Soli-Lunar Cycle - Cancer New Moon July 17, 2023

Posted on July 16, 2023
Posted by Jim Sher

On Monday, July 17th, at 11:31 am PDT, the New Moon will begin at 24° Cancer, initiating a new cycle. The New Moon is a potent time for new beginnings and for planting seeds. It marks the beginning of a cycle of action where a new ‘seed’ is born within us. This seed is still invisible and unknown, accompanied by a feeling of openness and a sense that anything is possible. This is a time to consider new ventures, projects, connections, and goals. While excitement is in the air, patience is key to avoid impulsive decisions without a comprehensive understanding of the situation. It is best to remain open to possibilities and take time to discover what you really want or need before moving in a new direction. This is the time to develop and visualize your intention.

This Cancer New Moon invites us to contemplate our place in the world. We’re experiencing a shift into water signs with the Moon trine Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Pisces. This is a time for expressing and connecting with our feelings and examining our sense of belonging, our ‘home’ in the world. It’s not just our physical home, but also an emotional state that offers comfort and security. This phase nudges us beyond mere personal aspirations, urging us to delve deeper, connect with our emotions, and realign with our inner selves. By acknowledging and respecting the external influences that shape our lives, we enhance our understanding of both ourselves and others, cultivating deeper connections. In doing this, we gracefully align our path with the cosmic dance.

The Cancer archetype signifies the principle of nurturing and belonging, and it highlights our innate need for connection and safety. In its early life stages, Cancer seeks to establish its identity within the family or a close-knit inner circle, actively creating a safe haven for itself and its loved ones. As Cancer matures, it forms bonds with like-minded individuals, expanding its inner circle. Cancer shines by integrating its personal and private life and finding comfort within itself. Then, the fear of getting lost in the vast world can give way to a sense of belonging. This transition allows it to discover its place in the larger context of existence. Cancer thrives when it recognizes its connection to something beyond itself and actively participates in meaningful relationships. Cancer’s evolution involves transcending self-interest, accepting responsibilities, empathizing with others, and finding its place in the world.

At the same time, Mars in Virgo is approaching an opposition to Saturn in Pisces. Though this may be considered a restrictive transit since we are not free to take action with abandon, there is another side to it. We may be driven to focus solely on the essentials. By accepting our constraints, we can enhance our focus and gain more clarity. Rather than being seen as a restriction from a broader perspective, Saturn is concerned with mastery. Recognizing the necessity of limitations is a crucial life lesson to excel at anything.

Meanwhile, Mercury in Leo is square Jupiter in Taurus, offering opportunities for expanding our creative horizons. Creativity encompasses more than artistic pursuits. It involves aligning with our needs and embracing unique ideas and diverse perspectives. This serves as a form of practical optimism, counterbalancing any potential pessimism arising from the Mars-Saturn opposition. Expressing our creative urges invites more joy and excitement into our lives. Additionally, Saturn encourages us to take responsibility for our responses to external events, enabling us to become creators of our own experiences.

The Sabian symbol for 24° Cancer is “a willful man is overshadowed by a descent of superior power.” Its keynote highlights the dynamic interplay between an individual’s efforts and the influence of higher spiritual forces. In this image, a person combines their willpower and positive imagination to confront life’s challenges. As they embark on their journey, a transformative energy emerges, granting them special grace. By aligning their will with greater forces, they find a path of personal and collective growth.

This lunar cycle prompts us to align with the universal rhythm, moving beyond our individual desires. We’re encouraged to serve a broader purpose rather than focusing solely on personal ambitions. By understanding our limitations, we can use them as guides for focusing on what’s truly essential, mastering our roles in the grand scheme. Balancing creativity with practical optimism contributes to collective well-being. This alignment allows us to embark on a growth cycle that resonates with both our personal journey and the larger cosmic dance.

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