Jupiter Conjuncts Uranus #2 and the Full Moon

Posted on September 22, 2010
Posted by Jim Sher

Transits are always important, but when one occurs at the same time as a new or full Moon that transit takes on extra importance. That’s what is happening right now, so let’s take a look. Last Saturday, September 18, 2010, Jupiter conjuncted Uranus at 28° of Pisces. This is the second time they have come together so the transit is in play for about a year. The conjunction however is much more ‘present’ in our lives right now because of its proximity to the Full Moon which takes place on Thursday, Sept. 23, 2010 at 2:17am. The Moon will be at 0° of Aries, less than a degree away from the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction activating it strongly. By the way, another important consideration that strengthens the potency of this transit is the fact that the Sun enters Libra (the Fall equinox) only a few hours earlier at 8:09pm on Wednesday, Sept. 22. This makes this Full Moon a potentially very inportant one.

Jupiter expands whatever it touches. This expansion can include exaggeration and over-optimism, but also the desire to learn and experience so that our understanding and vision is expanded. This is how this energy is best used. Uranus in itself represents the out-of-the-box outlook and the desire for unfettered freedom to be our own unique self. The Uranian energy needs independence and fosters the sense that no one and no thing should be able to block ones freedom to do whatever one wants. In the best sense, it does enable us to think beyond the constraints of normal everyday consciousness and opens things up for us so that we can break the bonds holding us back fro the fullest expression of our own personal genius. But if it is not balanced by both Saturn and Neptune, it can create a ‘me-first’ attitude that shuts out concern for other people. One ceases to consider others at all, if it becomes extreme enough. In a society this can result in a breakdown of the social fabric. Many astrologers believe that when Jupiter and Uranus dance together that it brings about an increase of tolerance and respect for others. Often it does, but not if these two archetypes move to the negative side of its potentiality. Preachiness, wanting others to abide by our own sense of morality, even if it does not harm another person such as a criminal act begins to dominate the social landscape.

Together, Jupiter and Uranus really push us towards total freedom from constraint and can produce revolutionary conditions. ‘Expect the unexpected’ is the watchword of the day when theses two archetypal energies are in play as they are now. It is obvious to any astrologer that the Tea Party movement is one way in which this transit is playing out. The election of Tea Party candidates in this week’s primary against the more mainstream candidates certainly speaks to this. What is interesting to me is that since Saturn, the restrictor is moving away from its opposition to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, it is allowing the energy of freedom from restriction (by government) and independence (take back our country like the Tea Party proclaims) to grow as it is no longer balanced by Saturn. The desire for unfettered freedom is exposed for what it is and has been, the view that government is bad. Whether you are in favor of this movement or not, its presence is evidence of something important and which will be growing, not receding.  

As is always true in life, if an extreme side of things appears it will immediately evoke its opposite side. So, just as Christine O’Donnell wins the GOP nomination in the state of Delaware (ex-Senator Joe Biden’s seat) and Jerome Corsi, a conservative author, asks President Obama to renounce Lucifer, Jon Stewart is organizing the “Rally to Restore Sanity” at the Washington mall. It is always like this in life. To understand more of this, read about the basic principles of the I Ching, one of the wisest books in the world and encompasses thousands of years of ancient wisdom. It is pure Taoism. It basically postulates the idea that the two fundamental opposites (Yin and Yang) are always dancing back and forth, moving from one extreme to the other, and seeking balance between the two extremes. This dance excites and moves through each of us, and makes life on planet Earth what it is.

However, this dance is also never stable, at least not in a society. It is constantly in flux. For individuals, however, something more is possible. The finding of an inner stability or equanimity is possible for a person. It is a higher state of consciousness and would have to include the understanding of the existence of both sides of a set, but does it seem possible? I think I need to create a website to discuss that, don’t you? Hmmm! Sounds like a good idea to me. But… I digress.

