AstroCast: April 14 – 27, 2019

Posted on April 16, 2019
Posted by Kimberly Maxwell

As discussed in the last AstroCast, the Aries Sun in a tense square to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn over the last couple of weeks correlated to a period of intense, consolidated focus. A situation may have become so imbalanced that it led to a crisis forcing us to deal with it. Or there may have been a situation that demanded our focus in one area so we could delve deeper into its nature to see it as it is rather than as we want it to be. Either situation would bring us to a state of hyper-focus and make our situation more real to us. These ‘getting real’ moments allow us to gain a sense of clarity and begin to see our way through obstacles in a conscious way. Considering the transits unfolding over the next couple of weeks, any reality checks we went through could lead to beneficial new opportunities that result in an unexpected change in our way of thinking and/or expressing out in the world. 

The Aries Sun forms a buoyant, feel-good trine to retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius on April 14. The strength of this aspect in inspirational fire signs will likely countermand pessimistic thoughts we may have about difficulties we’re experiencing. Strong in the sign it rules, Jupiter’s potency is further heightened having not yet moved out of the degree space it occupied when it turned retrograde on April 10. This is the opening (waxing) trine in the current Sun/Jupiter cycle that began with their conjunction at 4∞ Sagittarius on November 25. This synchronizes with the current lunar cycle that began with the April 5 Aries New Moon that reaches the waxing trine stage with the Moon in Leo, also on April 14. Together the Sun, Moon and Jupiter form an enthusiastic grand fire trine that suggests an eager openness to seeking greater meaning and purpose in life. Fire signs are adventurous and with Jupiter in retrograde motion, our attention is turned inward to discover the truth of our Being. 

The general sense of confusion many have reported since the Mercury retrograde period during March will lift significantly once Mercury leaves its shadow at 29∞ Pisces and moves into Aries on April 16. Mercury is travelling in tandem with Venus, which follows Mercury into Aries on April 20. The personal planets relating to communication and relationships sharing the same space increase the level of willingness we have to discuss the state of our agreements with others. The dual shift from sensitive water signs to bold fire signs will be palpable with spirits lifting into the Full Moon on April 19 at 29∞ Aries/Libra. The Sun in Aries opposite the Moon in Libra at the finishing 29th degree indicates a heightened sense of urgency to finish the lessons of the signs involved. Any intentions set at the New Moon to initiate new beginnings would focus on creating more balance between the needs of Self (Aries) and those of Other (Libra) as well as between the creative (Sun) and receptive (Moon) forces of life. 

The Full Moon is closely aligned with Uranus in Taurus, an awakening force that can correlate to strong actions with the intent to liberate from anything that threatens our sense of freedom. The Moon opposes Uranus once it moves into Scorpio a few hours after the Full Moon peaks. The Sun enters Taurus on April 20 and has its exact conjunction with Uranus on April 22, which commences a new annual Sun/Uranus cycle. In Taurus, that could lead to a focus on rebooting our personal value systems as they relate to our relationship others, with the material resources of life and our level of attachment to them. When the Sun merges with the Great Awakener, this process becomes personal. We may suddenly see a situation in a new light that makes it clear we can no longer follow mass consciousness and instead be our own authority. This kind of shift will move us toward manifesting the potentials laid out in our natal chart so we can better become our own authority and serve our life purpose.

The Sun and Moon aligning with Jupiter and Uranus in this period generates an optimistic glow around the idea of awakening to a new way of being that is more in balance with the natural rhythms of life. As an example of how this is playing out, a person I know has reached a moment of truth in his life. He has been in a protracted discrimination lawsuit with his employer and his health during this time has deteriorated to the point where he nearly lost his life. He was in ICU at hospital as the Sun was moving into its square with Saturn and Pluto. While there, he was forced to focus on the reality of his life and face issues he had been avoiding. This brought him to a new sense of clarity and realizing what is important to him, which is to renew his health and be free from a situation that is affecting his quality of life. By the time the Sun transits the conjunction to Uranus, he may act on his idea to radically change his life by quitting his job. 

Two other examples are closely related in that they deal with women who have day jobs and are also running non-profit arts organizations they founded, which is extremely challenging in terms of time, energy and finances. The difference between them is their philosophical approach to life. One has been working with an astrology/meditation group to increase her esoteric self-awareness. She is learning to ride the wave of these archetypal energies and making great leaps in her knowledge. After preparing the ground to consolidate her support systems, she aligned with the forces of consolidation unfolding over the last couple of weeks and quit her day job so she can work full time for the non-profit. As the Uranus transit unfolds, she will be able to manage the heightened sense of uncertainty it brings knowing that she now has the freedom to serve where her unique talents are best expressed. The other is more locked in normal belief systems that do not allow for out-of-the-box solutions. She has attempted for several years to find a higher paying day job so she can meet her financial obligations brought on by the non-profit and the situation is now dire. She knows a big change is needed yet without being open to other options she is unable to face the hard choice she needs to make. The Uranus transit for her could correlate to a shocking event that makes the choice for her. 

Working consciously with the galactic forces we not only open to many more options but we also become more decisive and willing to take necessary risks to manifest our potentials. When decisions come from integrity and alignment with spirit we call in assistance from the universe and may even feel like we are being led. When in doubt, inquire within as to whether our intentions support our truth. Correlating to this notion, Mars in Gemini moves into a tense square with Neptune in Pisces that is exact and separating on April 27. Neptune in the sign it rules represents the force of cosmic consciousness and unconditional love. When not connected to this force the Neptunian expression can devolve into nebulous choices that feed insecurities and fear of facing life. Mars represents our movement towards self-determination and in Gemini works tirelessly to put ideas into action. The Mars/Neptune square is often perceived negatively by astrologers and related to subversive actions or scandal. But if we make the effort to stay the course of our purpose, this alignment can be positively used to make connections with others in order to move towards our spiritual ideals.

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Kimberly Maxwell

A student of the Sher Institute since 2008, Kimberly has been writing AstroCast since 2012. A long-time Los Angeles resident, Kimberly gives astrological consultations, has various artistic pursuits including the development of a burgeoning creative hub in her community, and works in international television distribution at a major studio.

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