Posted on April 19, 2012
Posted by Jim Schultz

Jim Schultz

Jim Schultz

*Any times indicated are for the Pacific Time Zone.

*Refer to “AstroCast” by Kimberly Maxwell for more detailed information as these events unfold.

*Remember, these are just transits and they too, like a kidney stone, shall pass.


What do January and 2020 have in store for us?  A lot it seems. There will be 6 eclipses, 2 solar and 4 lunar in 2020.  All 8 planets will go retrograde at some time during the year with 6 retrograde at the same time for a short period.  The Moon will go out-of-bounds for the first time in over 9 years. And then there will be the election in November. All in all, much to look forward to in the coming “Year of the Rat.”


The first exact aspect of January and 2020 will be slow Moon waxing sextile to Saturn.  This symbolizes that 2020 can be a year for creating new things and making progress; but you will need to be straight forward, follow the rules and pay attention.  No short-cuts, no secret dealings and no exaggerations. Saturn won’t let you get away with anything in 2020 so don’t waste your time trying. On January 10 Uranus will station direct at which time all planets will be in direct, forward motion.  You’ll have about three weeks of opportunities for pure progress before the planets start moving into their shadows and going retrograde so start making your plans now.


In numerology, 2020 is a 4 year (2+0+2+0=4).  What is your number for 2020? Convert your month of birth to a number and then add that to the number of your day of birth and then add the current year.  For example, President Trump was born June 14. June is the 6th month of the year. His numerology for the year is 6+1+4+2+0+2+0=15. Reduce 15 to a single digit, 1+5=6.  2020 is a 6 year for President Trump. 2020 will be a 7 year for me. What will it be for you? To help you get started: January = 1; February = 2; March = 3; April = 4; May = 5; June = 6; July = 7; August = 8; September = 9; October = 10 (1+0); November = 11 (1+1) and December = 12 (1+2).


01/01/20 – 2:43 am – slow Moon sextile Saturn

This waxing sextile is the first exact aspect of the New Year.  Waxing aspects symbolize a time for growing, expanding, developing things.  As the first exact aspect of 2020 this implies that the coming year can be a good year for creating and making things happen; but it will require focus, a plan and commitment to your goal.  Don’t make any New Year’s Resolutions unless you commit to sticking with it/them.


01/01/20 – 6:14 pm – slow Moon & Mars go Void-of-Course

Following a waxing trine to Mars both go void-of-course.  The Moon’s will last for just under two hours, but Mars’ will last over 31 hours.  As another waxing aspect, this reinforces the symbolism of creating, doing and committing to an objective.  With the void-of-course, the additional implication is a reminder to allow for break-time or rest times while pursuing your goals. 

For Moon void-of-course, avoid starting anything new during this time until after the Moon enters Aries this evening.  For Mars void-of-course, avoid taking chances or making impulsive decisions. Slow down and watch out for “the other guy,” the one who causes accidents.  Periods of Mars void-of-course may see an increase in accidents or aggressive behavior. The year is new and has much to offer you, don’t miss out on it.


01/01/20 – 8:00 pm – slow Moon enters Aries

This is a bit of an odd mix as the Moon slowly moves into dynamic let’s get going Aries.  This may feel kind of like being caught behind a slow car in the fast lane or driving with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake.  Trying too hard now can be very exhausting. Go with the flow, let nature take Her course, don’t try to force something to happen. 


01/02/20 – 8:42 am – Mercury conjunct Jupiter

Oh, what tales one can tell when the master communicator Mercury meets up with the Lord of exaggeration and expansion Jupiter.  Just make sure you and everyone you are talking too understand that it is just a “story” and not chiseled in stone fact. If you are writing some great story of fiction in a made-up world with made up characters and beings, this should be just the aspect you are looking for.  If; on the other hand, you are trying to impress someone of your sincerity or prowess, this may not be the time for it as you may find it hard to “live up” to your “story” in the days and weeks ahead. Stick to the verified facts, the truth, and only the truth. The whole truth may not be necessary but avoid exaggerations or embellishments.  As Abraham Lincoln once said, “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.”.


