The Mixed Tone of the Times - A Mixture of Energies

Posted on May 3, 2009
Posted by Jim Sher

To this writer, we are in a very confusing period where there are certain indicators of emerging movements forward, while at the same time, there are other indicators that suggest the opposite. What this usually means is that both are true and that all we can do is attempt to move ahead on the projects we have decided upon and then to be willing to adjust and even change direction if it becomes necessary. Let’s take a deeper look.

The Sun/Moon cycle

On Friday, May 1st, we experienced the 1st Quarter Moon as we march forward to the Full Moon on May 9th. This is called the waxing Moon and is an indicator that energies are growing and developing. Also, we are in the sign of Taurus which represents the fullness of Spring and is often associated with slow and patient advancement. In addition, as mentioned in previous newsletters, Venus (which is now direct) and Mars are dancing together as they advance from Aries into Taurus. All these things create a feeling that this is a great time to get moving again and make things happen.

The Other Side of the Coin

Mercury goes retrograde on May 6th

Already Mercury is barely moving as it slows in advance of its change of direction on May 6th. Mercury retrograde, which occurs every 4 months, is a time for review of our plans and a time when old ideas can be seen as either something to be changed or held onto as those ideas have already stood the tests of time. But even more important than this is the movement of Jupiter into a conjunction with Neptune. It’s first introduction seems to be the utterly confusing swine flu scare.

The Swine Flu: a Sign of the Times?

Is it a real global pandemic or something that will pass with a few deaths and nothing more? We don’t know, at least not yet. Schools are being closed, many functions and trips cancelled, and no one knows whether or not this is an over-reaction. This is classic Jupiter conjunct Neptune. Neptune confuses, obscures, and creates a fog of uncertainty around the issues of that period of time. The Iraq war was declared when Jupiter was conjunct Neptune’s north node, and we all know how much confusion, uncertainty, and even deliberate deception was going on then. I’m not saying anyone is deliberately lying in the swine flu fear, but it’s true that the entire planet is strongly affected by the fear of this pandemic. It is my educated guess that the feared pandemic will not occur. The massive fog is, I suspect, clouding our judgments and blowing things out of proportion. I certainly hope this is true.

The essence of this is that it is not a good time to make any final decisions. We’re not able to be clear at this time. When Mercury, often called the ‘trickster’ in ancient mythology, is about to go retrograde, decisions made now are questionable as they are subject to review. And with the Jupiter conjunction to Neptune, which officially begins on May 27th, there can be confusion and unrealistic optimism. It is also my belief that the economy and financial problems this country is facing has not yet faced the severity of the situation. Much more is likely to be revealed and there are other banks and financial institutions that we will discover are in greater trouble that we thought.

At the same time that there is confusion and uncertainty, this is not a time to operate from fear. Should we move forward slowly, carefully, and prepared to change if we learn something new? Yes, of course. But when we are informed of the nature of the mixed signals we’re getting, we would be wrong to think that we shouldn’t take advantage of the opportunities we are encountering and visualizing.

The Economy

Right now, Venus is finishing its square to Pluto, which rules debt, bankruptcy, re-structuring, and mergers and acquisitions. We’re seeing the bankruptcy of Chrysler and its reorganization with a real possibility that GM will be forced to do the same. And the U.S. government may take it over. Obama is already forcing the issue and dictating terms. The fact is that no one knows where this will lead. My biggest concern is that if indeed these huge corporations are as badly run as it appears, what will the affect be if the government takes them over? How big will the government’s involvement be? Who will take care of the debt? How deep will it be? How much will it affect this country for many years to come? At best, the government is taking a huge risk, and it will take quite a bit of time to really know what all this will mean. As I’ve mentioned for several years, 2010 is a very difficult year as there are four planets forming a T-square configuration that can create huge crises. The fact is that before we actually enter that period, we have this confusing, optimistic period of Jupiter conjuncting Neptune that could easily bring about decisions that will only make matters worse as they are made in an idealistic and confusing time.

I’ll be writing more soon about the Mercury retrograde.


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All the best,
Jim Sher

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