The Inferior Conjunction of Venus Retrograde- Endings And Beginnings

Posted on March 25, 2009
Posted by Jim Sher

In the middle of the Venus retrograde cycle, there is a very important point when Venus itself aligns with the Sun. This is called the Inferior conjunction and occurs at 7 degrees of Aries this Friday, March 27th. What makes this unusual is that there is a New Moon the day before, March 26 at 9:06am PDST.

Any New Moon establishes a new beginning in some area of our life, but Aries is the archetype of Spring, the ultimate new beginning of the entire year as it sparks us into that wonderful optimism and feeling of renewal that lightens our load in those first moments of Spring. Anything feels possible, not only are the days getting longer, but the energy of life itself is growing. The Aries New Moon each year represents the beginning of the ‘feeling of Spring,” but this year the matter is more complicated. While there is certainly all of the feelings associated with this cycle of birth, Venus retrograde is still asking us to focus our lens on what we personally want and need. We are not yet certain as the discovery process continues, yet the Inferior conjunction marks the beginning of the new Venus cycle. But do we know yet what the nature of that new cycle is? No, it is too early yet. We will need to wait and see what is being birthed in us for if its given a chance, it will emerge organically, without effort on our part.

You can see from this that it is a time of extremes. This is very important to remember. Extremes by definition do not last long. So if we know we are possibly in an extreme state about something, or even our life itself, we will be able to recognize that no major decision should be made in this state, unless life is truly forcing us to act. People in despair should take steps to work on that despair rather than succumb to them and give up.

Let me give some examples. I heard from someone today who has been weighing what relationship she might want to have and was being pressured to decide. She asked for time to work things out for herself, but no one wanted to wait. They were feeling the urgency that often occurs during the Inferior conjunction. But the problem is that Venus is still retrograde. It’s not time to be absolutely certain yet. Wisdom tells us that it is best to not allow that urgency to control us, that it is best to wait and allow the process to continue both in us and in the other. Too much pressure will force a situation and the outcome will usually be that the person who feels the pressure will simply walk away since they know they aren’t ready to decide. Often astrologers urge clients to avoid conflicts at this time if it is at all possible. Arguments can occur and rarely will work out well, unless of course, they are truly unavoidable.

What is happening is that personal feelings are very strong right now, but are still internal and care must be taken before deciding to act.

At the same time I’ve said this, there are exceptions. For example if we are offered an opportunity and it is something we want, this may be the time when we will want to take advantage of that opportunity. This cycle does indicate new beginnings after all. So, what do we learn from this? The best way to handle this is to recognize that there is a ‘flow of life’ for each of us, that we can sense it if we are authentic to our own needs, and that we do know what we should do if faced with an important choice. Venus retrograde is exactly the time to inside and determine what our real needs are and to follow that star. If it leads to a new opportunity or relationship, then take it, and if leads to an ending of the old cycle, then that is what we must do. This next few days is a significant turning point. That’s the key idea on which we can focus.

Financial astrologers call this a ‘reversal point.’ For example the stock market has been climbing significantly ever since Venus went retrograde. It reversed its direction which was downward in the months prior. This reversal has been caused by significant policy changes that have created increased optimism that the government is taking the proper steps to get the economy and the financial system back in shape. The next few days could indicate another reversal, but if that doesn’t happen, it could mean that the trends will continue a little longer. The jury is still out on whether the changes are the best ones, so the radical improvements we are seeing in the stock market may be temporary. The next reversal point will be when Venus goes direct on April 17th. As of this writing of the newsletter, the Dow is up 140 points to 7,800 continuing the trend of the last several weeks. Let’s see if that trend changes after the Inferior conjunction.

To summarize, this is a time to enjoy the new optimism you may be feeling, and remain aware that the internal process of discovering what we truly want and need does continue. I hope you all are able to enjoy the emerging season of spring and whatever the new Venus cycle is bringing. And for those going through a tough time, have faith that you will find a way to work through whatever issues you are facing right now. Remember that the intensity you are feeling will soften and reduce and that things aren’t as bad as they may seem.


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Jim Sher

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