For now, what we are apt to see is more and more inflamed passions and the move toward greater extremes. Dialogue has been missing for the past several years, but I’m afraid it is going to get worse, not better. That’s what the present transits are suggesting. As I’ve said in the past, the biggest transit of all is nearing and is going to look very much like the 60’s. I’m referring to the square between Uranus and Pluto. Because it is a square rather than a conjunction, and because it will be in Aries and Capricorn rather than more modest and peaceful Virgo, this square is likely to really polarize and divide this country. Another interesting indicator of how things work in the overall scheme of things is that the 60’s were a rebellion from the left or liberal side. The coming square, however, is clearly coming from the right wing or conservative side of the populace. It will be as extreme as the 60’s were, and probably even moreseo.

By the way, this is why I can already pick Obama as being re-elected in 2012. Why? I don’t need astrology to do it. If things continue to become more and more extreme from the right, it must evoke its opposite force. So, the more extreme the right becomes and the more power it can garner, the more likely it will be that the other side, which will be represented by Obama will have to exist. The more the hatred, the more the self-balancing side of things must emerge. His presidency will become the necessary opposing force. It’s just ‘philosophical physics.’ I just made that term up. (And, by the way, Jupiter and Uranus are squaring my Moon, so I get to make all sorts of new terminology up. The problem I have personally is that some wise person said a long time ago that ‘there’s nothing new under the Sun.’ Then there’s the guy who even said that we don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. Sheesh! Where’s my chance to be totally unique? Oh well, that’s ‘philosophical physics’ for you. All these dualities haunting us all the time. What are we to do?)

One of the wonderful aspects of astrology is in the exploration of the philosophical implications that becomes necessary when we study it. Each planet contains an underlying set of philosophical viewpoints that can widen our understanding of ourselves and the world. There can be faith in astrology, but what is much better in my view is that by using astrology to test out the way in which these forces manifest in our world, we get the chance to formulate our own educated thoughts about what it all means and whether or not astrology works at all. I hope this article will in some way reflect what is happening in your world.

As always, I want to encourage my readers to reply to this article and describe how this Full Moon is affecting you and those you know. Enjoy!!

Astrology Full Moon Jupiter Uranus
Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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14 responses to “Jupiter Conjuncts Uranus #2 and the Full Moon”

  1. spirit@lovebeing.org' Upgeya Pew says:

    The coming Uranus/Pluto square isn’t so simple as “coming from the right wing…” I think it’s important to distinguish the cycle that began in the 60’s from the reaction to that evolution. The money interests funding the so called “tea party” are reacting to the monumental changes now underway, initiated at the conjunction of Uranus/Pluto. This reaction may be quite significant, as these reactionary forces attempt to manipulate people’s fear for their financial and political gain, desperately holding on to a system that has greatly enriched them at the expense of everyone else and the planet. However, the culture of domination is unsustainable, so attempts to “go back”, to sustain the unsustainable will fail as the inexorable revelation of the Uranus/Pluto cycle will play out as systemic exploitation is revealed and the system collapses. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, relatively unreported by the media, there is a growing movement towards life-affirming alternatives to domination culture – real solutions for real people on a real planet of limited resources in which we are held accountable (Pluto in Capricorn). By the time the cycle culminates at the opposition of Pluto and Uranus, new institutions and the intimation of a new earth-centered culture will likely have replaced old, dead, useless institutions based in exploitation and domination.

  2. s.matutino@yahoo.com' Sharon Morningstar says:

    Dear Susan Hale, thank you for the levity – Herbal Tea Party movement – I like that. I’ll take chamomile. It suits me. As for other posts on the political scene, I do get stressed knowing my individual position may have little effect on the whole. But I still engage or disengage according to my values. In that way I affect my circle of influence.

  3. j.lorraine@juno.com' Janey says:

    The rebellion of the ’60’s and today’s rebellion are against the same thing: Fascism and illegal, undeclared wars! The idea that it’s a “left” vs. “right” issue is an illusion. Much the same as the idea that Obama is some populist liberal is pure illusion! He a corporate, fascist globalist created by and paid for by the same corporate and Wall Street interests as Bush was.

    Has anyone noticed that Obama has carried over literally all of same polices as Bush? The wars, the secret arrests, the torture, the suspension of habeus corpus, the warrantless wiretapping — all of it. The wholesale stripping of all of our civil liberties has continued full steam ahead under Obama. Oh, but just because he has dark skin and a “D” after his name, were supposed to believe he’s saving the country.

    So hopefully now, America will be ready to throw off the shackles of BOTH Republicans and Democrats. Viva la Revolucion!

