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Most students of astrology do assume that they will be learning a new language and set of terminologies. But, these classes will go deeper than that just that. The student will also be introduced to new concepts as well. It can take time to learn and absorb many of these new ideas, but because they are relevant to our everyday life, it does get easier as one continues learning. These concepts may lead students to a new understanding of why they are here in the world and what we might be here to learn and discover no matter what the specific concerns of one’s unique life is.


Here are the three most important facets of our courses you need to be aware of:


  1. My approach to teaching the Signs, Planets, and Houses is presented in a ‘holistic’ and ‘multi-level’ way. By holistic, I mean that we will learn how each Sign and House is connected to every other one, while also being a part of one, unified ‘Whole.’ By ‘multi-level,’ I mean that the curriculum will incorporate three levels of understanding – the biological, psychological and spiritual. The central focus is to show how astrology can be used as a tool for self-awareness and transformation.


  1. I know that many students of astrology already have some degree of astrological knowledge. But, since the approach of this School is different, we do ask that no matter what degree of experience a student has, that they begin in Level 1 Astrology. Many of my in-person students have done this and have found that they are learning new concepts in each class. You may read more about this on the Teaching Methods Page of the website as well as the subsequent Levels of Astrology Curriculum.


  1. My teaching style strongly emphasizes a high degree of interaction, even in an online class. The reason I request this level of participation and communication is that not only are students learning from me, but also from each other. Each student is living their own chart and therefore, it is you who can best describe how you are actually living that chart.  This is vital to a student’s growth, understanding and application of what they learn in class. Please understand that these classes are not for those who are looking merely for a data driven or home study type of class where it is recorded and you learn on your own.


Because of the first three points made above I have chosen to keep our classes small and create an intimate setting for students to engage and feel safe in the process. All class materials and class discussions are proprietary and confidential. Therefore, classes will not be recorded in order to preserve the privacy of all students. We also ask that students refrain from sharing, copying or recording any of the class materials and discussions.  As such, it is also important that your schedule is able to accommodate attending all classes.  Make up classes may be provided on a case by case basis and at the discretion of the teacher, but they are not guaranteed and fees may apply. To support and reinforce a student’s learning, homework will be required from time to time.


I hope some of you will enjoy the learning environment I am creating and look forward to meeting some of you in the future.

For more information on Level 1 Astrology click here.

For more information on Level 2 Astrology click here.

For more information on Level 3 Astrology click here.

For more information on Advanced Level Astrology click here.


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