01/02/20 – 8:45 pm – slow Moon square Sun

This is the waxing first quarter crisis of action square in the monthly cycle of the two luminaries.  If you “planted new seeds” at the Christmas Day new Moon Solar Eclipse, now is the time to check in and take action to nurture and grow that seed into its greatest potential.  If it was a “New Year’s resolution,” stick with it. Clear away any doubts (weeds) and recommit to it.


01/03/20 – 1:38 am – Mars enters Sagittarius

The Mars void-of-course is over.  Mars likes to feel as if He is in control; however, in mutable fire Sagittarius He may lose that feeling as Sagittarius’ fire is hard to contain.  If you maintain your focus and don’t have too many “irons in the fire,” you should be alright. Prioritize your projects and goals. Set your intentions before starting and reset them when you move on to the next.


01/03/20 – 5:18 pm – slow Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a waxing first quarter crisis of action square to Pluto the Moon goes void-of-course for almost fifteen hours.  This is the action square so choose your actions carefully. Be true to your nature. Don’t put on “airs” or try to be someone you aren’t.  It’s Friday evening and best if you stick with your plans for tonight. Avoid impulsive decisions or going off on your own. This is a good time to be with friends or family or just stay home.


01/04/20 – 8:15 am – slow Moon enters Taurus

It’s Saturday morning and you should be good to go if you want to try something new or change your plans for the day.  Always be aware of who you are and where you are. Taurus is the Moon’s second home. Here, one’s attention may be directed toward their home and making it feel secure, comfortable and serene.


01/04/20 – 11:47 pm – Earth at Perihelion

At this time the Earth makes Her closest approach to the Sun during this orbit.  How can that be when it is wintertime you ask? The Earth’s proximity to the Sun doesn’t vary that much and has very little to do with the seasons.  The seasons are due to the Earth’s tilt on Her axis. In the winter the northern hemisphere is tilted away from the Sun. As a result of this tilt the atmosphere of the northern hemisphere absorbs less of the Sun’s warming rays.  At the same time the southern hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun and the southern atmosphere absorbs more of the warming rays creating their summer. When it is summer in the northern hemisphere the opposite happens even though at that time, the Earth is farthest from the Sun.

Of note, at perihelion this year, the Earth will make Her closest approach to the Sun of this century.  The Earth will be at 11Cancer 44, always exactly opposite the Sun from our perspective. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is a “Chinese woman nursing a baby with a message.”  Trust your intuition and be open to any messages the Universe may have for you. The Christmas Day eclipse was visible in most of China. The next Solar eclipse will be on the Summer Solstice and the line of totality will go across southern China.  It would seem China may figure even more importantly in the months ahead. Pay close attention to any news coming out of China.


01/05/20 – 1:37 pm – slow Moon trine Sun

This is the waxing trine in their monthly cycle.  It’s Sunday afternoon. A good time to reflect on anything you’ve been working on.  Make plans for the week ahead. Give yourself some down time today to relax and recharge your “batteries.”  The coming week has much to offer.


01/06/20 – 1:08 am – accelerating Moon square Venus

If last week seemed a bit tame to you, this week should make up for it.  This waxing first quarter crisis of action square is the first of five exact aspects today, four by the accelerating Moon.  Things may feel as if they are speeding up or one may feel a greater sense of urgency. Remember to pause, breathe and feel what is happening before deciding what, if any, action to take.


Following this the Moon will make a waxing trine to Saturn for the second exact aspect of the day.  Waxing aspects symbolize a time for nurturing, growing and expanding; but not haphazardly. Saturn requires that we consider, and then reconsider other possibilities before deciding.  Follow the instructions. Read the fine print. Nothing happens before its time.


01/06/20 – 4:08 am – accelerating Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following another waxing trine; this time to Pluto for the third exact aspect of the day, the Moon goes void-of-course for just over 14 hours.  It’s still the wee hours of the morning. It is best if you stick with your routine or whatever plans you have already made for the day. Set aside any new “things” until after the Moon enters Gemini this evening.


01/06/20 – 6:11 pm – accelerating Moon enters Gemini

The void-of-course is over, and you should be clear to tackle any new things you may have set aside during the day.  Be sure everything is clear before proceeding as the next aspect may try to hide something from you.


