The Unusual July Solar Eclipse – 2011

Posted on July 2, 2011
Posted by Jim Sher


Although eclipses are not rare, this particular one is extremely so. In fact, this type of eclipse will not occur for another 1,200 years. This is the first of 72 eclipses in a new Saros Series called 13 New South. I am not going to go into the details of what a Saros cycle is for that discussion is too long, but it is one of the longest cycles that we have in astrology. A new Saros Series begins at the South Pole which is exactly where this one has just occurred. The birth chart for this series which will be active every time it repeats, which is every 18 years or so, includes a Grand Cross involving the New Moon in Cancer, Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. The closest midpoints are Pluto on the midpoint of Mars/Jupiter and Jupiter on the midpoint of The Sun/Neptune.


This Solar Eclipse occurred on July 1, 2011 at 9° of Cancer at 1:54am PDT. It is a very high tension chart since a configuration known as a cardinal grand cross highlights this dynamic set of aspects. The fact that it is a cardinal cross means that there is strong need for conscious action in order to handle the stresses inherit in this chart. If this doesn’t occur, the stresses can cause damage with one’s relationships. Why? Because a grand cross means that there are 4 squares and two oppositions which bring forth long-lasting issues in such a powerful way that they can no longer be ignored. The truth, whatever it might be, must be faced, acknowledged and some sort of actions must be taken. With Pluto involved a transformation is possible, but for that to be successful, one must recognize the fact that material from the depths of one’s unconscious is coming to the surface. Pluto transits are never easy because the material is in the unconscious for a reason. The material I am referring to is often called ‘shadow’ material. We can think of this as aspects of our psyche that we do not approve of, such as guilt, shame, or fear which comes from events in our lives that have wounded or shamed us in some way and which we are afraid to see. This is the time to face these issues so that they no longer control us and create needless havoc in our lives.


This eclipse has two very potent mid-points. The first is Pluto is on the Mars/Jupiter mid-point. It will push us to engage in some project or issue with great intensity and effort. One will want to expend great energy as one senses that this might be the beginning of an important endeavor that one has desired for a very long time. In other words it could signify the ending of a stalemate or blocked period of time when it seemed impossible to move ahead in the way one wants. While obstacles still remain, there is a good chance that with great effort, the logjam can be brought to an end.


For those of you who are sports fans, we see that there are lockouts in two sports, football and basketball. One is rumored to be coming to an end, while the other is seen as so intractable that an entire season may be lost. Pluto rules the super wealthy and they will want to keep and even increase that wealth and power. Obviously, the hot issue of Washington right now is whether or not to extend the debt ceiling. Both sides are dug in with one wanting to raise taxes on the very wealthy and the other refusing to do so in any manner. It is likely to be a huge battle with severe outcomes for the nation if the nation is not able to pay its debts.


As many of my readers know, my view of astrology is that it is important to make a distinction between how a nation or culture responds to astrological forces as compared with individuals. The reason is that individuals have freedoms that a nation as a whole does not have. Individuals can choose to become more conscious and aware, but a nation is a composite of multiple forces, beliefs, opinions, and generally acts in an unconscious manner. It seems that nations, states, etc. must act out the drama in front of the entire citizenry, whereas each person is allowed the freedom and wisdom to work things out before a huge crisis has to be enacted. In our country right now, politics is as much theater as anything else. The problem is that the consequences are not just acted out on stage.


The second very important mid-point is that Jupiter is aligned with the Sun/Neptune planetary pair. This has the potential of bringing long and tough issues to a gentle conclusion due to Neptune’s ability to bring compassion and understanding of other people into the arena. It can also bring confusion and deception, but we can hope for better, can’t we? The biggest problem for Neptune is being unrealistic. When it is involved in a transit, we can imagine something as being true, which isn’t. Our perceptions could be confused and one can imagine that things are either worse or better than they really are. It is helpful to ask people we can trust to verify whether or not we perceiving things accurately for there is a real chance for misjudgments.


As always, we love replies to our newsletter articles, but especially during potentially big events such as eclipses.


We wish you a happy and safe holiday.



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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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11 responses to “The Unusual July Solar Eclipse – 2011”

  1.' Sue says:

    To Jim,
    Ok, but this debt ceiling stand off is coming up and it looks to me like the Repubs. will stop at nothing, including causing the collapse of the economy, to get their cuts into Social Security and Medicare. Would you say that would be verified by the astrological configurations at the end of this month? Does Obama have the energy on his side to get the debt ceiling raised?

  2.' Sue says:

    To Whatever…all I can say is WOW! I hate to say it, but I think you’re right…
    oh well…whatever….

