Astrological Consultations with Jim Sher

Jim Sher’s approach to consultations is rooted in transpersonal astrology. Recognizing the uniqueness of each person he regards each chart as a ‘map of potentials’ which can help a person become more self-aware and able to increase their understanding of life and their place in it. 

In his words: 

“Often a person seeks astrological counseling during a time of crisis. What they may not know until later is that it is this very crisis which will help move them into new territory and stabilize at a higher level of being. That is why I offer a more holistic approach in my sessions. For over 40 years I have used astrology as a powerful tool to help my clients gain deeper insights and embody their own uniqueness. My approach focuses on communication and allowing people to make their own discoveries. Since each person is wholly unique, each consultation is tailored to the needs of the individual.” – Jim Sher 

The video below describes the difference between a “traditional” astrological consultation and Jim’s approach to astrological consultations. 

Session options include Astrological Consultations for Natal Charts, Transits, Progressions, Solar Returns and Saturn Returns. To book your session email Carol Pilkington at or call 818-975-0587.




History of Astrology

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At Sher Astrology and Metaphysics we are presenting a new model of astrology that focuses on how this field can contribute to one’s spiritual evolution or transformation. Astrology can be a deeply meaningful tool for those willing to do real work on themselves not only for their benefit, but also for the benefit of the society, culture and the world. But first we need to discover more about where we are right now in the development of the field of astrology as well as how it is being practiced. To do that we will briefly summarize how astrology began and what the significant developments of astrology have been over the past centuries.

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