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History 3Humanity is in a unique period of our history. We are facing a confluence of many streams each of which is difficult in itself. As of 2013 there are over 7 billion people on this planet, which is an increase of 5 billion in only 60 years. Please consider that for a moment, because it is a truly an awesome fact. We are benefiting from major advances in health care so that our average life span is higher than ever, which simultaneously puts a tremendous strain on our resources and environment. At the same time, humanity must now address many environmental issues while also dealing with the fact that we are running out of many needed resources such as water, oil and useable land.


Where We Are Now

We have great faith in our technology. Many believe that we will find our way through these perplexing problems by making new scientific discoveries which could lead to the finding of solutions to these complex issues. No doubt some of this will happen and it will help us. But during the past 10-20 years, we have had the knowledge to begin to make strides toward dealing with the emerging problems and have not done so. Massive denial has been and still is being fueled by wealthy and powerful “interest groups” and their politicians who care little about any long-term consequences. “Take maximum profit now and deal with the future later” is the underlying philosophy of our modern political and economic system.


A Paradigm Shift

Our recent history proves the point that it is unrealistic to believe that technology by itself is capable of solving our growing problems. It just isn’t enough. The majority of people on our planet are operating out of ‘ego’ interests, creating little concern for others, our community, nation and the planet itself. What must occur is an increase in the awareness of a sufficient number of people that a “Will” to take these problems on will begin to develop. Without that, there is no way to know how bad things could get in the near future. This awareness must go beyond merely knowing that these problems exist. It must include a growth in wisdom, intelligence and love that is so fundamental that we will desire to make the necessary changes in both ourselves and in our institutions. We also must see that we won’t be able to change our institutions without also going through a shift in ourselves. For this to happen what is needed is a revolutionary change that is a deep paradigm shift which changes our very way of Being-in-the-world. The nature of this leap is described in the 5-part article in this section. The concept that is being introduced is the term “Wisdom-Intelligence-Love” and designates the very paradigm shift that is needed.


The Nature of our Articles

shutterstock_12519688The nature of the writing of most websites is often brief and concise. They are easy to read but may not say all that much. The approach being taken here is different. Being clear and concise is good. Dumbing down is not. The articles in this section are written in a way that describes where we are and where we may need to go. They are not shortened artificially. More significantly, they may go against some of your beliefs, especially since these beliefs are regarded as objects of our inquiry. All beliefs and assumptions must be discovered and questioned or we cannot hope to venture beyond what we already know.


The Enlightenment Intensive

Our School offers classes. some of which are on-going, in meditation and contemplation. But, we also offer a unique technique that is used on what is called the Enlightenment Intensive. This approach is one way to arrive at one’s own experience of this evolutionary leap. It is not the only one. But given the nature of the modern life style in which we live, it is one of the ways to move beyond mere thinking towards having a direct experience of higher consciousness and of our ‘essence’ or true nature. There are many people who have had this type of experience from this technique and yet its nature is such that each person’s actual experience is quite unique. The major difference between these Intensives and how they are conducted elsewhere is not in the Intensive itself. It is in the fact that it is placed in the context of a School rather than just as an isolated event. Though the E.I. can be intense and transformative, it is only a beginning. So, where can a person go after they have completed an Intensive? That’s the main purpose of the School of Wisdom. It is to assist a person to find and walk their own path.


The Wisdom School is Not a Religion

The School does not promote specific belief systems, dogma of any kind or a way one should be. What is promoted is an environment whereby each person might gain in Wisdom-Intelligence so that can find their own path in life.

Please take time to read this 5-part article. They are not difficult, but they will introduce new ideas and concepts. It takes time to get accustomed and be able to absorb these. In fact, you may reject some of them. Or you may affirm them. Whatever you think about them, however, is just a “thought” in operation. The main concept being introduced is the idea that “Wisdom-Intelligence” begins when the mind is quiet. That is our starting point and that is what the Enlightenment Intensive and our meditation/contemplation classes can help us experience.

Our Blog section will be developing and has the purpose of expanding on what is being presented here and with which the intention of the School is concerned. To get started, please begin by reading the first part of the article in this section – “The Need For an Evolutionary Leap”.

Foundational Articles

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