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At the Sher Institute of Astrology & Metaphysics, we provide a holistic teaching approach that enables a student to gain greater understanding and acceptance of oneself and others. While astrology is ordinarily seen as a vehicle to control, avoid, or manage events that occur in our lives, our approach focuses on helping a student understand the nature of those events and how this understanding can be used to foster self-awareness, growth and transformation. Hopefully, those who are thinking of taking our classes will resonate with this passage as it sums up what astrology is, why it is so valuable to study, and lastly what the Sher Institute stands for in relation to how we teach. Watch this video to learn more about our unique approach to astrology.

Astrology can be seen as a ‘rule set’ of probable/possible lessons for us as ‘Beings-of-consciousness’ to learn and evolve in ‘Its’ movement to a higher level of consciousness.  This would mean that one’s natal chart reveals those ‘free will’ choices and lessons that exist within the constraints we have immersed or incarnated into, which are designed specifically for us as Beings to develop our consciousness.  We may evolve and grow, devolve and go backwards, or probably a complex combination of both on an Evolutionary Path to what mystics call ‘Being-Love.’

Many of the students that come to our Institute range from complete novices to those who have either been self-taught or have taken a class or two.   Because our method of teaching astrology is very different than the way it is ordinarily taught, we ask all students regardless of experience to start with the beginning 26 weeks.   So, while you may see on the website a progressive breakdown of the course curriculum and the advanced topics, they are there to enable students wanting to continue and broaden their study to see what potentially will be covered. The prerequisite for the advanced courses must be the beginning 26 weeks in order to have a foundation for what will be taught in future classes.

The curriculum is administered according to the pace of the students in each class. Therefore, the outline of what is covered in each 26-week session is flexible based on how fast or slow the class wants or needs to go.  Homework will be required from time to time in order to be able to apply what is being taught, as this reinforces and accelerates one’s ability to learn.  Our classes are highly interactive and we ask all students to be willing to participate fully in sharing their experiences as openly and as best they can when appropriate.  Astrology comes alive only to the degree a student is willing to express, share and interact with one another because it relates to learning about themselves and others through each of their natal charts.  You will learn through this process how to interpret your own chart and charts of others.

Our primary focus is to teach astrology in such a way that it can be used as a tool for self-awareness and transformation.  Additionally, from this perspective a student may choose to further their studies at the advanced class level to become an astrological counselor.  It can also be used to enhance an individual’s current practice in therapy/counseling or other discipline.

See below for information on the outline of the course curriculum:

Curriculum Outline for Astrology Courses

  1. The first 26 weeks are for true beginners or those with some knowledge whose learning has been sporadic and disorganized. The curriculum is designed to take a student step by step to help them build a strong foundation in basic astrological concepts.
  2. Our curriculum contains astrological information that emphasizes a holistic approach to astrology. This means that the signs and houses are presented in such a way that each one is connected to one another the next and is also part of a unified Whole.
  3. Please note, that due to how fast or slow the class is needing/wanting to go this schedule is flexible.

The First 26 Weeks:

  • Introduction
  • Elements & Qualities
  • Signs: Aries – Pisces
  • Planets (Sun thru Saturn)
  • Connecting Planets and Signs
  • Introduction to Houses
  • Planets in Houses
  • Rulerships
  • Aspects
  • Planetary Pairs
  • Basics of Structural Differential
  • Outer Planets Lecture
  • Outer Planets in Houses
  • Sign and location of ruler
  • Chart Ruler, Mutual Reception, Final Dispositor, Unaspected Planets
  • Aspects of Ruler of each House
  • Configurations
  • Chart Patterns
  • Beginning of Transits

The Second 26 Weeks:

For those who wish to continue their studies, and it is highly recommended that they do, we will deepen what has been covered over the first 26 weeks (repetition is our friend) as we now begin to expand into transits and apply that learning by putting everything together with the addition of the following:

(Some of these topics may take more than one class)

  • Solar Lunar Cycles
  • Lunar Nodes
  • Continuation of Transits
  • Transits continuation
  • Applied Solar/Lunar Principles to Planets beyond Sun/Moon
  • Planetary Returns
  • Moon Types
  • Chiron
  • Retrograde Planets
  • Mercury Retrograde cycle (may be earlier due to timing with the cycle itself)

By this time the student will see that there is a progressive and deepening of the learning process that enables them to have a wider perspective and understanding of who they are and how they fit into the larger ‘Whole’ of Life itself.

Some students may even choose to practice astrology as a profession or use it to enhance other disciplines they are currently using but that is totally at the discretion of the student.

Those that have taken both the first and second 26 weeks will have learned the basics of astrology as well as other important aspects of astrology that will help them better understand themselves and others.  They may also have begun to recognize that when practiced and made alive in their daily lives, astrology, the way we teach it, can be used as a path and tool for transformation.

Examples of Advanced Studies Topics:

(Some of these topics will take more than one class.)

  • Chart Interpretation
  • Eclipses
  • Planetary Nodes
  • Immutable Archetype
  • Progressions
  • Progressed Declinations
  • Synastry
  • Solar Arc
  • Mid-points
  • Harmonics
  • Astrological Counseling

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