Mars – Just Causing a Ruckus

Posted on August 19, 2009
Posted by Jim Sher

One of the key themes we often talk about in astrology class is Mars, and more specifically, what happens when a transit of Mars comes around and aspects a lot of other planets. By itself, Mars doesn’t do much, but when it contacts other planets, everything changes as Mars acts as a major trigger for the activation of those planetary forces to which it is connected. Sure, sometimes it can bring about something that is somewhat out of the blue, but what happens far more often is that areas about which we’ve been thinking or feeling for quite some time will suddenly be acted upon. Something we didn’t feel the need to act upon suddenly changes and we are certain we must take action.

Well, this past week on into the next one demonstrate dramatic examples of this. To be specific, Mars is squaring three planets – Mercury, Saturn and Uranus at 25 degrees of Gemini, Virgo and Pisces. Squares bring about tension, conflict and the need for action. Something that was merely irritating can suddenly (Uranus) emerge and we think (Mercury) that we must act. The best example of this in current affairs has been the vocal and sometimes disruptive town hall meetings about health care. Mercury and Saturn urge us to consider things logically, focus on details, get our facts straight and then move forward when we’re ready. Uranus in opposition brings about the need for reform. But Mars squaring all three, adds spice and even anger/rage if someone feels threatened. Mars rules war and tells us to fight to protect what we hold dear, so the T-square we are in right now is inflaming the passions in an increasingly tense way.

So, what is Mars really triggering and is it doing so in a significant way? In September we will have the 3rd transit of Saturn opposing Uranus. The first one was on Election Day last November. This is a very significant transit and will be in play for another year. What it signifies is that the opposing forces of holding to the present structure (Saturn) are opposing the forces of change and transformation (Uranus). It is again playing out in the national consciousness. No doubt it is also playing out for many of you in your personal lives as well. It is often characterized as a struggle between the past and the future. By the way, Saturn often resists change. But that isn’t necessarily bad. Saturn simply wants to have our facts right. But when it automatically blocks change, then the constructive purpose of Saturn becomes a problem. That is when Uranus urges us to break free from all those restrictions and resistances to an outworn past and set upon a new course. Uranus is a complete restructuring or overturning of something. This is what Mars is triggering right now and it will continue for a week or more, so we’ll see what happens next.

The New Moon

Tomorrow, August 20th we will have a New Moon at 3:02am at 27 degrees of Leo. This New Moon is not only activating the planets mentioned in this article, but will also oppose the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction I’ve written about along with Pluto. With all that is happening, it is likely to be a very volatile month, HOWEVER….. this is not a great time for major action. The intense forces of action are meeting what is called the period that preceded Mercury going retrograde, which is called the Mercury shadow (Kyle will be writing on this in his next installment). Mercury will go retrograde at 6 degrees of Libra on September 6-7 and return to where it is now. This means that everything going on right now is subject to review. Modifications are likely to be made at that time which means if we try to rush to make a decision now, it isn’t likely to turn out the way we thought it would. So, why rush? If we’re in the process of completing something, that is a different story. This is when we need to go ahead and finish and there should be enough time to do that in the next two weeks. Take the time you need and avoid missing steps is the best idea at this time, even if one feels a strong desire to push forward anyway.

I know our readers would enjoy hearing your comments on how you are experiencing these transits during the next two weeks, so if yu’d like to share, please leave your comments here.

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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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5 responses to “Mars – Just Causing a Ruckus”

  1. Jim Sher says:

    An anonymous reader replied:

    I have seen tempers flare in my workplace, an environment where people normally are very controlled. One colleague who is usually even-tempered became testy and abruptly hung up the phone… the next day he apologized. Another colleague gave vent to some long-simmering tensions in an angry exchange of emails and threatened to sever (Mars) an established relationship. Another person experienced a surge of energy to finalize a divorce that is long overdue. The urge to sever the relationship (Mars) even if it meant fighting (more Mars), came to the fore.

  2. Hello, All. Today is a new moon -in Leo. I’m intending to share more of mySelf more broadly this month. Brief report: I have been experiencing the gamut on all levels! Fron sorrow and loneliness on my birthday [a very old pattern arising again], to big anger at inept tech support (5 hours worth) with AT&T [old pattern of intolerance and inadvertant focus on what I don’t want]– to blissful calm and spaciousness, expansive Being. From grasping onto my “past” beliefs about who I am, what I ‘should’ do with the rest of my life –and current physical body conditions borne of past choices –to wondrous futuristic Vision for full using of my gifts, dissolving of a sense of need to accomplish or prove anything, joyous service, and even increased expectation of mastering the art and science of immediate alteration of unwanted physical conditions –the gamut! Mars and Uranus are conjunct in Gemini in my chart: Mercury, Saturn, Pisces, Virgo –wow, lots to consider. Perhaps most, the sense of “urgency” I have to –Transform, Be, and release the ‘need’ to ‘make’ it happen via a zillion ongoing projects. Would be curious for feedback about how the developmental tasks of aging –to successfully complete the life review for legacy gathering — affect these planetary movements. ?? Thanks, All, M

  3.' Janet Korenchuk says:


    I find your articles very helpful, often giving me insight of what to expect and how to approach the incoming energies for best results. I am a novice at this but am intrigued by the planetary interplay of energies and how they affect us. Thank you.


  4.' J.Hamilton says:

    Very much like what you do.. Love your perspective and how you get it out to people.
    Great insight..

  5. I have been doing a Pluto to Mars transit for several years now. After having lost everything, inheritance due to what feels like anothers fault. Family sibling. My eyesight partially lost time and again. Refusing to any longer take mis-use any longer, and becoming a stand alone grenade(:(: In terms of independance. I have learned to speak up for my own rights..and battle if the cause calls for it. Also the other side of the coin has been learned and practiced even on Pluto last Hurrah near my Natal Mars. Libra Sun conjunct Saturn and Neptune. Libran energy took a back seat always before,and now has learned some Peacful ways and gained broader perspective, than my Leo moon would like (: Losing, means winning the final soul lesson of Love.

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