Venus and Jupiter are Turning Direct

Posted on November 15, 2010
Posted by Jim Sher


We are about to see some significant changes coming in the near future, but right now, you may find that things may not be moving as this often happens when a planet slows before it changes direction. Right now, though, two planets are about to do this, which makes things even more interesting. Both Venus and Jupiter are turning back to their usual direct motion on Thursday, Nov. 18, 2010. When this occurs the days before the change are often intensified, but without any significant changes actually developing. In fact, there can even be frustration due to the fact that there may be a strong desire for change, but very little chance of anything happening. It doesn’t mean that changes aren’t coming though, because they are, but perhaps not quite yet.

We have nearly completed the necessary re-evaluation of our values, relationships and philosophies and have begun to sort out our priorities and the direction we want to move toward, but we may still be in the dark about how and when this will happen. This is because the new cycle has not been born yet. Specifically, let’s take a deeper look at Jupiter. It will turn direct at 23° of Pisces but it will return to the sign of Aries on Jan. 22, 2011. When it does it will trigger a complete shift for us as Pisces is the archetypal end of cycles and Aries is the fiery engaging of the birth of a new cycle. We had a taste of it last summer, but when it does return to Aries this time, it will be moving very quickly and fly through it and move into Taurus by early summer. When Jupiter is both in Aries and moving at a fast velocity, things happen very quickly and sometimes, with little thought. We may find ourselves flying by their seat of our pants. But, that’s not how things are feeling now. In fact, for many people, it can be hard to imagine the scenario I am painting. That’s OK, because right now all we can do is take what comes and work with that.

Venus has moved back into Libra, but most of its retrograde passage has been in Scorpio and that’s where it will return on Nov. 29, 2010. In a recent class, we examined the nature of the sign of Scorpio in great detail and it was fascinating to see what students expressed. Scorpio is the sign that is often given the worst rap. Some common stereotypes for Scorpio are jealousy, possessiveness, domineering nature, and so on. But Scorpio calls us to do something. It calls us to transform in some important way. We do that by intensely feeling and looking at some aspect of ourselves and other people with whom we are connected and this can make us feel very uncomfortable. I refer to taboo areas, painful ones, etc. and while we are called to move into this territory, we can desire to avoid it at all costs at the same time. It is the avoidance that brings us trouble. So, this Venus retrograde asks us to feel/examine our inner feelings and outer approach to matters that can transform us if we are willing to look deeply within, to see our projections onto others rather than blaming them for what we see.

This is where astrology, in my view, must be seen as being of great psychological importance. The planets do not ‘make us’ do things. They do not function as cause. If that were so, it would have to mean that we are only capable of being ‘effects’ of these outer forces that are making us do things as if we are puppets unable to act freely and consciously. All this changes however, when we cease to think of the planets as forcing us to do or be something and instead regard it as ‘calls to consciousness’ as we meet life in a more self-aware way. Venus retrograde in Scorpio asks us to acknowledge our ‘shadow’ or unconscious material so we can respond to life challenges in a new way. This does take us into ‘dark’ areas of our psyche, but if we can face these phantoms, we can become armed to deal creatively with them and our life improves greatly. I know that many of you have been experiencing some of these things and that it can be very private parts of ourselves that are being looked at and hopefully integrated, but if possible, I hope you might share some of what you’ve been going through with the readers. If it you feel it is too private to post but would like to express it to our readers, you may email me and ask me to post it in my name so that your words are more confidential.

I would also like to announce that the next newsletter will be our first monthly newsletter. It is a greatly expanded one that will delve into the nature of the sign of Sagittarius and the transits of the coming month. Articles will be written by graduates of the School and are looking to be great ones.

I hope that if you enjoy the monthly newsletter that you will forward them on to friends and encourage them to sign up. We are trying to increase our subscribers so the newsletter can steadily grow and improve.