01/06/20 – 10:22 pm – Sun sextile Neptune

This is the waning sextile in their annual cycle and the fourth exact aspect of the day.  Waning aspects symbolize a time for contraction, completion, for paring down. Neptune is also known for trying to hide things from us in His fog so slow down and be sure things are clear to you before proceeding.


01/06/20 – 11:05 pm – accelerating Moon opposite Mars

This is the fifth and final exact aspect of the day.  It’s late but this energy seems to want you to take a moment to reflect on your day and make plans for tomorrow.  Oppositions work best when engaging others or using the energy to reconcile differences.


01/07/20 – average Moon in Gemini

There are no exact aspects by the transiting planets today.  Most may feel a sense of ease but for some, the planets in the sky may be making major aspects to their planets or sensitive points and so it could be either an easy day or a challenging day.  Whatever kind of day you are having, give yourself and others a break. If it’s good, share your joy. If it isn’t, don’t take it out on others. They might be having a “bad day” too.


01/08/20 – 5:03 am – Mercury sextile Neptune

This is the waning sextile in their annual cycle.  It’s another “time to finish up” aspect. What dreams have you been working on?  It’s time to focus on at least one of them and get it finished, make it happen. You’ve got about three months until the next Mercury Neptune conjunction and a new cycle begins.


01/08/20 – 2:16 pm – average Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a waxing trine to Venus the Moon goes void-of-course for 12 1/2 hours.  It’s “Hump Day!” Spend the rest of your day focusing and working on things in process.  Set aside any new “things” for tomorrow, after the Moon returns to Her Cancer home.


01/09/20 – 12:43 am – average Moon enters Cancer

Did you feel the mood shift from talkative mutable air Gemini to protective cardinal water Cancer?  It’s OK if you didn’t. Things happen whether you feel them or not. Now is a good time to make time for yourself, your family and friends.  Deepen the bonds that connect you.


01/10/20 – 5:20 am – fast Moon trine Neptune

This could be another roller-coaster kind of day as this waxing trine is the first of six exact aspects today, five by the Moon, four of them oppositions.  Generally, oppositions like full Moon’s represent harvest or fruition time when something started at the conjunction should be ready for presentation or at least initial testing.  The nature of oppositions is such that cooperation is required to succeed. Without it, one encounters resistance or obstacles in their path. How might the oppositions play out today?  Proceed with caution for Neptune may yet try to confuse or hide things from you and in some cultures, Mercury is known as the “trickster.”.


01/10/20 – 7:20 am – Mercury conjunct Sun

This is the second exact aspect of the day and the Superior Conjunction in the Mercury Sun cycle.  Mercury is direct and on the opposite side of the Sun from the Earth. From our perspective this conjunction may feel more like an opposition.  Choose your words carefully today. Did you start a new project or resume one that you had started earlier or perhaps one that involves writing or communicating, around the time of the Mercury Sun Inferior Conjunction of November 11, 2019?  If so, it should be ready for submission or at least shown to others for their feedback. If it isn’t, maybe it’s time to put it away until the next Inferior Conjunction.


01/10/20 – 11:21 am – fast Full Moon Lunar eclipse opposite Sun

This is the third exact aspect today and goes with the Solar Eclipse of Christmas Day.  Eclipses always come at least in pairs; that is a Solar eclipse and a Lunar eclipse, though sometimes they come in threes as will happen this summer.  Because of the time of day, it will not be visible in the Western Hemisphere where it is daytime. 

This eclipse finds the full Moon at 20 Cancer 00.  The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A prima donna singing.”  The symbol from Elias Lonsdale’s “Inside Degrees” is “High up on a mountain, an eagle’s nest.”  What might we make of these two symbols? Perched high in its nest, the eagle’s keen vision allows it to see everything around it.  The prima donna is one who is at the peak of their career. Did you “plant a new seed” at the New Moon Solar Eclipse, December 25? Be open today for possible messages from the Youniverse.  It may be something you hear or think you hear. Just because others may not hear it, don’t discount it. The message may be for your ears only. Observe your surroundings. Make note of even the smallest details.  Be thankful for any gift from the Youniverse; and if appropriate, leave somet

Following this the Moon will oppose Mercury then oppose Saturn for the fourth and fifth exact aspects of the day.  It’s a fine balancing act that you must travel today. Listen attentively. Be sure you understand what is said or asked of you before committing or doing.


