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The February Full Moon 2012 and Much More

Published on February 7th, 2012 | Posted by Jim Sher


Today’s article is intended as a follow up to my previous article as what began at the New Moon now begins to emerge and expand. Also, as I mentioned in my last article, I noted that the period between February 6-9, 2012 is a very potent time as there are four significant transits happening, each of which is capable of changing things significantly. They are as follows:

  1. On Tuesday, Feb. 7th at 1:54pm PST, there is a Full Moon at 18° of Leo.
  2. Also, on that Tuesday, there is the Superior conjunction between the Sun and Mercury which is the fulfillment of the Mercury retrograde cycle of two months ago.
  3. Even more is happening on that day as Saturn will turn retrograde at 29° of Libra.
  4. And finally, last Friday, Feb. 3rd, Neptune entered Pisces where it will remain until 2025.

While any one of these is important, together they can bring about some unexpected opportunities as well as new discoveries. What an astrologer sees in these four is a wild combination of new beginnings along with the fulfillment of previous cycles of action. Let me define what I mean by ‘cycle of action.’ A cycle basically has three elements to it and all three must be completed in order for the fulfillment of that cycle to be attained. Astrologers presuppose something that perhaps others do not. We know that astrological transits reveal planetary ‘Purpose’ or ‘Intention’. They are not random in the sense that they are not whimsical things that just happen. Now, while there may be a purpose within each cycle, we humans are not automatically going to fulfill them or even understand what they are. It is our job to discover what we must learn or discover and then put it into action. This is where ‘free will’ begins to enter the picture.

The three parts of a ‘cycle of action’ are these:

  • The beginning of a cycle is when the cycle starts or begins. This is where the ‘seed’ of the new cycle is planted.
  • The middle of a cycle is when we begin to work on and make efforts toward fulfilling the intention of what was planted at the beginning.
  • The end of a cycle is when we find out what manifests as the result of our efforts throughout the cycle.

I know this sounds simple and some astrologers use other more sophisticated ways of dividing a cycle than just three, but for this article, let’s just look at the basics. The point here is that there are specific kinds of challenges for us in each of the three stages. And, if we don’t meet those challenges at each stage, we may not be able to succeed at bringing the cycle to completion. It is important to learn to do this because our ability to succeed in life depends on our ability to fulfill the many different types of cycles that occur to us.

Right now, we are in a time period where many cycles are happening in their various stages at the same time. Some of the cycles can be thought of as fulfillment cycles, while others are beginning of new cycles.

We have a Full Moon, which is a time for fulfillment or even completion of some actions or efforts that took place some time ago. The time could be at the new Moon (Jan. 23, 2012) or earlier. Also, there is the Superior conjunction between the Sun and Mercury which represents a time period where the ‘seed idea’ of the Mercury retrograde period now comes to fulfillment. This occurred about two months ago when the Sun and Mercury were together (Dec. 3, 2011). So, despite the fact that Mars is retrograde, we can take notice of the real chance we have to bring together something that has been in the works for quite awhile. However, it also means that there is likely going to be some real efforts that must be made in order to succeed at breaking through any remaining obstacles that separate us from our goals. If one is working with a partner, for example, one might have to find ways to bring the two of you together to refine things or deal with a conflict that is keeping you both from coming together.

Saturn turning retrograde is quite a bit more complex. It is neither a beginning nor an end. Saturn represents our structures, limitations and responsibilities. Saturn is a very purposeful planet. It asks us to do things and penalizes us if we do not do what is necessary. The Saturn retrograde is a time to review how we are doing with those responsibilities. I don’t just mean judging us in a right or wrong sense. I mean we are entering a time where we need to find out where we are and what we must do in order to bring something to completion later on. Perhaps, we have missed some steps and now must go back and get them before we can move forward. It can manifest in many ways but whatever it is it will be revealed during the next four months or so.

We are still under a very powerful earth grand trine between Mars, Jupiter and Pluto, so there are real opportunities to manifest new projects or at least begin to refine and develop them as the Mars retrograde cycle grows over the next few months.

