New Beginning Astrology Class on the Westside - Announcing a NEW Astrology Class Forming on the Westside

Posted on March 30, 2009
Posted by Jim Sher

I have located a space near West L.A. and am now able to offer a Beginning Astrology class for those wanting to take astrology on the Westside. The class will be on Thursday evenings although the first class is being scheduled for Sunday, April 26. This date is contingent on having enough students to begin the class. If you’re interested in taking the class or desire to learn more, please contact me at 818-501-7114.

The Subject of Reversals

One of the most interesting aspects of watching transits closely is to notice when there is a reversal in the energy or momentum of a situation or matter. Financial astrologers do this all the time in their attempt to predict where the stock and commodity prices will go. Something odd occurred when Venus went retrograde. Usually this transit marks a time when stocks go down, but not this time. Since Venus went retrograde the stock market has risen 21% in just 14 days. That sort of radical rise last occurred in 1938. This has been a truly historic rise. Then we had the Inferior conjunction of Venus to the Sun and we have had a reversal. This is not unusual. Stocks are declining and in fact, there is a possibility that the decline will accelerate between now and April 4 as Mars is moving into an opposition to Saturn. NOTE: I an not advising anything here. I am not a financial advisor at all. I am simply reporting the trends from an astrological perspective. We can watch this together and see what emerges.

The Mars opposition to Saturn is a time where we must face some hard realities. Some will do so and as always some will resist. The macro events of this cycle seems to be pertaining to the automobile industry as Obama has forced out the CEO of GM and is sending all kinds of signals of what he wants the auto companies to do. The Republicans and citizens of Michigan are renouncing this, which is to be expected. My guess is that the intensity of this matter will be growing over the next week reaching a peak on Friday. After this, Mars will move over the next two weeks into a conjunction with surprising and volatile Uranus. We will certainly feel that things are changing (perhaps radically) but that feeling will likely be accompanied by a real fear as uncertainty will also rise. It may be exciting but people generally love stability and predictability and the period between April 4 – 15 will be anything but that. For individuals though this will be a very good time to make those changes you have been pondering for a long time. The feel of this cycle will be one of ‘breaking free’ from constraints, rules, limitations, etc. Uranus rules innovation so there can be a greater openness to new ideas than usual.

More on Venus retrograde – Venus does not turn direct until Friday, April 17, so the evaluation process inherent in this cycle is continuing. However, much has already been learned so that the last part of this cycle is usually concerned with processing what one has learned and discovered over the last few weeks. For example, people may have come out of the woodwork to check in with us, seeking some kind of resolution in understanding. Now we must work with all that to see where we want to go from here. When Venus turns direct we are likely to feel refreshed and ready to move forward on any matters that pertain to love, beauty, romance, and of course, personal finance. It can be like cleaning house, especially with the Venus retrograde squaring Pluto.

This square to Pluto however can be difficult as Pluto rules the underworld. When we work with Plutonic energy we are thrust into issues from our own subconscious. This is the realm of those things we don’t want to look at, areas around which there are wounds and painful memories, but where something fundamental must be released in order for us to truly feel whole, clean, and able to move forward into a new way of Being-in-the -World.

As always, I love your emails reporting on how the transits are affecting you and am very grateful for them.


I know the economy is difficult so I am continuing the reduced price of $110 for a 60- 80 minute consultation. I welcome people who have never had an astrological consultation to give it a try as well as those of you who have.

If you haven’t already, please check out the website for Sher School of Wisdom at

All the best,
Jim Sher

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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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