Mercury Becoming Stationary

Posted on September 2, 2009
Posted by Jim Sher


We’re in a very interesting time as Mercury is slowing down. In 2 days, on September 6th at 9:45pm PDST, Mercury turns retrograde and begins its 21 day retrograde cycle. What is happening now though is that it is slowing down considerably and will become even slower until it finally stops for a moment and turns the other way. To me, this period of time is so interesting because it can often be felt by each of us as it can be palpable in its effect.

As Mercury slows, the mind follows suit. Ironically, this can be helpful as it becomes easier to focus and stay on any subject we desire. But it also has a more difficult side, which can become especially noticeable a day before it changes direction. What can happen is that the mind can become stuck, just as a record can get become stuck in a groove, and find it very hard to get out of the groove in which it is stuck. This could result in over-thinking or even obsessing about something that would ordinarily pass in a few minutes.

Thus, it can be helpful to know about this tendency at this time so that if it does occur we can be forewarned and able to put what we are thinking about into perspective. Yes, it’s good to focus, but not to obsess or go over some trivial matter as if we had to decide our fate for the next decade.

This post is one of those times when I am asking readers to tell their personal stories about this 2-3 day period. I know many of our readers will enjoy hearing about what others are experiencing at this time. So, please make your comments and tell your story. I look forward to your responses.

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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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