Pluto and Saturn – Laying Things Bare

Posted on January 7, 2020
Posted by James Hopson

For those who are astrologically aware one thing that is in the forefront of people’s minds is the upcoming Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn, which will be exact on Jan 12th, 2020.  Although the conjunction will happen only once, the transit itself has already started which some of you may be aware. I have had a number of clients tell me they are at a cross roads and are in the midst of making life-changing decisions. This transit is the beginning of a brand-new cycle of action in the arena of responsibility and accountability.  The bigger question though is what will this mean for the world and for each one of us?


Capricorn rules business and government and with both Pluto and Saturn there we may find that those individuals in charge of these large organizations and institutions will be held responsible and accountable for their actions, if they are not operating in integrity.  This of course is already highly visible in life’s theater as we see the development of tech monopolies, pharmaceutical dominance and potential for a US presidential impeachment. This is a critical moment in our democracy. At the foundation of any democratic society is the individual.  The further we move away from valuing an individual, the weaker our democracy becomes. It is a strange paradox we live in though, because although the US is a democratic society it is also based on capitalism which often has very little regard for the needs of the individual. If our society cannot find the balance between these opposites we may be in for some difficult times. At times like this Saturn-Pluto may ask us to recognize what we can control and what is out of our control. The more we can be aware of our limitations to control the world around us, the freer we become and the easier it will be to a navigate life in the midst of uncertainty. As events unfold, we will all begin to see how our leaders use the powers given to them. Will it be for the greater good of humanity or for their own personal gain? While societies may be slow to change, people are not.  It is each individual that has the potential to transform. Might this be the promise of Saturn-Pluto – making transformation real?


Because the conjunction is happening at 22° Capricorn, anyone with planets in the Cardinal signs (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra) will be affected. How the conjunction will manifest in your day-to-day life will vary for each of us.  One of the predominate themes of Saturn has to do with fear and mastery. If a person has been unable to address certain fears that are holding them back from fully engaging with their lives then this could become a very important area of focus. It could even become an imperative, meaning a person can no longer move forward in their lives until they address whatever fear is holding them back. This is the movement to greater mastery where one can live more freely without being afraid to confront what life presents to us.  Saturn and Pluto together can lay things bear so that it becomes crystal clear what actions or decisions need to be taken.  Personally, I have found that as this conjunction approaches my Sun in Capricorn, I am feeling an incredible degree of focus and purpose about what I need to be putting my energy into in relationship to my health practice. I feel a strong need to find new and innovative ways of addressing people’s health issues so that I can truly get to the underlying issues a person may be dealing with. It is as though something is propelling me to get to the bottom of the matter.


One of the unique aspects of the outer planets is they can bring about a total transformation for an individual where revelations can cause a person’s viewpoints and considerations to shift into an entirely new paradigm. With Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn this could involve the themes of accountability and responsibility. These transits may force us to confront and look at the degree to which we are living an empowered life. On the other hand, if we are using our power in ways that do not consider others then life will let us know and possibly in not the kindest of ways. When we begin to take total responsibility for the life we are living without any excuses, without blaming anyone else, we become empowered. To live in this way is to no longer be a victim of life’s circumstances but to see any event or experience as another way to grow and evolve. Transformation then can be seen as a movement towards individuation. This is what it means to make your life  your own. By no longer relying on outer authorities, we become free to make our own choices without needing validation from others or being dependent on one’s past programming.  Accepting our choices and whatever outcome is a very powerful act. It evokes authenticity and respect of others which is what Love is all about.


While the path to transformation is serious work, it requires a person to be willing to go to new depths and open oneself up to the new, whatever that new may be. Saturn-Pluto can help us develop the needed fortitude to face that which is now becoming self-evident. Through letting the past die something truly new can be born.  This, I believe, is the promise of Saturn-Pluto.

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