Virgo's Gift - Tolerance

Posted on September 20, 2011
Posted by CarolP


Dane Rudhyar, in a book called “An Astrological Triptych,” presented a more dynamic way of understanding the signs of the zodiac that sought to provide a deeper understanding of what he considered the gift of each sign. Traditionally we have thought of keywords for this sign such as perfectionist, rigid, detailed, picky and service-oriented, etc., but these depictions are superficial.  Now let’s look specifically at the sign of Virgo. Rudhyar felt that Virgo’s gift was the discovery of the need for Tolerance. Other words that accompany this new way of seeing Virgo are compassion and charity.


Many people know that Virgo can suffer from the paralysis of analysis and become preoccupied with the details so as to be unable to see the broader picture. They analyze and dissect both themselves and others so that they come across as judgmental and unyielding.  Virgos are especially good at laying guilt trips on people.  When they feel they have sacrificed and given so much of themselves rarely are they satisfied with a simple thank you.  If you are not giving blood for blood you can pay dearly under the guilt.  These are the traditional characteristics of the Virgo type which only focuses on the negative values.  Many don’t realize that while there is a lot of projection of guilt, judgment, and analyzing going on, there is much more self-flagellation on the part of the Virgo.  So we see that this projection comes from their deep-seated feeling of imperfection. The question that strikes us now is this. What, if anything, can Virgo do about this? And if so, what is it? Can these traits serve as an opportunity for growth?


Rudhyar offers that there is a way to grow for Virgo? That way is to develop tolerance, When it is applied it will widen one’s view of oneself and the world around them.  It is important to remember that opening up to the possibilities and taking in many vistas is a huge leap.  But first, we must examine what we mean by the term ‘tolerance.’  We ordinarily think of tolerance as a putting up with, or an attitude of enduring, and a ‘live and let live’ policy. In this definition there is a sense of resignation which connotes indifference.  There is also a sense of smugness that one is allowing for another’s opinions and feelings all the while feeling that ours are more right. The meaning of tolerance in the dictionary is thus: “a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc. differ.”  That definition is fine, but is not what Rudhyar means. Instead, his version is, I feel, much richer and more substantive. The deeper meaning of tolerance is “to bear”.  “It is to bear the burden of the necessity for growth and change.”  Tolerance is not the absence of intolerance. If it were that, it would merely be more of the aforementioned qualities.  There is a responsibility that Virgo has which is to become involved is a process of seeking deeper knowledge of oneself, less rigid feelings and ultimately growth by becoming more inclusive.  Tolerance is inclusive of all opposites.  As Rudhyar said “No truth is complete or even real which does not include its opposite – and all that occurs in between.”  This is the beginning of the Virgo path of seeking to understand and see themselves as part of a whole and others equally as part of that whole.  Virgo’s quest is to assimilate and integrate all the parts of one self and not only transform but to transfigure that which holds those parts together.  It is the truest essence of alchemy.


Finally, Rudhyar said that “tolerance, compassion, and charity are the great virtues of the Virgo and to a greater or lesser extent of everyone on the planet.  Tolerance as a conscious act to willingly accept ourselves and others as they are inevitably leads to inclusiveness and integration and the transfiguration of the whole.  Tolerance is of the mind, compassion is of the heart and charity is the realm of action.

It is the Virgo’s path to divinity.”


Ah, I’ll bet the rest of you are sitting there with a sigh of relief that you are not the Virgo.  Lest ye sit on your laurels, let me remind you that everyone has all the signs of the zodiac in their chart and therefore in their Being whether it is another planet, your rising sign, MidHeaven or any other house cusp.  Wherever Virgo resides for you is where you too must bear the burden, or not..


Carol Pilkington

Virgo – August 31st



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4 responses to “Virgo’s Gift – Tolerance”

  1.' mary beth says:

    oops! just seeing the typo in my last. that should be 20/09.

  2. Thank you all for your responses, your encouragement is inspiring.

  3. Great piece Carol. You’ve inspired me to read more Rudhyar!I wish I had read his perspective before I did my own blog article on Virgo. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed learning more about Virgo!

  4.' mary beth says:

    Outstanding and delightful to see posted. Onward we grow. (Virgo 29/09,Libra asc)

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