01/10/20 – 3:58 pm – fast Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following an opposition to Pluto for the sixth and final exact aspect of the day, the Moon goes void-of-course for over 12 hours.  Take the rest of the day off (it’s Friday) or focus on finishing up whatever you’ve been working on. Set aside anything new for tomorrow or Monday.  Stick with whatever plans you have made for this evening. Avoid any impulsive choices.


01/10/20 – 5:48 pm – Uranus stations Direct

Now all the planets are in direct forward motion.  This can be described as a time for “pure progress.”  With no planets retrograde there should be fewer obstacles to overcome or issues causing delays.  You should be able to “push forward” with less effort now. Be quick about it for things will start to shift come February 2, 2020 when Mercury enters their shadow.


01/11/20 – 4:16 am – fast Moon enters Leo

It’s early Saturday morning and the void-of-course is over.  If you have something new you want to try, you can start now.  If you’ve been looking for some attention, the Moon in look at me Leo may be just what you wanted.  However, not all attention is welcome, so some caution is still advised today.


01/12/20 – 1:51 am – Mercury conjunct Saturn

It’s the wee hours of Sunday morning.  Hopefully it isn’t “too late” for you to realize the truth of what someone was saying.  Whatever you have to say today, your intent must be to convey only the truth and to do no harm.


01/12/20 – 2:11 am – Mercury conjunct Pluto

Mercury is the messenger of the Gods.  Did Saturn give Mercury a message for Pluto?  Perhaps it was a “heads-up” regarding their meeting later this morning.  Pay attention to your dreams, both when awake or when asleep as there may be an important message in there for you.  If you have a planet or personal sensitive point near 22 Capricorn or one of the other cardinal signs; Aries, Cancer or Libra, you may be more apt to feel this and the other transits of today.  Trust your instinct.


01/12/20 – 7:05 am – Mercury returns In-Bounds

With Mercury back in bounds the truth of it all should come out.  Mercury is at 23 Capricorn 11. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A woman entering a convent.”  The symbol from Elias Lonsdale’s “Inside Degrees” is “Stalactites and stalagmites almost grown together.”  When considered with the three conjunctions today, energies would seem to be saying this is the time for reconciliation of opposites, bringing together disparate or different points of view or perhaps reconciling one’s personal, spiritual and religious beliefs into a cohesive life path.


01/12/20 – 8:22 am – Saturn conjunct Pluto

This conjunction at 22 Capricorn 46 is their first since November 7, 1982 at 27 Libra 36.  This marks the beginning of their new cycle which will run until their next conjunction, June 14, 2053 at 14 Pisces 30.  The Sabian Symbol for 22 Capricorn is “Two awards for bravery in war.” The symbol from Elias Lonsdale’s “Inside Degrees” is “An old priest using oil to anoint a carved stone lingam (a symbol of divine generative energy).”  These symbols seem to indicate that the energy of this rare conjunction is guiding us to look within ourselves and find our inner hero sacred self and acknowledge and accept it. It is more important that we realize this about ourselves, than that others do.  It isn’t about “tooting your own horn.”


01/13/20 – 5:16 am – Sun conjunct Pluto

Following on yesterday’s conjunctions between Mercury, Saturn and Pluto; this conjunction is the first of six exact aspects today, two by the Sun and four by the Moon.  This conjunction between the center of our Solar System and the Lord of the Underworld marks the end of one and the beginning their next annual cycle. What did you learn or experience with the conjunctions yesterday?  Look for signs that can give you clarity today. Did you make any “New Year’s Resolutions?” Do you have some “self-improvement” goal for 2020? This aspect symbolizes our desire to become the best possible version of ourselves.  Make a plan and stick to it. There will be regular “check-in’s” (aspects between these two) along the way to help you stay on track.


01/13/20 – 5:42 am – fast Moon and Venus go Void-of-Course

Following an opposition between these two ladies of the zodiac; the second exact aspect of the day, both go void-of-course.  The Moon’s void-of-course will last less than 1/2 hour while Venus’ will last about five hours. It’s Monday, best you stick with your plans or routine and focus on any work in progress.  As for the Venus void-of-course, focus on your existing relationships and don’t concern yourself with starting a new one; at least not until after Venus enters Pisces.