Neptune in Pisces

This long transit has just begun and exists as an undertone that we may not be able to detect. It will rarely create specific events and for many of us be more of a subliminal force than a conscious or obvious one. But over time, it will soften us, make us more sensitive and help us become aware of how connected we all are to both each other and to the Divine. The sign of Pisces is ruled by Neptune so that they work well together, supporting the full expression of the Neptune principle or archetype. The way Neptune works is subtle. I liken it to the soft rain of Seattle, where we go outside and barely feel the rain and then 10 minutes later we find that we are soaking wet. It dissolves our hard edges and allows us to ‘feel’ Truth that lies just below the surface. While it could cause us to deceive ourselves and others, it need not have that effect if we remain alert to any tendency to lie or make excuses for ourselves.

I will be writing more about Neptune in Pisces in the near future, but I want to mention something some of you may find interesting. Mitt Romney has the Sun and two planets in the sensitive sign of Pisces. This is why he has found it so easy to be a moderate when he was Governor of Massachusetts and turn around and proclaim his deeply conservative beliefs now that he is running for President. He really can change and will continue to do so, if the mood or climate changes around him. I do not think we can know what kind of President he will be if he gets the nomination and wins. It will depend on who controls Congress and many other factors. And, one more thing we should take note of. People ask why he is so wooden and stiff. The answer is really simple. The two things he cares about most, his family and his Mormon religion, are the two very things he cannot talk about. You cannot know what Romney stands for until you know what Mormons believe and that includes its detailed prophecies. This is especially important when it comes to his foreign policy. For those of you who want to know this man, you may want to study up.

The Dynamic Aries-Libra Full Moon and More

Published on April 17th, 2011 | Posted by Jim Sher


We have a Full Moon on Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 7:45pm PDT that is very potent and will have effects for many of us that last for more than a year. But first, I want to speak about the Mercury retrograde cycle that we are in and won’t end until next Saturday, April 23, 2011. It is always interesting to see how Mercury retrograde periods can cause some delays, even in the most dynamic of situations. We can be bursting with enthusiasm, optimism and the excitement that comes with wanting to manifest a new dream or just get started making something new happen, but it’s just not quite the time. That’s how it is going to be for us for just a little longer.

Mercury Retrograde

We are in the depths of this retrograde period and I’m hearing story after story about people’s experiences. I’m having some of my own as well. For me, this retrograde has included becoming focused on how to get the right medication that does not have horrible side effects. It’s been quite a battle with many changes, most of which made matters worse, and at times, things seemed hopeless. Right now, something new and very different is being tried with better results. The process may not be over though as we still have 6 days to go, but there is some improvement. Also, I’ve noticed that I am not having a hard time communicating with people I am close to and with whom I really need to speak, but it’s completely different with people who I want to talk to, but who I don’t know yet. It seems to be impossible to get a hold of someone who is new to me. This is not surprising because new relationships are hard to develop while we are in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde. What we need to do instead is focus on areas that need to be reviewed and the people with whom we already have a relationship.

This is a time to really observe what is coming up for us, what is disturbing or bothering us and to deal with it in a straightforward and direct way. This period is about confronting what is. My thought here is that what this retrograde does is force us to get to the root of something that has been dangling or avoided much to our detriment. We often can let things build up or maybe we don’t express something because we think that it’s not that big of a deal, when in fact, it is. Something festers so that when it does come up, it can come up suddenly, fiercely and erupts without our being able to express it in a constructive manner.

For some people, this may have already occurred while for others, there remains a lingering set of unresolved matters. But what makes this time so important is that it is accompanied by a very potent Full Moon that will push us to act.

Aries-Libra Full Moon

As I’ve often written in previous articles, the Full Moon period, which has been growing for the past several days, is concerned with bringing things to a head. It is a time of culmination or fulfillment and may result in a revealing of something that was born at the New Moon or in this case, which began in the last month or even earlier. But since it is ‘surrounded’ by the retrograde Mercury, what may be emerging now is that which we have been reviewing, looking at and realizing. There are very important things to see here, and we cannot act until they are fully seen. This is what tells us what to do. A Full Moon can create a huge urge for action once we know what we must do. Since the polarity of this particular Full Moon is an Aries-Libra one it is likely to concern itself with relationships and the need to balance one’s own needs with the needs of another person.

Just because we are seeing more clearly now doesn’t mean that what we are seeing is pleasant or comforting. What we do know is that we must not let time go by before we act on what we know we must do. For some, this period is not going to be as intense as what I am describing, but the theme is a common one that can be seen in many different ways. Also, once Mercury does go direct, we will really need to ‘hit the ground running,’ as is often said. By then, we should know what to do and have prepared for getting started on it.