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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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9 responses to “Venus and Jupiter are Turning Direct”

  1.' Kim says:

    Great article! I too have been examining my issues about money. I have been feeling weighed down by my thoughts of “a lack of money” but the truth is that I don’t have a lack of money, I have a greedy side that just wants more “disposable money”. I didn’t think I had a greedy side. Also, I woke up this morning with this thought “When are you going to stop hating your life and start living it”. Powerful words, but true – I have been clinging to negative emotons concerning my daughter who moved away recently, aging issues, boredom in my work, etc. This has been a powerful awakening period for me!

  2.' Debra says:

    Hi Jim, thanks for your latest article. Yes I have been really examining some of my so called “core” beliefs….You know what they say, if you want to look at what your beliefs are take a look at your life – what have you manifested? So that is what I’ve been looking at….some of these beliefs are operating on a subconscious level, hence me feeling as though I’m blowing in the wind, when events “happen” as though I have nothing to do with them. This process has been going on for a few days but most intensely the last two days….My birthday is tomorrow…November 17th….
    I am working with the question, what am I focusing on???? and to keep that focus….let the negativity go….and to continue to use meditation as a tool….



  3.' Isabella says:

    Love ! thank you!

  4.' Catherine Sullivan says:

    Thank you so much for the newsletter so far, I am new to reading it and enjoy the information. It explains things to me that have long puzzled me. I have a friend who is an astrologer and she shares insights with me, but I seem to never completely grasp her interpretations. I chalk this up to being such a neophyte. Thanks for moving me on down the road to knowledge and understanding. I am anticipating greatness in the near future. Keep up the good work!

  5.' Helena Rose says:

    This retrograde period has helped me reveal my honest feeling surrounding money – clearly Venus in Scorpio territory! Through a series of fortunate events I realized that, although on one level I desire a successful, abundant life, on a much deeper level I have tied money directly to a loss of power of my ability to live a joyful life. I have been holding onto the idea that whatever makes money (especially good money) will ultimately enslave me! Not the best recipe for success! Now that this thought form is out in the open, I am actively working to change it – retrograde periods are truly a blessing if used to their full potential!

  6. Fits – thank you. Recently my ‘shadow side’ began expressing –showing up — in making some new dollie fetishes, each representing a way I trip myself up. These “Gratitude Gremlins” ‘told me’ they’re forces that compel me to go through painful or annoying intervals, and that run alongside seeing me through, until I revel in the “gratitude” I feel when it’s over! And, in the newfound insights, wisdom I can bestow afterwards. This weekend two more gremlin dollies were borne, a wildish female and male shaman duo, made from planks of a small barrel, with ‘holes’ in their heads. The female explained that all those things I say I’ve needed like “a hole in the head” — I DID actually need–to set positive Change in motion –and accrue blessings. The male figure represents “mind blowing” mode, where new seed ideas, bigger Listening and Seeing in new ways allow a big “WOW! That’s incredible! I am sooooo blessed!” I love learning creatively and playfully –like a good Leo. And it makes the turning inward to see what I resist, fear –more viable. –Best to everyone –Thank You!

  7.' dawna says:

    Issues that have been what I can now call the agonizing life storyline of Donna (my birth name) Compassionate insights and self forgiveness have forged the way to real forgiveness of some family of origin members. As a result, some wounds have been healed. My relationship with my Mom has softened, in fact becoming more companionable, and this has not been all through my efforts at keeping regular communications. I actually want to take some time to visit her on the east coast in the Spring. She is 85 and quite hale, and I haven’t seen her in two years. The domino effect of this piece of healing has had a far reaching and positive impact on all aspects of my life.

    So, Jim, thanks for the opportunity to share and for your top shelf heavenly insights! I look forward to the arrival of your first newsletter! Bows to you!

  8.' Joyous says:

    Looking forward to the expanded monthly newsletters. Thanks again, Jim, for your clearcut explanations.

  9.' Paula Humerick says:

    Thanks for posting this on FB, Jim. I’ll look forward to the next installment.

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