01/13/20 – 6:06 am – fast Moon enters Virgo

The Moon’s void-of-course is over.  It’s early. You have most of the day to deal with any new issues, projects or things that may come up.  Plan your day and plan your week. All planets are in direct forward motion so take control of your destiny.


01/13/20 – 7:16 am – Sun conjunct Saturn

This is the third exact aspect of the day and marks the end of the “old” cycle and the beginning of the “new” cycle between the Sun and Saturn.  This is a good time to check your “rule book.” Have you been following the rules and being true to yourself? Do you know what it is you want to accomplish this year?  If you haven’t, set your life goal for 2020 and develop your “MAP,” (my action plan) to achieve it. Create small doable steps to help keep you on track. Watch for the major aspects between the Sun and Saturn as they are “check-in” times to assess whether you are on schedule; have fallen behind or gotten off track.

Following this the Moon will trine Uranus for the fourth exact aspect of the day.  This is the waxing or expanding trine. With Uranus involved be prepared for the unexpected or for something unique to come your way; possibly in connection with something you’ve been working on.


01/13/20 – 10:39 am – Venus enters Pisces

The Venus void-of-course is over.  Venus is happy in Pisces, for here Her dreams may come true.  What are your dreams? Pick one and manifest it.


Following this the Moon will square Mars for the fifth exact aspect of the day.  This is the waning third quarter crisis of consciousness square. Use this energy to help you make whatever last-minute changes are necessary so you can complete that important project you have been working on.  You have about one week before the next Moon Mars cycle begins.


01/13/20 – 10:07 pm – fast Moon trine Jupiter

This waning trine is the sixth and final exact aspect of the day.  Waning aspects symbolize a time for contracting or consolidating what you are working on.  This can be a bit difficult as Jupiter likes to expand things; however, in reviewing what you have “grown,” you should be able to find areas that might need to be pared away or consolidated.


01/14/20 – 10:41 pm – fast Moon trine Sun

This is the waning trine in the current Moon Sun cycle that started with the Christmas Day New Moon Solar eclipse.  What did you start around that time? How is it coming? Time to reassess and consider what needs to be done to get it finished.  You have less than two weeks till the next new Moon which will also mark the Chinese New Year of the Rat.


01/15/20 – 4:12 am – fast Moon and Mercury go Void-of-Course

Following a waning trine both the Moon and Mercury go void-of-course.  The Moon’s will last about 3 1/2 hours while Mercury’s will last over 30 hours.  With all these waning aspects in the last few days, this week is a good time to focus on completing projects or tasks that you have been working on.


Treat a Mercury void-of-course as you would a Mercury retrograde.  Double check, spell check all communications, emails, texts, etc. and verify recipients before sending.  Be sure you’ve read and understand all the fine print before signing any contracts.


01/15/20 – 7:43 am – fast Moon enters Libra

It’s Hump Day and the Moon’s void-of-course is over.  While you may want to focus on completing work in progress you can also use this time to tackle any new projects that come your way.


01/15/20 – 3:17 pm – Venus sextile Uranus

This is the waning sextile in their current cycle.  If you’ve been desiring some unique gift for that special someone or for yourself, this may be the perfect time to find it.  This waning aspect symbolizes time to make your decision and assimilate your choice into your life or what you’ve been working on.


01/16/20 – 10:31 am – Mercury enters Aquarius

The Mercury void-of-course is over.  That doesn’t mean you should let down your guard when it comes to your communications.  In the electronic world of today, once an email or text is sent, you can’t get it back. You can’t unsay what you’ve said.  Always proofread, spell check and grammar check your communications before sending. When communicating verbally, either in person or on the phone, be sure to listen to what the other person is saying and choose your words carefully.  Aquarius is the fixed air sign and associated with the revolutionary, the champion of the underdog. Choose your causes with care. You have a limited amount of time and energy to devote to them.


01/17/20 – 4:58 am – fast Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a waning third quarter crisis of consciousness square to the Sun, the Moon goes void-of-course for over five hours.  It is best if you stick with your routine or whatever plans you’ve made. Set aside any new projects until after the Moon enters Scorpio later this morning.


01/17/20 – 10:20 am – fast Moon enters Scorpio

The void-of-course is over.  It’s Friday and while you should have a green light to tackle any new projects don’t overlook any things you have to finish today.  Set your priorities.


