Welcome to our Associate’s page.  Sher Institute aligns with select individuals who, after learning and growing through their process, now desire to help others on their spiritual path.

Our Associates are now available for Astrology Consultations that are rooted in Transpersonal Astrology. Unlike conventional prediction-focused astrology, Transpersonal Astrology intends to help one discover the law of their own being. From this perspective, a natal chart becomes less about who you are and more about who you might have the opportunity to become. Associates of the Sher Institute share the school’s mission of helping people develop greater self-awareness in order to realize their true essential nature. Enriched with decades of astrological experience, they offer insightful readings, including Natal Readings, Solar Return, and Synergy Charts. Contact us today to schedule your session!

To set your Astrological Consultation with Kimberly or Carol please contact

Kimberly Maxwell Writer & Consultant

Kimberly Maxwell joined the Sher Institute of Astrology & Metaphysics in 2008, participating in both astrology and meditation courses. She began writing for the school’s website in 2011 and has written the recurring AstroCast articles about current transits since 2012. Kimberly also writes content for the Sher Astrology Facebook page, services various research and editorial needs and is a teacher in training.

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Carol Pilkington - Astrological and Spiritual Counselor/Teacher

A graduate of the Sher Institute of Astrology & Metaphysics she has received an eclectic background in spiritual, scientific, astrological and metaphysical teachings, systems and modalities, Carol has the ability to present data, information and offer tools from many different sources that can be applied to each individual’s needs as they arise.

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