Last Eclipse of this Three-part Series – 2009

Posted on August 4, 2009
Posted by Jim Sher


At 5:55pm PDST, Wednesday August 5th, 2009, we will have a Lunar eclipse (Full Moon) that marks the last one in this series that began at the previous Full Moon on July 7th. The Sun will be at 13 degrees of Leo and oppose the Moon at 13 deg. of Aquarius. Because this is the last one of a series, it’s likely to occasion a finishing up of what has been set into motion over the last 6-week period. Lunar eclipses do often create emotionally turbulent periods that can bring cathartic relief in their wake. This one might do something similar, but that will depend on how much a person has been dealing consciously with the myriad of forces that have been emerging so far.

This eclipse describes the nature of the possible difficulties and also provides some strong hints on the best way to deal with the issues that are coming up. Firstly, there is a square between Mars and Saturn that is likely to bring about delays and perhaps even frustration in projects on which we are working. We see this now in the health reform issue as the forces trying to stop reform have been successful in either slowing or derailing the legislative process. Although things may not be working out the way one hoped for or had intended, it is also true that this aspect suggests that continuing to work is the wisest course of action. Squares ask us to either let go completely of what can now be seen as unworkable or make a conscious decision to put in whatever effort is needed to persist and handle the obstacles in our way. Sometimes, we have to make considerable effort at a time like this and not let delay or frustrations stop us.

Also, there is a sextile (60 deg.) aspect between Mercury and Venus. This suggests that success can be achieved if we make an effort to communicate with whomever we are having difficulties and try to find common ground. This is a hopeful aspect for overcoming misunderstandings but with sextiles, one must make the effort or the flowing energy will not be used.

Finally, it is noteworthy that Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Chiron are all retrograde now. The energy I’ve been writing about in the last two articles is still strong, but all of these issues are now being reviewed. And they need to be. Let’s use the health care debate as an example. Over the past two weeks the protests against reform have become stronger and more vocal. Some of the issues are important concerns that need to be addressed, but also what is being revealed is that there has been a concerted effort to distort (Neptune) the facts which confuses things more than ever in the minds of the people (Moon). I believe however that the square between Mars and Saturn that I referred to above is doing two things. It is bringing about delays and an amplification of the negative voices, but it is also demonstrating the real motives and financial interests behind those voices. The powerful financial interests of the insurance, pharmaceutical, hospital and other health care giants is now being seen as doing all it possibly can to negatively influence the health care debate. This could bring about a kickback against these forces if enough people react to learning that their personal interests are begin highjacked by these powerful lobbyists. We’ll see in the early Fall when Mercury goes retrograde what comes of this.

I want to encourage you to write responses to this article and on any other articles in our interactive blog. You can write about your personal experiences or your thoughts about what is written. I believe that disagreement is as important as agreement as both make an important contribution to any discussion. My only request is that all posts avoid rudeness. Again, you may reply to any articles on the blog, not only the most recent. I hope you will enjoy reading these responses. Let’s have some fun together.

Astrology Eclipse Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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19 responses to “Last Eclipse of this Three-part Series – 2009”

  1. Jim Sher says:

    To Sharon-
    My desire is to have a balance between the personal and socio-political. The most recent post on the blog is from Susan Hartman who has described how the recent Eclipses have affected her personally. I hope you have had a chance to read it.

    My next post will be on how the Jupiter-Neptune transit may affect us on a personal level. I assure you this blog is not intended to be solely for readers interested in politics or social movements only.

    Thanks for writing.

    Jim Sher

  2.' Sharon says:

    I think that Susan’s wishes as well as mine and others are being misunderstood. I do not hear anyone saying no politics ever – that is an incorrect assumption. What I think that we, especially myself are saying as a whole is to have both. Simple – easy to understand. We are not saying make it all about us personally and I don’t think that it is fair to assume that about ‘us’. I find the politics interesting, but am having trouble relating it to home.

