Jill – Part 2

Posted on December 19, 2009
Posted by Jim Sher

Jill's transits bi-wheel

Jill's transits bi-wheel


It’s time to begin taking a deeper look at the transits that Jill is experiencing and the effects these are having in her life. Above, you see the chart of the most recent New Moon (December 16) overlaying Jill’s natal chart. Before describing what is happening with Jill, let me outline the major astrological significators that are in play.

(An aside – I know that many of my readers will not understand what I’m talking about. If you can read what is written as casually as possible, taking in whatever you can and not being too concerned with what you don’t understand, you may find that you will absorb more than you think. I will explain the key features in both this article as well as the ones that are coming and there will be repetition, so we can learn by absorbing. In other words, do the best you can and see if you can begin to understand more with each article. Try it!! It’s fun.)

Here are the 5 significant transits affecting her the most:

  1. This New Moon is very significant as it is the first one of the year that is located in her 1st house.
  2. Venus in the New Moon chart is exactly conjunct her Ascendant or 1st house cusp.
  3. Saturn is exactly conjunct her Mid-Heaven or M.C. and her Jupiter and Uranus, while Pluto is squaring these same points.
  4. The Mars retrograde which begins on December 21st is going to trine her Ascendant and her Sun and Mercury during its 6 month stay in her 8th house of change and transformation.
  5. The coming Mercury retrograde which begins on December 26th is exactly conjunct her Venus at 21 degrees of Capricorn.

To those of you who do not know anything about what was just written, it will be helpful to know that to have 5 very significant transits all happening at the same time, is very rare and therefore very significant. This indicates that this phase of Jill’s life will be the kind that she will look back on 10-20 years from now and be amazed at how life changing this year was, perhaps one of the most important of her life.

All of the transits I’ve listed above are now affecting her and will develop in the coming months, so we will be watching these closely in the upcoming articles. I will not be able to cover all that is happening in any single article for to do so would create excessively long articles, so I’m going to isolate on specific areas of Jill’s life and over time we can get a good sense of how these different transits are coming together and creating a new life for her.

It is interesting to note that Jill was sick during our recent interview. She believed that her illness represented a kind of “breakdown” that was caused by the intensity of all that’s happening and a fear of the unknown as she has no idea of what, if anything, will actually manifest in the coming months. So many balls are in the air that she knows they will not all pan out, but it’s also very likely that some of them will. Only time will tell. This feeling can cause great anxiety, especially since she is still not getting the income she needs to pay her bills as of now. Here, however, help seems to be on the way.

The first thing to know about Jill is that her boyfriend is moving in with her. She has known him for many years and they are now moving toward a more committed relationship. This is an example of the New Moon in her first house with Venus exactly conjunct her Ascendant. Also, the north node is going over her natal Venus which rules relationships and partnerships so not surprisingly, this transit is bringing about a change in that area. Actually it is affecting more than just her romantic relationships.

She has written a TV show with several other people and someone with enough power to get it produced is interested in looking at it. This is an example of both Venus and transiting Saturn at her Mid-Heaven being engaged. In addition, she has re-united with a partner from her past to jointly create a consulting business that would present programs to assist businesses to flourish. She feels she also may have a chance to meet potential investors for a spa she and other partners are interested in creating. As you can see, there are many balls in the air right now. With transiting Pluto (representing powerful people) squaring her Mid-Heaven there is indeed a chance that she could meet people who could help her manifest many of her dreams. The fact that the north node is going over her Venus also supports this possibility.

Jill has a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at her Mid-Heaven. This combo is a sign of brilliance and out of the box thinking that is presented to the public. Let me give an example of how she manifests this archetypal principle. One of the things she is engaged in is the use of astrology, color and chakra balancing to help people change the energy of their bodies and the situations in which they find themselves. Jill, an expert in the art of makeup, is able to use eye liner to both help a person to let go of old, outworn patterns as well as invoke new energies. For example, the color green (which rules Venus and the sign of Libra) can be used to promote improvement in relationship and assist in starting any new projects or patterns. The knowledge she has gained over the years are coming into play now in new ways, which bodes well for her as Saturn remakes her public image. The transit of Saturn over the Mid-Heaven is a culmination of efforts made over 14 years as one can now reap the rewards of one’s efforts or on the other hand learn about the areas in which one still must make more effort.

For many years, Jill has been engaged in the study and practice of using archetypal energies to create what one wants or even dreams. This is the definition of practical magic, though Jill hasn’t thought of it in this way. She has conducted Full Moon ceremonies for a long time and uses astrology and guided meditations in these rituals. For example, when there is a New or Full Moon in Sagittarius, she will invoke the principles of Jupiter, the ruler of expansion, wealth, happiness, spirituality and wisdom. This part of her practice is also growing right now as she is gaining comfort from all of the experience she has gained over the years. And finally, she has learned that one of the best ways to succeed is to assist others to succeed as well. The wisdom she has gained has taught her that the more she can help others grow, the more she will grow too. In many ways, she is on the way to discovering that she is a manifesting the energy of the High Priestess of the Tarot.