  4. Jim Sher says:

    To Jacques:

    Thanks for clarifying the difference between the I Ching and Taoism. The principle I should have specified is “Enantiodromia.” Wikipedia refers to it as follows: ‘Enantiodromia (Greek: enantios, opposite + dromos, running course) is a principle introduced by psychiatrist Carl Jung that the superabundance of any force inevitably produces its opposite. It is equivalent to the principle of equilibrium in the natural world, in that any extreme is opposed by the system in order to restore balance.’ I have always felt that the I Ching is a perfect example of enantiodromia at work. Apparently so did Carl Jung who wrote the introduction to Wilhelm/Baynes translation of the I Ching. Hope this clarifies what I intended to express.

  5. cacla@ca.rr.com' Kathleen says:

    Hi Jim,
    Great article. I find your insights very useful. Many of my clients are fearful about the current events but, as I deepen my understanding of the dynamics of human nature, I find that the upheavals (political or personal) are necessary for new beginnings– like a brush fire making way for new growth.

  6. LTDennison@yahoo.com' Linda says:

    P.S. Feel free to join my fray on FB…Linda T. Dennison…to agree/disagree, just keep the debate going!

  7. LTDennison@yahoo.com' Linda says:

    On the personal front, divorce courts are VERY busy right now, eh?
    On the political front, I agree with everything you’ve said EXCEPT the re-election of Obama. Even liberal Dems like me are disenchanted with his arrogant attitude and aloofness. I was taught as a history major that the basis of European history/politics is nationalism. The basis of US history/politics is economics…meaning we will vote our wallets. 15 million unemployed people can and will swing an election. I haven’t looked ahead to that election day chart: is the Moon adventurous/liberal or in something afraid of change/self-protective (like Cancer was when Bush stole the 2004 election)?
    Obama took the oath of office on a void moon and Mercury station…I think it was a Mercury station…gee, and we act surprised that nothing he’s done has worked yet?
    If we could find a really independent Independent who will appeal to both sides, there may be hope for this country. Don’t forget, we’re in our first progressed Mars retrograde (implosion) and approaching our Pluto return… another revolution IS coming, folks! Who knows WHAT this country will end up as? OK, who remembers the tv show,”Jericho” from a couple years ago? Not out of the question.

  8. joyceagrant@usa.net' Joy says:

    Your updates are good. However, I disagree with your political
    predictions. I think both political sides are extreme, and the country
    will be seeking balance. Example, Americans will want common sense, moderates in office.

  9. loveysback@yahoo.com' Kathy says:

    Philosophical physics, astrology, political watch= “Sherology” I so look forward to receiving your updates. Thank you for all you do.
    The polarization is also noticeable in personalities as well. I started to think I was seeing true Multiple Personality Disorders in many people, but was intuitively reminded that it is this type of energy that is making different energies separate rather than integrate. Interesting to watch and experience.

  10. susong@yahoo.com' Susan Hale says:

    Thanks Jim,
    I’m hoping another Jupiter/Uranus movement will happen comprised of all the healers, astrologers, alternative, organic folks, those of us that have been invisible in the media but have been working behind the scenes for a very long time. Do you see this happening as well as one of the forces balancing the extreme right? Maybe we could we call ourselves the Herbal Tea Party movement?

  11. sullivancb102@yahoo.com' Catherine Sullivan says:

    I am using these planetary aspects to further my studies in healing and also past/between life regression. I am taking time to go apart and to meditate and to commit to further, deeper studies. I am finding info previously “hidden” from me and also taking it in is a more profound way. I am remembering it is an essential part of me. Thank you for the perspective!

  12. marybeth_trotter@yahoo.com' mary beth says:

    as always, very good stuff for pondering and applying. i think an I Ching page on this site would be FANTASTIC!

  13. healingmudras@gmail.com' Isabella says:


    Beautiful tango!

  14. mojavecowboy@yahoo.com' Jacques says:

    Hi, Jim,

    The I Ching is pure Confucianism, the Dao De Jing is pure Daoism.

    The I Ching instructs us about our actions in a specific field of activity, the Dao De Jing in quite a different field.

    Confucianism and Daoism are often at odds.


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