  3.' whatever says:

    Mr Sher’s explanations regarding planetary aspects are so readable and helpful, and I am grateful. Yet when i look at the US political picture I am bored to tears. Far beyond opinions on Dems and the GOP, I see a slave population in the Socratic shadows; duped by government, addicted to the bizarre medical community, and mentally conditioned by religious overtones. And most everyone is still focused on the minutia, while the (I can’t believe that I have adopted this notion) The Great Satan is in the process of taking off it’s mask and revealing it’s wickedness; that is to say gov/corporations have fallen on hard times and the fatted calf that is America is going to be stripped, gouged, manipulated and shown that there was never any thought to it’s welfare at all. Ever. We just happened to previously live in abundant times, so no one thought twice about the mask. Credit for everyone, this growth will never end. How about another strip mall? Another shitty apartment complex near a highway? Why not. America will die before it takes responsibilty for anything. It will rape everything before it has a flash of grace or conscience. Buckle up for consequence. Anthropomorphized, America is now a stumbling cripple, jacked up on over the counter meds, basically insane, and dangerously arrogant. There is no play here, no champagne room, no cigars. It’s over. Want to follow the news, all you will see is newer levels of insanity and atrocity. Then watch the effete clueless lawmakers discuss/enact policy 30 years too late. You reap what you sow, and the US capitalistic model never had any room for efficiency, discipline, or humanity in the true sense. Astrologically, it’s a polarized world right now, so the wolves no longer have the patience or desire to pretend they aren’t wolves. And since almost everyone drank the koolaid during the fat times in this country, they are medicated, soft, and indebted, unable to do anything but scream “hey unfair”, a notion which I believe, coupled with $1, will get you a mini beef taquito at a local 7-11. Everyone is too fat and weak to revolt on any level, they can only sit down and pen a strongly worded letter that starts with “I respectfully request….”. Everything has been taken out from under them and returned back (poorly) for a price that can be raised at will. And I mean everything.

  4. Jim Sher says:

    To Sue:

    I am, as they say, left-leaning and most readers know this. To me it is more than reasonable to tax the super wealthy and we know historically that it doesn’t hurt the economy. The economy has shown growth when taxes were much higher than they are today and this includes both Republican and Democratic administrations.

    I also agree that the real issue is how much weight is given to the massive international corporations that are now given legal status as if they were people. To me, this is crazy. In fact, no Republican in the near past would have ever come up with this. At present, the Republican party does not look at all like it used to and has been sweemingly taken over by the extreme right wing. Take a look at Richard Nixon’s administration. Today, he would be called a communist. He instituted wage and price controls for a short time and it worked out well.

    Which way will things go? We won’t know that until after the transiting square between Uranus and Pluto has completed, which is after 2015.

    Opposing views are encouraged if readers would like.

  5.' Sue says:

    OK…so does this standoff between Demos & Repubs seem to lean toward one or the other, in your opinion? If so, which one? Will our government ever stand up to the Corps and make them bring back the trillions they have stashed in Europe and pay the taxes they owe on it…which alone could probably wipe out a huge portion of our debt and eliminate the need to raise the debt ceiling?

  6. Jim Sher says:

    The questions you ask are part of a much larger and longer transit. Beginning in 2012 we will have a transiting square between Uranus and Pluto that will last over 3 years. It will also affect the U.S. chart much more than any other country. It is likely to bring forward many of the issues you mentioned in your reply to my post.

    Thanks for asking.


  7.' Fernando Seisdedos says:

    Thank you for bringing it all down to earth.This business of the debt ceiling and Independence Day kept my mind busy all weekend long.
    I don’t know when it happened that $100 is just for pocket change…; The disconnect between money-making and ways to spend it, keeps growing, and our kids don’t even have a clue how uphill their futures is shaping; especially as our society, slowly but continuously, strips away the social safety net, of health care and public services, libraries, court rooms etc… we grew up with. It’s really too bad that we will not be able to leave them a better world, like our parents did for us.
    Our country’s priorities are still totally miss-aligned to what’s needed. It’s going to take a serious blow to our government to make us change. Continuing the way we are going will only keep Corporate America in charge of the government and our Treasury will be controlled by our lenders, especially the Chinese. Politicians and Supreme Court judges alike are only puppets of them all; and the famous press “the only independent 4th branch of government” is no longer independent, swallowed by Corporate America and the money barons on Wall Street.
    Will this Solar Eclipse change the current state of affairs?

  8.' Kathleen says:

    Yes! When we strive to make the personal unconscious more conscious (astrological counseling, etc.) we are less likely to be swept away by the collective (national or international) unconscious in a “participacion mystique”.
    Your article is very insightful and detailed. I would be very interested to learn more about the Saros Series in future posts.

  9.' Joanne B says:

    Great info! I feel hopeful that long-buried issues that I haven’t been able to reach yet can finally come into the Light!

  10.' mary beth says:

    All i can say is ‘Amen’. Crystal clear. Its a comfort to have your guidance. You are much appreciated.

  11.' Joyous says:

    Great explanation of what is going on in this country. Thanks, Jim. As always, very clear and readable.

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