What is Meditation?

Where is the best place to start when we want to talk about meditation? This question itself may seem strange nowadays as meditation is widely accepted, almost automatically by many, as a good thing, even a necessary thing to engage in. There are many things that meditation can do for us to make our lives better. But, if we start by thinking of all the advantages of meditation, we may find that we have missed the most important and profound issues that meditation, as we think of it now, cannot reveal.

History of Astrology

At Sher Astrology and Metaphysics we are presenting a new model of astrology that focuses on how this field can contribute to one’s spiritual evolution or transformation. Astrology can be a deeply meaningful tool for those willing to do real work on themselves not only for their benefit, but also for the benefit of the society, culture and the world. But first we need to discover more about where we are right now in the development of the field of astrology as well as how it is being practiced. To do that we will briefly summarize how astrology began and what the significant developments of astrology have been over the past centuries.

Nature of a Mystery School

Over many centuries, there are have been many names created for a School concerned with spiritual transformation, such as ‘Wisdom School” or “Mystery School.” But the purpose of such a School is simple: It is designed for people who feel the need to engage in a true transformational process and to then, when able, to assist others in whatever way is best for them. The nature of transformation is that it shifts a person into a new state of consciousness and a completely different way of understanding who and what we are.

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