The Active Aries New Moon – 2011

Posted on April 4, 2011
Posted by Jim Sher

On Sunday, April 3, 2011, we had a very unusual New Moon at 13° of Aries. As the recent articles on Aries suggest, this sign is one of the most active of all of the signs of the zodiac. It is the true archetype of Spring in that it represents the return of life with all of its hope and natural enthusiasm. I am from the Midwest, where we had hard winters. The truth is that while we do have spring in Los Angeles, it is just not the same as it was in Missouri, where there was a sudden, astounding growth of life that could change one’s mood every time one walked out the door. We couldn’t wait to go outside and run, play sports, or just lounge around in the new green grass. Suddenly there were all kinds of smells and the contrast between the winter’s dormancy and the sudden return of the life force was, in a word, ecstatic. That is the Spring I remember and is the essence of this New Moon.

If you look at the chart of it, you will see 6 planets in Aries, including the expansionistic Jupiter, which makes us want to climb the highest mountain and conquer that biggest challenge we can imagine. Nothing is impossible right now, or so it seems. Except there is just one little thing to consider in addition to this. In the midst of this joyful, innocent enthusiasm, there is also an exact opposition to Saturn that counterbalances the Aries energy.

Saturn is the archetype of structure, order, planning, and it slows things down so we can create some kind of form or system. It is an opposing force to the Aries excitement, but it does have its purpose. I do not believe that Saturn in this position automatically puts up obstacles that block the development of anything. Some people think in this way and that belief does in fact create the feared obstacles themselves. A much more constructive way to look at this is to regard Saturn as having an intention that challenges the youthful Aries energy to take what is being considered much more seriously. Right now, something important is happening, and while a new impulse can be wondrous, in this case, some of these impulses are important enough to really matter. They are meant to endure and develop much further that a mere impulse or spontaneous eruption of excitement that lacks follow-through. Right now, I suggest you focus on examining what is coming up for you that is really important and something that demands your attention, effort and hard work.

Saturn retrograde – the stabilizing planet, the rings that set boundaries and asks us to make conscious choices is still retrograde and will be until early June. We can get frustrated with Saturn’s slow pace and delays, but actually this period is not just mere stoppages. There is a purpose to the Saturn retrograde period and it is this. There is something we need, before we can go forward successfully in whatever we are working on and this is the time to go back and pick it up. We often do not know what that is exactly. It could be knowledge, information, etc., or it could be a person we need to meet and perhaps partner with, before we can achieve the aims we’ve set for ourselves. We are in that period now, and in fact, it may have already appeared.  This is due to the completion of the opposition of Jupiter and Saturn that has just occurred as well as the Aries New Moon.

Mercury retrograde – As I wrote in the last newsletter article, usually a Mercury retrograde period asks us to review and reconsider some area of our life. Often, new information comes in that requires that we look at things from a new, fresh perspective. Also, we are advised not to act on this new information yet, since more may be coming. Thus we are urged to ponder and even digest what is coming forward, but…..

Mars Conjunct Uranus – is at 1° of Aries. This placement of Aries is an incredibly active and potent starter of new and exciting events. I have already heard from quite a few students and friends as to how they are being affected by this fast-moving and shocking transit. One friend has so many things on her plate she can barely see straight, while another had a bicycle accident. To ask someone to go slow at a time like this is absurd. The energy is too high to be ignored or just placated.

My Suggestion – let’s take a look at these contrary forces and try to make sense of it. The energy demands we really be open to spontaneous inspiring ideas, concepts, and possibilities. And, to me, some of them need to be acted upon, even with all of the reservations I have spoken of in this article. So, the obvious suggestion is to separate thinking and pondering from actually acting and to handle them differently. It is best to be totally open to new thoughts, suggestions, and to follow up on any leads that are developing. When it comes to acting upon them, though, try to keep your cool and slow down enough to really think and see if it’s time to act yet and even if it is, try to determine what the most effective action is right now. Allow yourself to be led by the emerging events and if you really feel you must act, then go for it and see where it leads.

Aries can be incredibly intuitive. Sometimes its just blind luck, and at other times, it’s that sixth sense that knows what to do while not knowing why or how it knows. It seems to me that sometimes astrology can be interpreted as being a little like an old grandma or grandpa who seems to only know two things to say: It’s either “Shhhhh” or “Don’t do…..” So, if you’re in the mood to really ‘go for it” and it seems right, then do it and see where it leads. To ignore the opportunities for inspiration and change is too high price to pay.

I’d love to hear from you on how you are being affected by these opposing forces. So, let’s hear from you.

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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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2 responses to “The Active Aries New Moon – 2011”

  1.' Joanne Bracken says:

    Thanks for this information. I’m so happy to have an understanding of why I’ve been feeling that I’m on “speed” the past couple of weeks–not the norm for me! Rather than looking at it as a dysfunction, I can blame Mars/Uranus! Phew, when will things slow down a bit?!

  2. Really inspiring and informative report with specific “how to’s” in the midst of all this planetary activity. Thanks, Jim. I appreciate your insights.

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