AstroCast: September 1 - 14, 2019

Posted on September 2, 2019
Posted by Kimberly Maxwell

The cosmos is extraordinarily busy over the next two weeks and will likely correlate to increased activity our daily lives. Tuning into the abundant Virgo step-by-step practicality will help us remain steady, organized and motivated to be of service in the face of potentially overwhelming circumstances. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Virgo will successively conjunct each other while forming configurations with the two major outer planet alignments archetypally dominating 2019 – the Jupiter/Neptune square and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction (both discussed in recent AstroCasts). This potent dual activation presents a paradox between the need to expand and the need to contract. Navigating the astral countercurrents may be challenging but all that needs to be addressed can be if we direct our full attention on the most important need. Accessing the quick thinking, detail-oriented Virgo archetype to determine how best to respond could lead to heroic efforts and momentous progress in areas where we direct our focus.

As discussed in the last AstroCast, Virgo is best characterized as being in a constant critical state. This can present as nervous energy but also exemplifies a hyper awareness of the imminent and necessary reorganization of elements for a refined purpose. The stellium in Virgo, which carries significant weight as it activates the outer planets, is further augmented by two conjunctions occurring at critical phases in their respective cycles. The Sun/Mars conjunction on September 2 at 10∞ Virgo represents the commencement of a two-year cycle, the ‘New Moon’ phase where seed ideas are being planted. We may have already sensed the need to wrap up our focus on particular activities related to asserting ourselves in the world so that we may forge ahead to a new level of self-expression through taking action. On September 3 the Superior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury occurs at 11∞ Virgo. This is the ‘Full Moon’ phase of their 4-month cycle that began on July 21 with the Inferior Conjunction of retrograde Mercury and the Sun at 28∞ Cancer. Whatever seed ideas were planted at that time are now coming to fruition. The Sun/Mars and Sun/Mercury alignments concurrently unfolding could correlate to cognitions that boost clarity of mind and increase our fortitude and courage to act on our intentions. 

The configuration that archetypally correlates to the most tension is a T-square in mutable signs formed by the 4-planet stellium in Virgo as each planet successively squares Jupiter in Sagittarius and opposes Neptune in Pisces September 2 to 13. Both Jupiter and Neptune are in their ruling signs, as is analytical Mercury in Virgo, so their respective archetypes are strong. Jupiter in Sagittarius represents the impulse to grow and expand. It is related to the principle of “holarchy,” wherein every whole, such as an individual, is part of a greater whole which itself is a lesser part of an even greater whole and so on. As we evolve, we expand our awareness of concurrently operating within successively greater wholes including family, neighborhood/schools, job/career, city/state/nation, the planet and ultimately galactic consciousness, where each part is necessary and important. Neptune in Pisces represents the movement to dissolve personal ego so we can have this kind of transpersonal experience of divine unity across interrelated wholes. It symbolizes the ideal reality of love and compassion permeating all existence and opens our imagination to the whispers of galactic intelligences. The tension of the T-square may correlate to overly idealistic beliefs that lead to excessive or escapist behavior, or difficulty in distinguishing imaginings in our mind from what is actually unfolding in a relationship, at work, etc. Should a situation reach a crisis point, the discerning archetype of Virgo playing through the planets of will and purpose (Sun), perception and communication (Mercury), values and relationships (Venus), and self-determination through action (Mars), can guide us to focus on the dreams or visions that can be practically applied in daily life.

Formidable support is supplied via the Virgo planets’ stabilizing earth trine to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn September 6 to 13. The current Saturn/Pluto cycle that began in 1982 is in its last throes as it approaches the threshold of a new cycle commencing at their exact conjunction in January 2020. This era-defining archetypal alignment is corresponding to a major contraction or outright breakdown of our current societal structures. On a personal level, there could be a heightened sense of limitation but also of how, with highly focused effort and strategic planning, we can realistically leverage our existing resources. Periodic consolidation is necessary to plug ‘energy leaks’ in our lives, those areas where we expend our attention units on unproductive pursuits. The state of crisis of our modern age is ever increasing with seemingly endless wars, the climate crisis and extreme economic disparity. Saturn in its ruling sign of Capricorn represents the structures of society that at their highest level of manifestation would be built with a solid foundation of integrity and purpose to serve the common good of humanity. At this critical crossroad, we are seeing how our governments, corporations, etc. are decayed with ruthless, greedy corruption. Pluto, representing the atomic force of extreme transformation that always involves the death of something, amplifies the intensity to the point we may have to face a personal and collective moment of truth. The series of harmonizing trines between the Virgo planets and the dynamic Saturn/Pluto conjunction could stir us to commit to the higher purpose of this powerful current and develop the skills and psychological preparedness needed to navigate through the tumultuous times ahead.

The Full Moon on September 13 at 21∞5’ Pisces gathers up all these archetypal energies into the culminating moment of the lunar cycle that began with the August 30 New Moon at 7∞ Virgo. The Full Moon conjuncts Neptune, which as ruler of Pisces is the prevailing voice for this lunation that is further intensified by its sextile to Saturn/Pluto and its mutable T-square with Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars. This suggests this astral event could correlate to gale force energies that test even the soundest of structures. Plugging all energy leaks, especially emotional ones, is essential if we are to expand our role into the greater wholes of our life in a sustainable way. Virgo’s discerning and organizing qualities could manifest through choices that ensure everything we touch is useful and that there is no unproductive space in our way of thinking. Pisces’ all-inclusive unconditional love will give us the courage to work with whatever we need to face. This is an ideal time to look around and clean out the clutter in our external environment as well as the psychic baggage of unresolved memories, outworn belief systems and fears of directly dealing with the crises at hand. To the well-organized mind, the critical state we are in simply represents the next great adventure in consciousness.

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Kimberly Maxwell

A student of the Sher Institute since 2008, Kimberly has been writing AstroCast since 2012. A long-time Los Angeles resident, Kimberly gives astrological consultations, has various artistic pursuits including the development of a burgeoning creative hub in her community, and works in international television distribution at a major studio.

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