Taking a Hard Look Ain’t Easy

Posted on October 6, 2009
Posted by Jim Sher

There are times when we can feel forced to look at aspects of our lives that just aren’t easy to confront. We are entering one of those times. What’s happening in the heavens is that on October 7th, Mercury will align with Saturn at 27 degrees of Virgo after which Venus will go over the same point 5 days later on October 12th. As I’ve often written, Saturn asks (and sometimes demands) that we be realistic, even if what we must see is painful. The way this can work is that something occurs that forces us to pay greater attention, such as an illness that stops us in our tracks. It is then that we start to ask the important question of what we can do to stay healthy so that the problem might never happen again.

However, in this case, the conjunction of Mercury and Venus with Saturn is much more serious than it is usually. On Nov. 15th, Saturn will make its first of 3 squares to Pluto at 1 degree of Libra. This means that Mercury and Venus are ‘triggering’ the upcoming square to Pluto as it is only three degrees away from where it will take place. I will be writing much more about this difficult square in the near future, but it’s time to begin referencing it.

To introduce it, let me remind you of the last time that Saturn and Pluto were in aspect to each other. It last occurred from August of 2001 to May of 2002. The significant event of that period was, of course, the 9/11 terrorist attack. It set into motion a great many things – the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, the creation of the Dept. of Homeland Security, a tremendous increase in the national debt and perhaps most importantly, a change in the feeling of safety in this nation’s psyche.

For us to understand the inner effect of a transit, we must be open to examining the unconscious whether it be for a nation or for ourselves. Pluto rules the underworld and while it does include any area of life that is very powerful and intense, it is the planet that seems to be in charge of those deep inner processes that can either lead to very powerful transformation or a very intense experience that can be terrifying if we repress or seek to avoid what is coming up for us.

There is a debate going on in this country and in the world about how to deal with Iran possibly developing a nuclear device. The biggest fear is that the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmajinedad, in his hatred of Israel and the Jewish people in general, might attempt to wipe Israel off the face of the map. What is so interesting for astrologers studying Pluto’s effects is that Ahmajinedad’s family has Jewish roots. Take a look at an article on this. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/iran/6256173/Mahmoud-Ahmadinejad-revealed-to-have-Jewish-past.html. Why is he hiding his past and what is the effect of that on his psyche?

This debate is already creating intense reactions from every political corner. Some have advised that the U.S or maybe Israel destroy the nuclear reactors, even though that could throw the entire region into war (even more than it already is) and also affect the world’s economy greatly as the price of oil could skyrocket in response to “Western aggression.” This is because Pluto rules immense power and the struggles for it, while simultaneously also pointing to the hidden, repressed areas of our psyche that are actually controlling our outer behavior.

The key for us personally is to discover ways to deal with these archetypes without having to resort to the use of power. Something else may be necessary. And this takes us into Saturn’s territory. Saturn rules those areas of our life that test us because it is where we feel weak, defensive and afraid. Therefore we can be motivated to ignore and avoid those areas. We are faced with the psyche’s tendency to create defense mechanisms as a way of avoiding something with which we don’t feel able to deal. So, when Saturn begins to square Pluto the best thing to do is to be willing to look within, to blame no one, and be willing to work as consciously as possible with one’s own defenses and resistances to truth. Truth here simply means seeing what is.

We may get by ignoring ‘what is’ during much of our lives, but when there is great tension, which is what happens during a square aspect, what happens is that every defense mechanism is triggered. And this occurs because Pluto AMPLIFIES the defense mechanism or resistances we’ve created and work so hard to defend. In other words, Pluto often makes things worse so that we are forced to acknowledge that which we wish we could avoid seeing.

The worst thing one can do during this kind of transit is blame another. That doesn’t mean one doesn’t have to deal with something that is dark, fearsome or violent. But how we approach it is what this transit is all about. The breaking down of resistances, while difficult in the short run, leads us to an easy flow in the area that has been hidden. It is what this transit is going to be about for us. We will do well to be willing to face things truthfully and to INCLUDE THE OTHER when we do. It is necessary to understand one’s opponent. That will tell us the best way to approach dealing with them, including looking to see if they are, indeed, a real opponent.

What we see today in this country with the far-right gleefully enjoying every Obama failure, even if it harms the nation, is likely to continue to grow and hopefully be confronted for what it is. Is it not strange to see far-right conservatives who were the pillars of patriotism when Bush was President, now exude enthusiastic passion when Obama fails to deliver the 2016 Olympics to the U.S.? By not acknowledging Obama as a valid democratically elected President, is that not the height of being anti-United States? What is going on here? The answer is seen only when we are willing to go deeper and look through Pluto’s lens and see what is actually ruling the psyches of the people involved and more broadly, within the psyche of the nation as a whole.

