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Both Levels 1 and 2 are designed for the novice and/or Beginning astrology student.  We do ask that all students, no matter what their experience of astrology, start at Level 1.  There are two reasons for this requirement:


  1. Some beginning students have some knowledge of astrology but their learning has been sporadic and disorganized. The curriculum is designed to take a student step by step to help them build a strong foundation in basic astrological concepts.
  2. More importantly, our curriculum contains astrological information that is different from what is ordinarily taught, especially in terms of how the Signs and Houses are presented. You may read more about this on this page Teaching Method


Level 1 will teach the basics of the elements and qualities, the signs, planets (Sun thru Saturn), introduction to the houses, and planets in the houses.  Also, we will look at the basics of synthesizing these principles in the natal chart.  Below is an example of what will be covered each week.  Please note, that due to how fast or slow the class is needing/wanting to go this schedule is flexible.


The First Six Weeks:

  1. Introduction
  2. Elements & Qualities
  3. Signs: Aries – Virgo (Emphasize the 3 Levels of Abstraction)
  4. Signs: Libra to Pisces (Emphasize the 3 Levels of Abstraction)
  5. Planets (Sun thru Saturn); Begin to connect Planets and Signs
  6. Planets and Signs


The Second Six Weeks:

  1. Planets and Signs
  2. Introduction to Houses
  3. Houses 1 thru 6
  4. Planets in Houses 1 thru 6
  5. Houses 7 thru 12
  6. Planets in Houses 7 thru 12


Homework will be required from time to time in order to be able to apply what is being taught, as this reinforces and accelerates one’s ability to learn.  Our classes are highly interactive and we ask all students to be willing to participate fully in sharing their experiences as openly and as best they can when appropriate.  Astrology comes alive only to the degree a student is willing to express, share and interact with one another because it relates to learning about themselves and others through each of their natal charts.


For information on Level 2 click here.

For Information on Level 3 click here.

For information on the Advanced Level click here.

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