The Lunar Eclipse on July 7

Posted on July 6, 2009
Posted by Jim Sher

Every six months or so, we always experience a Lunar (Full Moon) and Solar (New Moon) eclipse. They occur within two weeks of each other although sometimes the Lunar eclipse is first while at other times the Solar eclipse is. We are about to enter an unusual phase where there will be three eclipses running in succession. The first of the series is the Lunar eclipse occurring on Tuesday, July 7th, at 2:21am PDST near 15 deg. of Capricorn. The next Eclipse is a very strong Total Solar Eclipse on Tuesday, July 21st, at 7:35pm at 29 deg. of Cancer. The last will be a Lunar eclipse on Wednesday, August 5th at 5:55pm PDST at 13 Aquarius. Eclipses are inertia changers in my view.  Although many astrologers regard eclipses as predominantly negative, I don’t agree with that assessment. Yes, they can close doors, but also they open new ones. They allow new energies to come into our lives, though there are times when they also usher out old structures before the new ones can be created. When we have three eclipses instead of only the usual two, we often see a cycle of greater levels of change and this is also true in this case since the coming Solar eclipse is a very strong one. I will speak more about this in the near future.

The first thing to know about a Lunar eclipse is that it must occur at a Full Moon. The basic meaning of a Full Moon is that it always brings forth some kind of culmination, fulfillment and revelation of the ‘seed’ that was born at the New Moon two weeks earlier. We get to see fully whatever is developing either in us or in our world. The fact that this Full Moon is an eclipse makes its effect much stronger. The issues are bigger and strike us more deeply. So, it is an important period for us. At this time, the Earth stands between the Sun and the Moon. If you were on the Moon, the Sun would be blotted out for a time. Since the Moon rules subconscious emotions which are often negative, the fact that those very emotions are hidden allows them to be examined more clearly. For example, if we normally feel fear about some issue, we may be more willing to experience and move through that fear at this time. We can become motivated to handle an area where we are easily triggered. Of course, sometimes, we just feel forced to do so.

To gain some perspective on the nature of the Tuesday Lunar eclipse, it is best to begin by looking at what the New Moon tells us. It occurred on June 22nd at 1 deg. of Cancer. What is significant about it was that it was in a very close opposition to Pluto. When I study the nature of the Moon in mundane astrology (the area of astrology that examines events of nations, governments, politicians, etc.) it refers to things that affect the mass consciousness, what the people think and how they are affected. With Pluto ruling transformation and even death, in the past few weeks we have seen many national figures die, including Michael Jackson, Farah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, Karl Malden, and the most recent tone being Steve McNair(ex-football player) who died in a violent shooting along with a woman whose relationship we do not yet know. What is significant about this type of event in the national psyche is that it often sends forth strange reactions in the people. It seems to me that any public figure who achieves some sort of intense attention, is actually resonating with something far beyond just themselves personally. It sends out ripples into the mass consciousness because those individuals somehow represent something significant in ourselves. It doesn’t matter if they are famous or infamous, they tell us about our own consciousness as a people. That’s part of the heightened expression of this New Moon. Now we are about to have the Full Moon of this very same cycle and it is an eclipse as well.

To repeat — the nature of a Lunar eclipse is that it often brings out an hidden emotions that can result in a catharsis. This can enable us to release something that has been building up for a long time, so that we can feel a great sense of freedom. Because Pluto rules the depths of our subconscious and what Carl Jung referred to as the ‘shadow material (the feelings we may not approve of in ourselves), it is very helpful to confront these things, letting them see the light of day, so we can deal with them and move on. That’s what a Lunar eclipse can help us accomplish. However, the way it usually works is that one must go through a very intense confrontation with something that has been avoided, something from which we want to turn away. It will help us improve our lives if we don’t do that and instead take advantage of this pressure to work as consciously as possible with whatever is coming up.

Of course, where this eclipse occurs in our chart will tell us a lot about the specifics of what we will be having to deal. If it occurs in our 7th house, we may be dealing with important relationship issues or have to deal with someone who is going through the things I have spoken about here. If it is in our 4th house, it can affect our home, family or parents. This is a time to be a warrior and to make a noble effort to see into our depths no matter what we think we might see. Have the courage to face the demon and it may turn out to be far less of a beast than we thought.

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Jim Sher

Jim brings over 35 years of experience as a therapist and transformational counselor to his practice of astrology, metaphysics, meditation and philosophy. He operates as a teacher and counselor and specializes in the use of discourse as a part of his teaching approach.

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