thing we should take note of. People ask why he is so wooden and stiff. The answer is really simple. The two things he cares about most, his family and his Mormon religion, are the two very things he cannot talk about. You cannot know what Romney stands for until you know what Mormons believe and that includes its detailed prophecies. This is especially important when it comes to his foreign policy. For those of you who want to know this man, you may want to study up.

Astrology Full Moon Mercury Cycle Neptune Pisces Saturn
Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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One response to “The February Full Moon 2012 and Much More”

  1.' Donna B says:

    Hey Jim!! Interesting info…I am creating a business that is based on “consideration, cooperation and collaboration.” I feel the idea was a gift. I have been ironing out the details for a couple of months. I am working on the “Hand Shake” agreement tonight. “Tools”, I have needed seemly appeared as I saw the need. I have amazing support and already have clients who want to participate…I need 40 to see if the idea is realistic…but I have a very deep feeling..all is well…just go with the flow and don’t push or alter the basic idea!
    I would like to encourage everyone to study up on the Morman religion…..know a man’s beliefs…and you know the man…..
    Thanks Jim!!

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