Advanced Level Meditation/Contemplation

The basic purpose of the advanced level meditation/contemplation  course is to assist a person to contemplate an ‘essence’ or ‘fundamental’ question so that one may experience the Truth of who and what they are. This class does require that the student has taken both Level 1 & Level 2 Meditation/Contemplation classes, see links below.

Why is this a route to enlightenment and where is it taking us? We can begin by defining an ‘essence’ question as the type of question that asks itself simply because we exist. This type of question can be framed various ways, but perhaps the most basic is the kind of question asked by a child such as, ”Where was I before I was born?” or “Where did Grandpa go after he died?” Of course, since death is an inevitable reality for us all, we also find ourselves wondering about these matters. But often life, with all of its demands, usually causes the importance of such questions to diminish with time. In addition, if we believe that such a question cannot be answered, why should we give it much thought or attention?

Philosophers, seekers, and sages have been concerned with these matters throughout the ages. Many believe we could not ask such questions if an answer did not lie within us, almost waiting to be discovered or experienced. They suggest that it is quite possible to experience real answers, since after all we are simply seeking to realize who we already are. This being so, wouldn’t it be our birthright to know about these things? Such thinking may seem new, but it has been around since ancient times. Our task is to learn how to open the door to our own Essence and true nature. That task requires us to learn how to ask or said an even better way, how to contemplate.

Seeking Enlightenment While Living in the World

Modern life is complicated and demanding, so it’s no surprise that for most of us it is a luxury to become involved in such matters. We wonder if it will have any practical value. Will we be able to become more successful? Or will it hinder our ability to succeed in the world? Is this kind of work only limited to helping us experience enlightenment? And could that aim actually pull us away from our lives or make us want to leave it?


There is a long-standing tradition which asserts that we must leave the world with all of its requirements in order to pursue a spiritual quest, and particularly one that leads to enlightenment. The intention of the advanced meditation/contemplation course is different. It is aligned with the idea that spirituality and everyday life are not opposed to one another. Rather, that it is possible to bring them together in a significant, meaningful, and holistic way, such that life can improve for us on many levels. In some systems, such as Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way path, one is actually encouraged to USE one’s everyday life as a platform for spiritual growth and evolution.

Using Life as a Foundation for Spiritual Growth

While the advanced meditation/contemplation course can assist a person to experience the essence of who they are, many people have reported that they have become better able to deal with the many normal everyday life problems because they are more grounded in their own being. When we even begin to experience our own true nature, life itself takes on a new meaning and we begin to feel the Life force within us, radiating in our every act. As we become less attached, less afraid, and have either released or reduced the power over us of the many things that trigger us, life seems easier somehow, less stressful, and we feel that life is a wonderful challenge and opportunity to grow and evolve.

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