Jupiter aligning with Neptune - Is the Optimism Excessive?

Posted on May 13, 2009
Posted by Jim Sher

It seems we are in a rather odd period of time where even though there is a great deal of uncertainty, the desire for good news is outweighing most everything else. I’m just not sure that the real conditions justify the optimistic assessments. Here is just one article I’ve come across that takes a look at possibility that we are in a state of unnatural giddiness:


This is directly related to the coming Jupiter conjunction with Neptune. Although it doesn’t occur until May 27th, its effects have already begun. Due to the fact that these two giants retrograde back and forth together, this transit will last until early 2010, when Jupiter will move on into Pisces. Until then, this planetary combination unites the principle of optimism and expansion (Jupiter) with idealism and possible delusion (Neptune) creating a new bubble that could easily burst. The above article has some of the exact phrases that also describe this transit. Galbraith calls it ‘the pathological weakness of the financial memory.”

In my view, while not being an economist by any means, the needed reforms are not being considered. The economic model itself is being viewed as fine, but we just need to tinker a bit and save the financial system. It is my belief that in the near future, a great many lifestyle changes are going to be forced on the nation that are still being avoided. Also, many states, California included, are facing very difficult decisions as the budgets are being slashed. One of the biggest problems that voters are having a hard time facing is the real possibility that many local services people take for granted will be lost in the next year or so.

What’s also interesting to me is that many people I speak with, including some in the financial business, also agree with this assessment. I’m hardly the only person holding this view. So, perhaps, even when we know better, our desire to believe that things are improving is over-riding what we know to be true.

As always, there is another side to the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction. This is a great time for spiritual growth and for developing more compassion and joy in our everyday life. This aspect is the archetypal mystic, asking us to experience our connection to the Divine in each moment of life. We know we’re being touched by these forces when we feel that somehow each moment is magical and contains intrinsic meaning.

More on Mercury Retrograde

We’re nearing the middle of the Mercury retrograde cycle when we have the Inferior conjunction between the Sun and Mercury. I urge readers to look at the Mercury retrograde period differently from how it is often described. Yes, there can be delays in communications and things can break down. But something more important than that is happening. This is a time for letting go of things that aren’t working and embracing any new ‘seed’ idea that emerges. The time when the new idea begins is the Inferior conjunction which occurs on May 18th. It is similar to a New Moon in that one may not even notice the new idea at first. It’s helpful to be alert to what we’re thinking about at this time. Any new thoughts at this time could be indicators of a new direction for us. Yes, the idea still needs to be considered and adjustments may need to be made, but some of what’s happening now will be growing over the next two months until the Superior conjunction on July 14th.

Mercury retrograde periods are good times to take stock of things. If you feel a bit stuck, an astrological consultation may help you discover what new directions you might want to approach.


I know the economy is difficult so I am continuing the reduced price of $110 for a 60- 80 minute consultation. I welcome people who have never had an astrological consultation to give it a try as well as those of you who have.

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All the best,
Jim Sher

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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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