Venus Retrograde – The Importance of the Sun/Venus Inferior Conjunction

Posted on January 15, 2022
Posted by Jim Sher

The Venus retrograde period is often considered to be a solitary event during which Venus matters, such as relationships, finances and values, are reassessed. But the retrograde period is much more than just a review period. From a Transpersonal Astrology perspective, it is necessary to understand where the Venus retrograde occurs within the context of its entire cycle to be clear about how to best approach it.

In part one of our series, we described the nature of the Venus cycle and laid out its significant dates. In this part 3, we will focus on just one of those dates, January 8, when retrograde Venus conjuncted the Sun in the middle of the retrograde period. The significance of this “Inferior Conjunction” alignment is that it marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next. This sensitive transition point can correspond to palpable shifts in focus and activity at the threshold of the two cycles.

It is important to consider that the entire Venus retrograde occurs in the sign of Capricorn, which extends Venus’ travels through this practical earth sign to about four months rather than the usual four weeks. Capricorn can be about making plans and organizing, yet more importantly it is focused on management and execution. This Venus retrograde in Capricorn, therefore, archetypally focuses us on the need to make plans that are realistically executable. This means we need to determine whether we have the knowledge, skills, resources, collaborators and most importantly the commitment necessary to create the structure or container needed to carry out our plans.

In the first part of the retrograde, we may have felt a sense that something in our relationships or values needs to end so that something new can begin. Because of Pluto’s involvement in this cycle, letting go of something held deeply within may feel like a death. However, because the experiences are so intensified, we are being given a clear understanding of deep truths which we must not ignore for to do so might force us to repeat destructive behaviors and relationships. In other words, we must let go in order for a new path forward to be revealed and embraced.

Metaphorically, this is like harvesting the seed of the old cycle, its concentrated DNA, and planting it in the new one so it can continue to grow and flourish at a new level of being. For example, at the beginning of the retrograde, a business partnership began talking about the need to create more content for use in gaining influence within their market but realized they had no clear plan for this. Once the Inferior Conjunction happened, they initiated discussions on what kind of structure they could create, within their limitations, that would ensure a steady stream of content. By the time the retrograde ends on January 29, they should have a clear plan that is ready to execute.

To summarize: The pre-Inferior Conjunction phase of the Venus retrograde is a time when we often feel a push to put effort into getting clear on what is most important. Clarity is often achieved around the Inferior Conjunction when the Sun/Venus archetypes of will and values are unified. Then in the post-Inferior Conjunction phase of the retrograde we can act on that clarity and begin creating the structure needed to begin executing our plans once Venus turns direct.

By Jim Sher and Kimberly Maxwell

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