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The discipline of astrology can add a great deal to the counseling process. It will help us take a deeper look at ourselves and discover what we can and cannot do about the problems we are having in our lives. There are many things that a person can discover when astrology is added to psychology and the counseling process. These discoveries or realizations can bring about deep changes in one’s outlook on life as well as our sense of self.

What We Can Discover

Astrological counseling makes a very different assumption than what we see in the many approaches to psychological counseling being practiced today. I do not regard a person from the viewpoint of what is often called the ‘medical model’ of therapeutic practice. In this model the therapist makes a diagnosis which labels a client in a certain restricted way. The ‘treatment modality’ is then determined from this diagnosis. Instead, Astro-Counseling assumes that we are human beings doing the best we can based on our biological genetics, early childhood experiences, family opportunities, and educational background, etc. This means that we are not only capable of making significant changes in our lives but also able to learn many new things that can make our lives better. Astrology does not imply a ‘fixed fate.’

Astrology describes our potentials – We are not ‘sick’ and we are also not victims of our past or our programming. There are things we can do for ourselves once we know more about our nature and potentialities. This is what astrology offers to us. As our understandings grow, we become more able to make conscious choices that enable us to move forward in a positive way. It can make the transition process easier as well seeing that the needed shift is possible and beneficial. This also helps us deal with the inevitable fears that come up for us during times of transition.

Reducing worry and anxiety – When we begin to look at ourselves as human making an effort to learn and grow, this re-orients us from worrying about ‘what will happen to me’ towards asking ‘what can I do proactively in this transit and set of circumstances. This helps us make a complete reversal from the feeling of being a victim to an empowered person who is engaged in an important process of growth and development.

Expanding our perspective – As we engage in this type of counseling process we are able to make a huge shift as we discover the joy of engaging in a process that ultimately leads to the finding of and participating in our society, culture, nation, or planet.   This can be very empowering and can also do something more. Often what a person needs is a new and broader perspective and a more sophisticated one. This can include the seeing both in ourselves and in life the inherent contradictions, enigmas and puzzles that are just an aspect of living. Astrology can help us become conscious of these, which is necessary if we are to work them out.

The Discovery of Meaning and Purpose – It is true that people often go to an astrologer to find out what will happen. But that question usually is hiding the real question which could be phrased as – “When will this be over?”, or “When will this end?”, and even “Why is this happening to me”? Astrology is indeed able to know when a particular transit will end, but for the most part, this is missing the most important point. A much better and more helpful type of question is “What can I learn from this situation?”, “What is its meaning for me?”, “What have I been doing that brought this event into my life” and “What must I learn from this”? In other words, the most important question is this – “How can I benefit from this difficulty”?

Life is not just chaos – Yes, life is often perceived to be completely chaotic and disordered. Astrology can assist us to see when we discover that the ‘apparent’ chaos and confusion of our life experience is, in fact, ordered patterns of cyclic activity. Also, astrology can introduce us to the discovery that our psyche is in fact a multi-layered landscape that can be seen and understood. The ability to see these patterns helps us know what the purposes of these life experiences may be and that there is purpose and meaning to everything that is happening. There is an innate human need that people have for meaning and a sense of purpose to our lives. Because astrology can contribute to our discovery of these needs, it can be very helpful to us.

Connecting to ‘Life’ itself – What we also benefit from is a broader understanding of what can enlighten us and help us feel more connected to life. We feel a greater sense of meaning and purpose through this breadth of vision and it can provide a clear sense that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves.  We can actually feel a connection to life and the archetypal life forces that are destined to lead humanity to new, evolutionary states now and in the future.

Crossing into new territory – As we all know, life is challenging and at times, very difficult. But when we are able to use those period where we are full of doubts, fear and anxiety, we can cross over thresholds consciously. Sometimes we are asked to make transitions that can cause us to feel overwhelmed. Astrology counseling can help us realize that crises may actually be doorways to new opportunities.

Knowing about timing – timing is a wonderful thing to know. Much fear and doubt dissipates when we know about timing. Astrology can help us know when to act and when not to, when to prepare to act or when we must wait for more information or a better time to move forward. We see when to adapt and when to strike out on one’s own.

As one can see, there are many ways in which astrology and astrological counseling can help us from the very practical to the psychological, philosophical and spiritual. It can assist us when we are in crisis or when we are simply looking for meaning and ‘Soul’ in what at times, seems like a mechanical and soulless world.

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