The Future – with Mars in her 8th house, we can expect her to become very involved looking at her business relationships and how to structure them. With Venus in play due to the Mercury retrograde, she will be adjusting her life to a new living situation as her boyfriend moves in with her. He is scheduled to move in on December 31, only 3 days after Mercury goes retrograde conjunct her Venus. Other partnerships also may emerge and grow. And, of course, her public persona will continue to change as she continues to develop new projects that change her career. Just as Jill helps others to reinvent themselves, she is engaged in the same effort. I’m sure that over the next 6 months, she will be doing a lot do that. When she looks back at 2010, I doubt she will recognize her new life. It will be that different. And although she will do all she can to plan and work hard, because Uranus and Pluto are involved, there will be many surprises, unexpected shifts and turns to which she will have to adapt. Jill is on a roller coaster ride that she cannot control, but which is likely to take her to new and exciting places. Yet, she must live day to day, as well all must do while knowing that the unexpected could turn up at any moment.

I will be mixing the “Jack and Jill” series with other articles discussing the complex set of transits that are affecting us over the next 6 weeks. It is an exciting and potentially challenging time right now, so I hope the articles will assist all of you.

Astrology Jill
Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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7 responses to “Jill – Part 2”

  1. It sounds like Jill will have some exciting times ahead, with Saturn conjuncting natal Uranus. If it is true that the outer planets eventually prevail in their energies, then it would seem that personal authenticity will be important for Jill and that this need may present itself in surprising ways. I can hardly wait to hear more about her life, and what it is going on internally and externally for her.

    Note to JuliaAna: you and I are close in age (2nd Saturn return approaching) and I also have natal Saturn in the 10th house. I too have never been married. Since the 10th house is associated with one of the parents,it could be that our view of our parents’ marriage may have contributed to the desire for remaining single. It also could reflect one’s desire to wait until an advanced age to make this type of commitment. Do you also have Sadge rising? Jim seems to attract a number of people with Sadge rising to his classes. It would be great to trade “second Saturn return” stories!

  2. Jim Sher says:

    To Sandra:

    “Jill’s” boyfriend is moving in with her on January 1.

  3. sandrax11@charter.net' Sandra says:

    Hi Jim,

    I’m confused: I notice that you say early in the article that “Jill’s” boyfriend is moving in with her, but in your reply to JuliaAna, you say that she is moving in with her boyfriend. Which is true? It would imply two different likely scenarios with the later move she mentions, depending on whether she’s the one moving in, or he is.
    Can you clarify?

  4. Jim Sher says:

    To JuliaAna: It’s difficult to open up to answering specific questions as I don’t have the time to handle all the possible questions that might begin to come in.

    However, I would like to comment to all my readers about Mercury retrograde. I do not believe in a black/white approach to this. There are many astrologers who would advise a person to never move in with another person when Mercury is retrograde. Perhaps it is best to avoid it if possible. But sometimes, life brings us into situations where this happens and when that occurs, things often work out well. What it does mean is that the living arrangement may be temporary or that adjustments may have to be made.

    In “Jill’s” case, she has already expressed to me that she may be moving in several months or this summer. This means that there is consistency and coherence between her moving in with her boyfriend while Mercury is retrograde and her likely move in a few months.

    Hope this helps.

    Jim Sher

  5. stargypsy999@yahoo.com' JuliaAna says:

    Sorry Jim, I just realized were suppose to be looking and commenting on Jill’s chart;
    Sun/Moon conj in 1st…conj venus…I think no wonder she’s in love w/ her Romeo! Right? She “lights-up”(1st), she sees herself reflection; she’s emotional, and venus, planet of love is on her asc. conj her natal sun/merc…she’s powerful!; dont know about moving in together on merc retro but when did you “decide” would be the question, right Jim?

    I think she has the midas touch right now and communication is her ticket to ride. She stands solidly in her power right now! She has the presence & chrisma (1st)& the “voice”(3rd)to channel(Uranus) healing(chiron)and the energy/enthusiam(Jup)to put it all together now in any package she chooses.
    Saturn/9th/10th: she has the drive & ambition to succeed.
    Trans/Saturn conj natal Uranus=Sat/responsibility grounds electric Uran./Uran breaks-up stogy ole’ in-a-rut Saturn; and the alchelmy of the balance is avant-guard origionality & intuition, w/ common sense/wisdom and diciplin, Saturn gift. What are you waiting for???
    YOU GO GIRL! as Oprah would say!

  6. stargypsy999@yahoo.com' JuliaAna says:

    Dear Jim, I love your newsletter!
    Any chance you could do a short answer Q & A colume here?
    I just now have Christmas money to buy a much needed/wanted new digital camera. Should I wait till Mercury goes Direct? And then a couple more weeks for the shadow to pass? How should one”think”about mercury retrogrades in that respect?
    Also if one has lots of retrogrades (I have all the outer planets) when the plantet goes retrograde we go “normal”? Ya’think???

    Note to Cheryl; I was born w/ Saturn in my 10th in libra; Im having
    a second return now exact…………I have never been married….it would scare the hell outta me!!! But I’ll let ya’ll know if I do…it’s gonna’ hit me 3xs retrograding! At least its in Libra thank Goddess!!! Happy Yule everyone!

  7. clzittle@gmail.com' Cheryl says:

    I have found that when Saturn is in the 10th house for women, they become ready to take on the responsibility of marriage. So, it will be interesting when saturn goes retrograde then comes back and hits her mid heaven to see what happens with the relationship. The north node with Venus is significant with the timing of that saturn.

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