Mission Statement

The Institute offers a variety of educational programs, classes, groups, and retreats, designed to promote and develop greater Self-awareness that leads to an understanding and experience of our true essential nature.  Our purpose includes the following:

  • To link the fields of psychology, philosophy, spirituality and astrology into one unified field.
  • To provide classes and seminars that advance a student’s learning of astrology and other esoteric studies.
  • To develop and present a curriculum that promotes a moving away from an event-centered, predictive form of astrology to a focus on an ‘astrology of meaning.’
  • To develop and sponsor retreats and other specialized programs which enable a person to have a direct experience of one’s true nature or ‘Being.’
  • To create programs for people to live in the world from this new state of ‘Being.’

Our Intention is for you to:

  • Experience higher states of consciousness. This is sometimes called the ‘Descent of the Divine.’ And to learn how to stabilize in this new state.
  • Become engaged in a process that reveals the truth of one’s ‘Being.’
  • Deeply learn about the nature of the transformational process itself. As we understand the nature of this process, we become more equipped to handle the tensions, internal battles and challenges all of must face to be able to travel this “Heroes Journey.”
  • Gain a greater acceptance of yourself and others, by approaching life situations with an openness to learn in every moment of your life.
  • Experience states of equanimity that will enable you to meet every life situation without fear or panic.
  • Experience joy by becoming more aware of what your ‘spirit’ must express.
  • Identify patterns of timing in your life that reveal when to push forward and when to pull back. This enables one to formulate concrete answers about what you can do to solve life problems.
  • Learn to apply astrological and metaphysical principles by sharing and interacting with others.
  • Develop improved communication skills that allow a person to proceed with confidence, clarity and purpose.

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