    I used to enjoy the letters more, before the election last year. I don’t mind keeping a pulse check on them but the newsletter is becoming mostly political and I think that all of us are getting plenty of that in our own lives, we cannot escape it. Focusing too much on the outer is a defense not to deal with the inner, this is basic psychology.

    We are simply looking for a balance. I am losing interest and am tempted to stop reading because of the sole political emphasis that does not seem to stop. Are the ‘pro-politics only’ group solely interested in just politics? If so, maybe there need to be two newsletters, or, maybe you could release the reigns of control and share with those of us who are tired of it.

  3. Kimberly says:

    First of all, I want to thank you for having the courage to put your thoughts and analysis out there. I do appreciate hearing the big picture and have a personal conviction to stay aware of what is going on around the world on all levels, including socio/political. I see the energies playing out on the world stage as the macrocosm to our own interpersonal microcosms of those energies. Subscribing to the Gaia principle, it’s all personal when you get down to it as we are all participating on some level to create this “reality.” If we isolate ourselves from the machinations of the titans, then we are denying our individual responsibility to contribute conscious thought that can help direct them in positive ways, to add our light to the sum of light.

  4. Dear Jim,

    In response to some reader’s request for “less politics, please”, while I truly understand this position, I must concur with Claudia. As a nation, we are quite a myopic lot, and it is extremely important that we begin to see the political AS spiritual (and as us) and the spiritual AS political (and as us). Every single day we make
    “political” choices and statements without even being aware that we are.

    I immensely enjoy your newsletters and welcome the holistic ‘wide-aperture’ point of view from which you write.

    All best wishes,
    Robyn Lark Wakefield

  5.' Janet says:

    In Re: Susan’s comments:
    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have in fact emailed Jim on an earlier occasion expressing my distaste for his pro-Obama writings and respectfully asking him to keep his political opinions to himself.

    Connecting planetary transits to what’s going on in our nation as a whole is one thing. Being a cheerleader for Obomba is another.

  6. As a former student of yours, and a regular reader of your newsletter, I thought I’d comment on the perspectives of your newsletter. First of all, I must present my biases. I love looking at the “big picture” (Jupiter rules my Sun sign and my ascendant)and I’m quite fond of staying abreast of current events and the politics of the day. I have four planets in the 10th house and one in the 11th, which drives me to look at the social environment. What I’m saying is that we are all wired differently (as reflected in our natal charts)in terms of our preferences and what we’ve chosen to experience in this life. Our attention naturally goes where this focus is.

    I know in the past Jim you’ve stated that you are not particularly “political”, but you seem to devote a fair amount of time as a “social observer.” I think you find it easy to go between the more personal realms and the social. That seems to be reflected in your choice of your first vocation, i.e. social work. If I recall correctly from previous newsletters, you have applied your astrological observations both to the dynamics that might be happening in our personal lives as well as in society. I know that you frequently ask your readers to send you examples of how astrological themes are affecting their lives. I think you are quite competent and successful at melding the personal and social levels of astrological analysis.

    Keeping my personal biases in mind, I must add that I believe strongly that even if we don’t devote a lot of time in the “social/political” sphere, economic globalism and technology have shrunk our world tremendously, and we now are interconnected as we’ve never been before. Look how quickly the swine flu spread. Actions taken by our leaders (democratically elected or not) have tremendous impact on how we live our lives. Our nation’s debt is held by foreign countries. Any actions they take economically affect us. Another country’s pollution can become our own (and vice versa). We are inevitably connected (Neptune) internationally (Jupiter) because our planet is in peril (a Chironic wound). We need to acknowlege our interconnectedness.

    I look forward to your next newsletter!

  7.' Sharon says:

    To all,
    I see Susan’s point very much. I miss the reference of Jim’s work to our personal lives. I disagree with Claudia that there is anything wrong here as everyone equally and freely deserves the ‘right’ to speak.
    I would like to see more than the politics. I am very involved in politics and attend a UU church for social justice and equality; however, we need to be ‘balanced’ like the Tao (my opinion) and honor our smaller more personal lives in addition to the outer life.