01/18/20 – Mercury square Uranus

This is the waning third quarter crisis of consciousness square in their cycle.  While you may be inclined to say something that you think is unique or perhaps funny; don’t, not without considering the consequences.  Both Mercury and Uranus are in fixed signs and whatever you say will stick and may come back to haunt you.


01/19/20 – 1:22 pm – decelerating Moon and Sun go Void-of-Course

It’s Sunday afternoon and following a waning sextile both the luminaries go void-of-course.  The Moon’s will last just over one hour while the Sun’s will last until tomorrow or about 17 1/2 hours.


01/19/20 – 2:41 pm – average Moon enters Sagittarius

The Moon’s void-of-course is over so go ahead and start that new “thing” you’ve been thinking about if you like or get a head start on your work week.  Remember, the Sun will be void-of-course until tomorrow morning so proceed with caution and only after double checking all the instructions and requirements.  Make sure you have everything you need before you start., particularly with any personal projects such as a self-improvement program.

01/20/20 – 6:55 am – Sun enters Aquarius

Can you feel the shift as the Sun moves from cardinal earth, keep your feet on the ground and get going Capricorn to fixed air I know what I know Aquarius?  Do you have a problem issue? One that you haven’t been able to solve. With the Sun now in fixed air, I am so focused Aquarius, use this energy to help you find your solution.  When it comes to solving problems, Aquarius can be like a “dog with a bone,” they won’t let go until they are done with it. Focus and find your answer.


01/20/20 – 8:46 pm – average Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a waning third quarter crisis of consciousness square to Neptune the Moon goes void-of-course for over 24 hours.  Use this time to concentrate on any work in progress. If you can, set aside any new tasks until tomorrow, after the Moon enters Capricorn.  If you can’t, use the energy of the Sun in Aquarius to help you focus on the new task, what it is, what you need and how to tackle it, step by step.


01/21/20 – 8:59 pm – average Moon enters Capricorn

There are no exact aspects by any of the transiting planets to each other today so many people may feel as if they “got a pass today.”  If you aren’t one of them, it may be because of aspects between a transiting planet and your natal chart. The void-of-course is now over.  Look at any new issues you’ve set aside and make a plan on how to handle them.


01/22/20 – 6:45 pm – slowing Moon occultation conjunct Jupiter

The Moon seems to want to take Her time as She meets up with the largest planet in our solar system and gets ready for their new month-long cycle of expansion.  This conjunction is at 11 Cap 42. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A student of nature lecturing.” Just because you won’t be able to see this occultation, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.  You know what you are good at. It seems that now is the time for you to start sharing that with others. Why else have you spent all this time learning something, if not to put it to good use and share it with others?


01/22/20 – 10:53 pm – Sun square Uranus

This is the waning third quarter crisis of consciousness square in their annual cycle.  This cycle started about nine months ago. Did you start something new, different or unique then?  What are you working on now? Take advantage of this unique energy and utilize it to help you finish what you’ve started.


01/23/20 – 5:07 am – Venus sextile Jupiter

This is the waxing sextile in this cycle for the two benefics.  This cycle started less than two months ago. What are you most passionate about that you are working on now?  Use this energy to “kick it” up to the next level. Check your plan of action. The next aspect is the waxing first quarter crisis of action square.  You will want to be ready for it. Plan your action steps to keep this project moving forward.


01/23/20 – 4:18 pm – slowing Moon occultation conjunct Pluto

Here we go again.  This occultation is at 23 Capricorn.  The reflective Moon is adding Her light to the recent Mercury, Saturn, Sun and Pluto conjunctions.  Reflect on the past couple of weeks. What have you learned about yourself? What about in the past year?  Surely, you’ve learned something important about yourself. It’s time for you to act on those lessons learned and put them to good use.


01/23/20 – 6:08 pm – slowing Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a conjunction with Saturn the Moon goes void-of-course for over 11 hours.  Saturn expects you to follow the rules and do what is best. It’s Thursday evening and a good time to review your week; what you’ve done and what you still need to do this week.  You can sleep on it tonight, so you are ready to “hit the ground running” tomorrow.


