AstroCast: October 29 – November 11, 2020

Posted on October 31, 2020
Posted by Kimberly Maxwell

The Full Moon in Taurus on October 31 could shake things up as it is exactly conjunct Uranus just as they both exactly oppose the Sun in Scorpio. This is the culminating moment of the current lunar cycle that began with the October 16 New Moon in Libra, the archetypal chart for which indicated the potential for an explosive or implosive release of tension. This Full Moon underscores that archetypal theme and further suggests the nature of the release could lead us on a personal level to awaken to some hidden internal programming. Centuries after ancient skywatchers observed the Sun through Saturn movements, the discovery of Uranus synchronized with the beginnings of democracy and the movement towards the rise of the individual. Archetypally, Uranus calls us to break free from the narrow game of survival-based existence and question all beliefs we absorbed from the dominant common consensus. If we are open to the shocks of emerging paradigms regarding the very nature of our existence, we can start playing a much bigger game of participating in the evolution of consciousness.

The Full Moon along the Scorpio/Taurus axis occurring on Halloween symbolically indicates the boundary between material reality and the “Otherworld” is thinned. A collective awakening could happen if more of us heeded Uranus’ call to reboot our internal operating systems. On a personal level, the nature of the call I experience is so strong it is undeniable. It resonates as Truth deep in my core and has led me to discover my own belief systems which perpetuated many fears and doubts that held me back from fully expressing who I am. It is a liberating process that has led me to accepting myself without judgement. I have a greater sense of wholeness that resonates as an expression of Unity consciousness. Just imagine what this kind of movement could do for the collective. On a mundane level, the U.S. is destined to be the first all-embracing universal nation, a mirror of the all-accepting individual. This country, like each human being, is a grand, messy experiment that must disrupt conventional thinking to fulfil that destiny. May this Full Moon on the eve of the most consequential presidential election in U.S. history disrupt our collective mindset of divisive programming and cast a vote for unity in diversity.

Mercury stations direct on election day, November 3, in a powerful third quarter “crisis of consciousness” square to Saturn in Capricorn, with one exact alignment on November 1 while Mercury is retrograde, and another on November 6after it pivots forward. Mercury represents how we perceive, exchange ideas and learn to operate in our environment. In Libra it focuses on how we do this in relation to others, emphasizing what we value as well as the need for balance and fairness in our interactions. As previously discussed in this column, Saturn in the sign it rules has had a prominent role in the aspects unfolding this year, correlating with increasing pressure to confront our material limitations, be realistic, focused on what is important and accountable for our actions. In essence, it asks us to ensure all we manifest in our life is done so with great personal integrity. Saturn archetypally helps us develop our ground, reach maturity and become master of our life. It also guides us to build our foundation from a spiritual awareness of the unique cosmic need we are here to fulfil that moves us towards a state of Unity consciousness.

Looking around at the reality of the world right now, through my own experience and that of those I know, as well as through study of local/global issues through respected news sources, it is clear to me that we seriously need a new social order. Many others also seem to feel an emerging paradigm that is leading us more than ever to do what we can to affect the shift to a more socially just future. May we therefore use this intensely focused Mercury/Saturn alignment in effect for several weeks to make life more real and gain clarity what we are destined to do to prepare the way for change.

On November 9, Venus in Libra, the sign it rules, opposes retrograde Mars in Aries, also in the sign it rules so both are resonating strongly. This is the “full moon” fulfilment phase of this pair’s cycle that began in August 2019 in Virgo. Mars in Aries represents the emergence of the true creative individual expressing its unique self in the world. Venus in Libra represents beauty, the development of our values and how we express love. Mars is resonating even more strongly since it is now at the degree it will station on November 13, yet it still is challenged by Venus to remember our creative acts are most valuable when they endure and can be shared with others.

It is through our creativity that we fulfill our unique cosmic need. Even small daily acts reveal how we are the artist of our own life. Being creative can be any action we take ourselves or in collaboration with others that births something new and in some sense is born of our passion as an act of love. At the Sher Institute, many of us are contributing in myriad ways to the development of new programs. In the assisted living community where my mom lives, which is currently in a state of a strict pandemic-induced lockdown, many are expressing their passions in small but meaningful ways: one woman who loves mystery stories, collects and distributes mystery novels among the residents. My mom writes and creates simple symbolic drawings with uplifting messages for her friends. Another woman who ran a weekly Shabbat service pre-pandemic, now creates an uplifting weekly newsletter with humor, poetry and touching stories. We are sure you too are creating something only you could do and would love it if you would share with us the ways you are finding ways to express your passions and bring forth something new to this world.



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Kimberly Maxwell

A student of the Sher Institute since 2008, Kimberly has been writing AstroCast since 2012. A long-time Los Angeles resident, Kimberly gives astrological consultations, has various artistic pursuits including the development of a burgeoning creative hub in her community, and works in international television distribution at a major studio.

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