    Susan meant no harm, as a matter of fact I wholeheartedly approve of her speaking her truth in love, as she did. If she were one of my students I would reward her for her honest communication rather than slap her or tell her that she has her priorities off.
    Thank you Susan and Claudia for teaching us.

  8.' Lori Bach says:

    I agree and September will be a volatile, confusing month with Mercury in retrograde. We’ll have to wait to see where the dust settles in October when Jupiter, Pluto, and Mercury go direct again.

  9.' Evelyn Wray says:

    With my birthday in feast as I type, the 555 of this moment matches me. I, too, live in exile from the politic games people play. I have not any committment toward nation or state because I came to Earth for the journey , not
    a cult experience.
    Today as I watched the bumblebees and butterflys while the rain dropped and formed puddles in the garden, I realized I am even more than just a human. I am those butterfly/bumblebee/raindrops and yes, I am the lunar eclipse, also.
    Big head? Maybe. I am a Leo!!! LOL.
    Peace/Love and organic chocolate cake for my party of one.

  10.' J.Hamilton says:

    Hi Everybody..
    I think several are missing the boat on Jim’s remarks.. His remarks are not political. He simply uses examples of forces that all can relate to – unless one lives in a hole. There is a great deal going on on the world stage that everyone can view – politically inclined or not, that capably demonstrates planetary influences. I find Jim’s newsletters to be a great example of understanding astrology by the use of examples that we all can see (and feel).

    Whether you love or hate politics/world events, it is quite real and capably demonstrates the struggles of humanity discovering itself. Politics is everywhere. Who does not acknowledge Bill Clinton gaining the release of the two women in N Korea? Though there was likely a great deal of “politics” in the background, who would begrudge the success of the action?

    Further, the interaction of nations, peoples, states, communities, i.e., politics, gauges how we as a species learn to relate to each other. It won’t be long before the nation-state fades in the face of global digital social networking anyway. In the meantime, the struggle of humanity to discover itself is well viewed by the discourse of politics, as those attempting to solve problems from a centralized perspective slowly lose their grip on controlling the population. It is a sight to see.. Jim, keep up the good work!

    Wishing you well..

  11.' Kathryn Dilworth says:

    Thank you, Jim, for this important perspective. This is such an big issue at the moment – and there seems to be a real absense of commentary on the healthcare debate (and other national issues) from the astrological community. I always enjoy and appreciate your explanations for you thoughts as it is invaluable for those of us interested in expanding our own knowledge of astrology and how events impact us on the global level –

  12.' Tim j says:

    Thank you, Jim, for another informing letter calling these aspects into view involving this Lunar Eclipse. Thank you for leaving just enough room to help us begin to string some theories together about how these Moon vibrations may affect. I hear your narrative of the political stage to be AN example of how the nature of these transits may be felt and seen in the multi-faceted issue of the day. Where and how we find it in our more immediate domain and what effect it plays in our experience is certainly paramount. However, it’s nature is being revealed in the deeper collective for sure. I appreciate your attempt to widen the issue and give rise to understanding through suggestions.
    Personally, I have been working on making financial adjustments through, among others, a new auto loan. Today, we hit a snag that legnthens the application process and brings other aspects into light that, I feel, may haunt later if not delt with. It is becoming more work and I guess I will continue with this in the hopes this will, of course, come with a kind lesson. However, it feels like Saturn is influencing.
    One more thing, this Jupiter-Neptune conjunction and its illusionary aspect intrigues me. Are we collectively buying into varying facades regarding the current state of “recovery?” As an optimistic Libran, I want to believe that these differing faces are merging and balancing the whole, yet I am not so sure. I sense a disconnect that persists, and an unwanting to fully re-evaluate(or maybe re-VALUE-ate) what is. Grab for what we can safely reach and understand. What is familiar and recognizeable is all that matters. Maybe Nature mocks our very unwillingness to let something die. I want to believe and find faith that the tired and withered would fuel the new. I hope we can all look very nearby in our community and find new opportunity to fullfill our highest ideals while being real and aware of letting leaves fall.