01/24/20 – 5:20 am – slowing Moon enters Aquarius

It’s Friday as the Moon joins the Sun in fixed air Aquarius.  You know what you must do today so don’t waste any more time thinking about it.  It’s time to do it. The Chinese New Year is this afternoon. Are you ready to celebrate?


01/24/20 – 1:42 pm – slow New Moon conjunct Sun

This signals the Chinese New Year and the beginning of the Year of the Rat!  Rat’s are industrious, talented and creative. They will find a way to “get it done.”  Embrace the New Year, but don’t let your guard down. There may be “traps” out there trying to catch you.  Stick with your family and trusted friends. Watch out for each other “for the night is dark and full of terrors.”  Melisandre, Game of Thrones, for those of you who may not have watched the series.


01/25/20 – 5:10 am – Mercury sextile Mars

This is the waxing sextile in their current cycle.  With Mars in mutable fire Sagittarius, sign of the teacher and Mercury in fixed air Aquarius, be ready to share what you know with others; but don’t try to force it “down their throats.”  Just because you know it and it’s right for you doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone else.


01/25/20 – 11:06 am – slow Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a conjunction with Mercury the Moon goes void-of-course for almost 29 hours.  That’s pretty much most of the weekend so stick with your routine or whatever plans you’ve made.  Avoid making new plans; but you can cancel any you have made if you decide you would rather stay home and relax or finish some home projects.


01/26/20 – 3:44 pm – slow Moon enters Pisces

The long void-of-course is over.  What dreams may come to you now? Be open to daydreams or visions.  Note them all for there is a message for you in them.


01/26/20 – 5:37 pm – Venus square Mars

This is the waxing first quarter crisis of action square in their current cycle.  Focus on your relationships this evening. What can you do for your partner? What might you do to find the relationship you have been seeking?  Sleep on it. Be sure to note any dreams, insights, “a-ha” moments and feelings.


01/27/20 – 12:01 pm – Venus conjunct Neptune

This is the beginning of a new Venus Neptune annual cycle.  What dreams do you desire most to manifest? Pay attention and record all the signs around you that the Universe sends you.  Make your plan and put it into action.


01/28/20 – 1:30 am – slow Moon square Mars

This waxing first quarter crisis of action square is the first of six exact aspects today, five by the Moon.  Break out the tissue for this mutable square may find many on an emotional roller-coaster ride. Cut them and yourself plenty of slack.  These are only transits and they too shall pass.

Following this the Moon will conjunct Neptune for the second exact aspect of the day.  Record any day and night dreams. Make note of what you are feeling as the day progresses.


01/28/20 – 2:35 am – Mars square Neptune

This waning third quarter crisis of consciousness square is the third exact aspect of the day.  It’s Mars and Neptune this time. Caution is the word for the day for if you go “speeding” into Neptune’s mists you may have an accident.

Following this the Moon will conjunct Venus and then make a waxing sextile to Pluto for the fourth and fifth exact aspects of the day.  Conjunctions mark the beginning of cycles while waxing aspects symbolize growth and expansion. This is a good day to focus on your newer tasks and projects.


01/28/20 – 5:08 pm – slow Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a waxing sextile to Saturn; the sixth exact aspect of the day, the Moon goes void-of-course for almost eleven hours.  Take some time for yourself this evening to review your day and any messages or signs that you received. Now comes the hard part; be honest with yourself, brutally honest if need be.


01/29/20 – 3:51 am – slow Moon enters Aries

The void-of-course ends as the Moon slowly enters Aries, the sign of impulsive action.  Avoid any tendency to make hasty decisions. Record any dreams or insights and feelings.  Like the slow Moon, proceed with caution.


01/30/20 – 6:54 am – slow Moon square Jupiter

This is the waxing first quarter crisis of action square.  In Aries the tendency is to act quickly while Jupiter says, “take the big risk;” don’t!  Consider the possibilities and consequences before deciding on what action to take.


01/31/20 – 7:09 am – slow Moon goes Void-of-Course

Following a waxing sextile to Mercury the Moon goes void-of-course for about 9 1/2 hours.  With all the waxing aspects of the past few days it is as if January is saying “hurry up. You have much to do before the month ends for February will bring big changes.


01/31/20 – 4:28 pm – slow Moon enters Taurus

As the day begins to wind down the Moon returns to Taurus, Her second home.  This evening is best spent tending to matters at home that need to be completed before the night and the month ends.