If this is not made conscious, the polarization will grow exponentially. It is fair to debate issues and to disagree on policy, but when the OTHER is demonized, we have stepped into the worst of Pluto’s territory. Why? Because we then have to confront the very demons we have created. Yes, we have created. We may have opponents, but they don’t become demons unless we create them. One of the first things I read a long time ago that helped me understand this was the section of a book by General Patton. This incredible soldier respected his opposing General. He didn’t hate him. Sure he wanted to whip his ass, but that didn’t mean he had to hate his enemy. In fact, as many wise people have said, to hate one’s enemy is to become unable to deal with them successfully.

In the world arena, we need to understand Iran and what they want and need. It is then that we will be able to formulate an intelligent policy and execute it. The same thing is true as we approach very delicate and challenging issues in our personal life. Those who are the closest to us may suddenly do something that infuriates and upsets us greatly. We may even feel painfully betrayed. How we respond to such things is what matters. There’s a reason why the wise advise us to take the high road. It is only that action that prevents us from taking ourselves down into the filth of hate, blame and fury.

Saturn square Pluto will ask us to recognize what we can truly control and what we cannot. If we find that we cannot control another person or situation, then all we may be able to control in the end is OUR reaction.

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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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9 responses to “Taking a Hard Look Ain’t Easy”

  1. Thank you, Jim, for the ‘no holds barred’ insights regarding the collective and personal Saturn / Pluto influences. I had just recently already been “called to task” and this article gives me great fortification of just how I MUST proceed. Always a pleasure to read your newsletters.

    Keep up the terrific work,

  2. The astrological climate indicates that it’s a good time for us to refresh our knowledge (Mercury) of history (Saturn)so that as citizens of dysfunctional nations we can let go of our respective obsessions (Pluto). I find it difficult to believe that any country (or culture for that matter) can claim the moral highground. Whether or not Iran is led by a nutcase, it’s not hard to understand that Iranians should certainly feel threatened by the fact that Israel has had nuclear weapons for many years and has not been subject to equal scrutiny. No entity is asking that Israel be subject to weapons inspection. Israel continuously violates international law and is not held accountable. It sounds so silly to me that we engage in all this discussion about Iran developing the capabilities for nuclear weaponry when we have an arsenal that can blow the world up many times over. Why should we be trusted with these weapons over other countries? Is our last Administration (psychopaths to the core) any different than Iran’s current leadership?

    Meanwhile, the United States leadership intervenes in world affairs trying hard to appear like a knight on a white horse. How many countries has our nation invaded and how many civilians have we killed in order to maintain our access to important natural resources? Gore Vidal has an impressive list of our interventions in one of his books.

    It sounds like a good time for us to actively reshape our nation and its role in the world. Perhaps transformations within our nation will lead to other countries making important changes.

  3. stone92@aol.com' patricia says:

    Thank you Jim for this… for me, this all boils down to your last sentence.. OUR reaction… which is something I’ve become very aware of in this sometimes difficult tiime…

    thank you

  4. janatd33@yahoo.com' Janat says:

    Thank you Jim for the ‘heads up’ on this transit. As scary as it appears, one who is informed can consciously act.

  5. Jim Sher says:

    To Janet:

    I never cease to be amazed and awed as I watch the forces/archetypes operate in our lives. Thank you for your comments and the compliments as well.


  6. jkorenchuk@yahoo.com' Janet Korenchuk says:

    Your thoughts and insights are right on target. I can see how events are playing out in my personal life at present. You’ve also given me a glimpse of what is to come and how best to approach it.

    I find it amazing that you can interpret the interaction of the planets so well. I’m definitely learning a lot from your discourses. Thank you.



  7. 25aviva@gmail.com' Aviva Ratchik says:

    I read always with great interest all news, that I can see.
    Thank You, Jim, very much for this work and commentary.
    What a pity that I’am too far to join your class.
    Best regards, Shana tova and all the best.

  8. katanawoo@hotmail.com' Rayne says:

    This is kicking my ass right now.

  9. montgomertytaylor22@nyc.rr.com' Monty Taylor says:

    This is a much needed insight into how these archetypes work in our lives collectively and individually. Thank you for putting it so well so that your wide audience can benefit. I’m a big fan of yours!

    Best, Monty Taylor

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