  13. Jim Sher says:

    To those of you who have responded so far:

    I am grateful for all of you taking the time to express your feelings about both the article itself and to your personal reactions. As a writer, it is helpful to know about the differing viewpoints to the articles.

    It also may assist each of you to understand the struggles I face as I make decisions about what to write about and what to emphasize.

    To Susan, Deborah and Jack: I will keep your comments in mind and make the effort to relate astrological factors to how an individual might experience them. And I will also make references to the way in which the world or nation might also be experiencing these forces.

    It is hard to write about specific people since I don’t know their personal charts and cannot know how they will be affected in a clear way. To me, the telling of what is happening in the collective consciousness of the world or nation reveals something of the archetypal nature of the specific astrological forces.

    I will make the effort to keep a balance between the general/archetypal and the specific/personal.

    Very good responses. Thanks you and I hope you will continue.

  14.' Rose says:

    “It is bringing about delays and an amplification of the negative voices, but it is also demonstrating the real motives and financial interests behind those voices.” OK fair enough.

    Do you think it will amplify the inequality of our politicians having gold plated health insurance for life for themselves and their families and a pension for life after only one term? (Courtesy of the American taxpayer) The last I heard our ruling political class does not have to sign on to the healthcare plan they are trying to give us. They won’t need to try to collect from the Social Security Trust, which they have been looting for years and have left only Treasury Bonds(debt)in place of our cash.

    Our politicians don’t write the bills, they don’t read the bills and then they mock us for asking questions about the reality of their “reform.” We definitely need a retrograde re-think right now. Also, I think Pluto is strongly in the background of this.

  15.' melissa says:

    Jim, I find this to be a very informative article. I especially like the part where you speak about politics, because IT IS what is going on right now! I think you sum up in the beginning of the article the lunar eclipse very nicely so ANYONE should be able to understand this and apply it personally in there life.
    The health care reform is very much on peoples minds & on every channel right now, which makes it obviously something to write about and is significant in all of our lives.

    Good Job!!!!

  16.' claudia says:

    I totally disagree. with Susan. I do not at all wish to be rude, yet I must say it is my personal belief that Susan’s attitude, as evidenced by of self-serving statements, is indicative of what is wrong with our life on planet Earth.

    We are all one and at the same time, part of the whole. What effects one of us effects all of us. We no longer live in a “little world,” although at times we all wish to get out of and away from duality.

    Susan has likely not read of the 100th Monkey Theory.

    Love, Light.Peace and boundless Joy for all in our Universe,


  17.' Jack Sweeney says:

    I agree with the writer. I live in exile and have done as much as possible to rid my life and world of politics – it is all just a big circus show put on for the little people, in any case. I would prefer to learn of things with greater personal consequences: how will these eclipes effect humans and on what levels?

  18.' Deborah Leshon says:

    I am interested in how astrological influences affect our economic and political situations as a reference we can all identify with, but I would be also like more information on how these influences affect our inter and intrapersonal relationships. Thank you- – – Deborah

  19.' Susan says:

    Dear Mr. Sher,
    When I first began reading your newsletters I found them helpful and informative with regard to how astrology may have an effect in my life and the lives of those around me.
    As you progressivly added a more political spin to all your writings, I found that they held much less interest for me. Although I enjoy understanding how astrology has a direct influence on our nations political issues, I prefer to be able to apply astrological information to a broader rage of issues.
    I find that in most cases people are curious how astrologe will have an effect in their little worlds first and the in the nation second or even third.
    Now I may be one of a kind making this statement; so I invite you to consider taking a poll (a very democratic poll) of your readers to see what kind of astrological information they are truely interested in reading about….

    Sending Blessings and light,

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