01/31/20 – 10:10 pm – slow Moon conjunct Uranus

This is the last exact aspect of January and marks the beginning of their new monthly cycle.  Be imaginative. This aspect may be saying February will bring many surprises so prepare yourself.  Be open to all signs, inspirations, dreams and feelings. February may test your resolve. Trust your intuition.


What might February have in store for us?  An extra day for starters as this is leap year.  The first aspect of the month is a waxing first quarter crisis of action square from the Moon to the Sun.  Following on January’s last aspect of Moon conjunct Uranus, this aspect may be telling you that February is the month for considering unique approaches to issues and taking imaginative bold actions.  Mercury enters their shadow very early on February 2 and then goes retrograde on the 16th and remains so until March.  Mars will go out-of-bounds south on February 8.  There is one day with 6 exact aspects and two days with five.  All in all, February seems to pack a lot in the shortest month of the year.




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Jim Schultz

Jim has been a professional astrologer and Oraclist for over 15 years. As a child his favorite books were the encyclopedia and the Almanac. He continues to be intrigued by the Universe around us; always searching for answers and new questions. Should you ask, he will tell you there is no such thing as "TMI."

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7 responses to “AstroWatch”

  1.' Donna says:

    Oh boy! I am not an astrology student, however, I do enjoy reading your article every week. I have picked up the tiniest sliver of what is being discussed and from what I am able to glean, July sounds like it has the potential to be rather challenging. As a Taurus, I was happy to have read about the Mercury retrograde before it happens! I will be carefully watching my “p’s & q’s ” throughout the month and refer back to the entirety of the article – changes are a-comin’ for sure.
    Thanks for your work!

  2.' andy says:

    “01/18/13 – 12:56 am – Mercury conjunct Sun 28 Aquarius 26”
    Sun still in Capricorn

  3.' Dane Sullivan says:

    Probably just an editorial slip, but believe the May 9 eclipse doesn’t happen until 5:55 at 19 Taurus 33. Enjoy your observations!

  4. Jim Schultz says:

    Hi Dane, thank you for your comment. Not sure what your source for the eclipse time is. I use Solar Fire 8 for the dates and times I post. The time is based on the exact conjunction of the Sun and Moon which is 5:28 pm PDT. The NASA eclipse site shows a time of 5:26 pm PDT.

  5.' Dane Sullivan says:

    Hey Jim,
    Source: Astronomical Phenomena For the Year 2013, prepared by US Naval Observatory and Her Majesty’s Nautical Almanac which defines lunar eclipse time as Moon reaching centermost point of its journey thorough the shadow cast by the earth, and solar eclipses timed for maximum obscuration — typically different from time of simple conjunction. However, I note the Rosicrucian Ephemeris, citing JPL and the US Naval Observatory call it at 5:21. I’m betting there’s yet another computation out there.

  6.' Iolé says:

    What a time to be born for the new prince-princess in England!
    Leo sun, Cancer planets: care for the family = the Kingdom, Aquarius Moon- we need open minds in the future!

  7. James Schultz says:

    Here are the basic astrological details of His Royal Highness, Prince of Cambridge. Weight 8 lbs. 6 oz., according to news reports, the heaviest future King by birth weight in 100 years of more. Correct birth time is July 22, 2013, 4:24 pm, London, England.

    A true “cusper” with Sun 29 Cancer 58. Moon 28 Capricorn 17, which means that HRH was born less than 3 hours before the full Moon at 0 Aquarius. Birth ascendant is 27 Scorpio 10 and his birth M/C is 20 Virgo 36. He was born with 7 of the 10 primary points in Cardinal signs and 6 of them in water signs. He has a Grand Water Trine of Mars 6 Cancer and Jupiter 5 Cancer trining Saturn 5 Scorpio and trining Neptune 5 Pisces. He also has a Cardinal T-square with Mercury 13 Cancer opposing Pluto 9 Capricorn and both squaring Uranus 12 Aries. He has none of the 10 primary points in an Air sign and 3 of them are retrograde. 3 retrogrades is the second most common number, 2 being the most common. Born with Mars out-of-bounds north might he be a rather precocious child, to say the least.

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