What Astrology Can Tell You About Your Health-Part 4

Posted on June 20, 2011
Posted by James Hopson


Now that we have looked at how medicine and astrology are related, the various relationships between the Sun signs and your health, and how medicine now is diametrically opposed to medical astrology, let’s look more closely at the planets and how they affect our health.


When you were born the planets were at a specific point in time and space, which the astrologer maps out in your astrological chart.  The aspects, or relationships, between those planets play a significant role in your health.  When two planets interact a particular energy is created that affects the body.  Over a lifetime this can result in constitutional weaknesses as well as specific vitamin or mineral deficiencies.  The nature of these energies or stressors can set up disease processes.  A skilled practitioner can see in the chart the inherited weaknesses and can help uncover the deeper cause of what started the problem in the first place.  If you know where the inherited weakness in your body is it makes sense that you could then do something to address this area.


But how do we know that the planets affect us?  This is a valid question and believe it or not there is some research showing that both the Sun and Moon actually affect our physiology.  The Moon for example is a water sign and affects the fluids in our body.  This is significant because 85% of our body is made of water.  In the same way that the Moon affects ocean tides, so too does it affect the fluids in our body.  Many surgeons are actually aware of this and prefer not to operate on the Full Moon because they find that people tend to bleed more during this time.


Have you ever noticed your sleep is disturbed at a Full Moon or during an Eclipse?  I know over time I have become more aware of the Moon cycles and my sleep.  In the December 1977 issue of the New Scientist journal there was an article about a blind man with sleep problems.  It turns out his sleep cycle was based on the cycles of the Moon which is longer than our normal 24 hour sunlight pattern.  Even with medications his body still wanted to follow the cycle of the Moon.  Also, studies in Russia showed how Sun spots affected red blood cells.  So if the Sun and Moon affect our physiology it seems logical that the other planets in our solar system also have some kind of effect, even if it has not been scientifically proven.  Although not well accepted by the masses, ‘Space Weather’ in fact has an effect on our biological systems.


From another point of view it has been shown that man-made electromagnetic (EM) fields affect our bodies.  Created by such everyday items as cell phones, microwaves and even simple clock radios, these EMs have been shown to not only affect our sleep but many other aspects of our physiology as well.  It is also known that all the planets also emit various EM vibrations.  Wouldn’t it then be logical to assume that if the man-made EM fields affect us so too would the natural EM fields from the planets?


As a clinician who has worked with hundreds of clients, I have seen certain patterns show up time and time again as being accurate indicators of health issues.  Let me give you now some practical examples.  Now I know many of you will not know where the planets are in your chart or what they are in aspect to.  This of course is where having a consultation can illuminate the picture and bring awareness.

Over time I have observed that wherever Saturn is in the chart is a potential for a weakness with the health.  Whenever I see individuals who have Saturn in Leo, for example, I inquire about their heart or back.  Many times they report that it has been a life long issue.  Another example is with Saturn in Virgo.  There the issue is with digestion, which is not news to them but they often don’t know how to correct it.  Why is this?  It is because Saturn makes whatever we are dealing with very real and definite.  It is not like having to go on a mission to figure out what is wrong.


One interesting combination of planets is Venus-Neptune or Venus-Uranus.  Any pattern with Venus can present potential problems with either the thyroid and or blood sugar.  Now in some ways this is the tricky part.  I don’t always know which archetype is presenting for the person but I usually have a pretty good idea.  This is why I always ask questions in addition to reading the various physical metrics I take under consideration.  Rather than using astrology to predict what a particular physical weakness may be, I use it in conjunction with the feedback I receive from the person to determine how the astrological archetypes are manifesting.


At a lecture I gave, I shared with a woman how the Venus-Neptune pattern in her chart could indicate issues with blood sugar.  She proceeded to tell me she had been a diabetic all her life.  On the other hand I have seen the same aspect present as weakness (Neptune) of the thyroid (Venus), which has the potential of manifesting as a hypothyroid.


At another talk I described that Venus-Uranus can sometimes present as an erratic or abnormal functioning thyroid.  After the lecture a woman came and showed me this pattern in her chart and said she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease, which is defined as an autoimmune disorder (abnormal functioning) of the thyroid.


I remember one client I saw who overall was healthy and had no major complaints but was just curious about what she needed to watch out for as she continued living her life.  In her chart I saw that there were four planets in the sign of Sagittarius.  In medical astrology this sign often has to do with digestion and the liver.  Knowing this I knew that if she excessively indulged with drinking alcohol or drugs that there would be a strong probability that it would affect her liver.  And sure enough, in a recent communication she shared with me how if she drank too much it really affected her.  Not only that, earlier in her life she was in a car accident and broke her hip.  Sagittarius also rules hips and thighs.


Now when I sit down with someone and see these astrological patterns I already know what questions I will ask if they have not already told me why they came.  In the last and final part of this series I will be sharing some of the observations I have made over time after seeing hundreds of clients and what I see as the benefits of combining medical astrology along with any form of medicine you may be using to give a fuller and deeper picture to the nature of health issues that may potentially be arising for you.

And please, if you have any questions based on what you read or are curious about something feel free to let us know.

Good health to you!


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2 responses to “What Astrology Can Tell You About Your Health-Part 4”

  1. inspire@inspiringhealth.net' James Hopson says:

    Let me clarify. A person can have their thyroid testing by allopathic medicine and it may appear normal although it is not normal. Astrology then can give insight into the possibility that the thyroid may potentially be out of balance. Then another method of testing could be done to confirm the actual functioning of they thyroid.


  2. carol@personalandbusinesssolutions.com' Carol Pilkington says:

    So a person can have their thyroid tested from traditional method and it appears that everything is normal. However, when using astrology and other types of testing one may find that their thyroid is really not functioning properly. Is that correct?

    It is great to know that there are additional/alternative means to determine whether our organs are functioning optimally.

    Great series James!

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