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James Hopson has a rich background in astrology, philosophy, yoga and medicine. His educational pursuits have been multi-faceted as he received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, then lived in a monastery for 7 years. After becoming extremely ill he was moved to study Chinese Medicine as a way to heal himself and be of service to others. In 2002 he received his Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine and become a Licensed Acupuncturist. His writing and practice have incorporated this background where it is applied his understanding of health and disease. Part of his development occurred at the age of 28 when he developed cancer and was able to reverse it along with several other health complications through diet and nutrition.

James Hopson, Principal at Inspiring Health

His illness in 1996 led him to begin studying astrology as a way to understand who he was and why his life was falling apart. He immediately began to realize that there was a valid connection between medicine and the ancient study of astrology. As he developed further understanding of the potential importance of this link, he began a full-time study of medical astrology after receiving his Master’s in Chinese Medicine in addition to his regular study of astrology.

Over the years James has developed a very eclectic practice. His main focus has been on helping people manage stress via diet, nutrition, lifestyle and working with the mind. For this he uses a number of tools such as a Hair Mineral Analysis to assess how the body is managing stress biochemically. He also uses some bio-resonance/biofeedback devices which can measure how the body is managing stress energetically. In addition to this he also uses neuro-feedback as a way to assist a person to more present with the life they are living. It turns out that astrology is also a powerful way he helps clients understand themselves and how to better manage their stress. In fact, part of what has made James’s practice so you unique is his incorporation of astrology in his consultations.

Although his background is in the health field, his astrological consultations, separate from health matters, are focused on helping people understand their own nature. His astrological views are holistic and imbued with a deep metaphysical understanding of reality. In recent years James has also incorporated spiritual counseling in conjunction with his astrological practice as a way to help people make their own discoveries based on their own unique nature. He is a graduate of the Sher Institute of Astrology and Metaphysics and is a contributor to both the newsletter and website. For more details about his private practice you can find him at www.inspiringhealth.net.

For those seeking an astrological consultation, sessions are available with James Hopson, an experienced astrology graduate of our School. Each astrological consultation focuses on a holistic approach and is aligned with the mission of the Sher Institute to help individuals move towards deeper Self-awareness. To set your appointment with James contact Carol Pilkington at 818-975-0587 or admin@sherastrology.com.


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