So, while you may be chomping at the bit, don’t worry, your time will come and it will come soon. Also, this Full Moon has a conjunction between Mercury and Mars, which is great for opening to new ideas. It can help us jump start our thought processes and amp up our desire to learn and express what we are thinking and wanting to do. The energy can be super-heated right now in whatever area in which we have become interested and engaged. You can love the desire, but remember also that enthusiasm can wane just as rapidly as it came on. So, if what you are interested in is a passing idea or thought, it’s fine to just fire away with passion, but if you believe that what you are considering right now is more than a passing fancy, you may want to also remember that one cannot learn it all at once.

The Sun enters Taurus on April 20th, so things will start to slow down a bit then, but only a little as we are going to have several planets in Aries for the next few weeks.

As always, I hope some of our readers will want to share some of how they are experiencing this Full Moon and Mercury retrograde, so please feel free to reply to this article.

The Beginning of the ‘New’

Published on February 16th, 2011 | Posted by Jim Sher

On January 22, 2011, Jupiter entered Aries, the archetypal sign of new beginnings. Within only 3 days and with Jupiter still at 0 degrees of Aries, the first demonstrations broke out in Egypt and only 18 days later, on February 11th Mubarak had resigned. The world was shocked, amazed and also bewildered. No one knows for sure what will happen next. Will the army give control back to the citizens marking the first true democratic state in the Arab world or will there be detours or even betrayals in the future? Yet, it does seem that something truly new is being born. There is the sense that we are watching history of epic proportions as the meaning of these events potentially has such wonderful possibilities for the entire region and the world. It is easy to become overly optimistic, but who can deny the joy of hope that seems to be emerging now.

The transit of Jupiter entering Aries has surprised us beyond our imagination and if this revolution does reach even some of its expectations, we are seeing a new paradigm come into being right before our eyes. On one of the political shows, one guest used the word ‘new’ many times and at one point even said that what is happening is an example of the new ‘new’. He just couldn’t find the words to describe the shock of these events. But astrology tells us that much more ‘new’ is coming. Uranus will enter Aries on March 11th which is likely to amp up the demand for freedom even higher. Already citizens of other countries are beginning to protest, including Iran. I thought that something like what is happening in Egypt would occur, but not until Uranus was in Aries. But now that the events in Egypt have occurred already, there’s simply no telling what the month of March will bring. Uranus literally rules revolutions and strengthens the need to break free from restrictive circumstances. We see it in the fact that many protesters refused to stop until they won. They are earning their freedom. But to me the most amazing thing was the way they went about it. One day after Mubarak resigned, I watched as the protestors returned to Tahrir Square to clean the streets, to get rid of the burnt out cars, and to replace the cobblestones they had only one day earlier used to as weapons.

When I wondered what the present transits might bring about, I did not imagine that anything like this would happen peacefully. Aries is willing to fight for what it wants and may not give up until it gets it. But this? I still am taking a ‘wait and see’ attitude. So many things can still go wrong, dashing the hopes of the young Egyptians demand for democracy. Still, the entire Arab world has witnessed this as well as the entire World. It has set a tone, which hopefully others will want to match. We have reason for hope. If Egypt, the largest country in the Arab world, does become truly democratic and peaceful, it could represent a new beginning in geopolitics that we cannot predict at all.

The Coming Full Moon

Early Friday morning, February 18th, we will have a Full Moon. We can expect some of the circumstances we are in or internal things we are undergoing, to come to some kind of culmination or fulfillment. But this Full Moon is going to be a bit odd or strange as the Sun will also conjunct Mars and Neptune. I recently heard that one astrologer referred to Neptune as the ‘Deceptor.’ That was her definition. Such statements are beyond belief to me. Yes, that is one way it can manifest. But it is hardly, the only way.

At the Full Moon, we may feel unclear, confused, especially about what to do about an issue that is confronting us. This is because Mars rules how we want to act or move forward and Neptune is asking us to attune to a different way of knowing that is feeling oriented rather than merely logical. It may be that the cause of the confusion is simply that we not on the right track about something or some person and need to shift the way we are seeing things. In other words, the confusion is caused not by Neptune, but by the fact that we need to ‘feel’ our way through to a new understanding.

Some astrologers believe we are the victims of our chart and of the transits that are befalling us. This approach leads to victimhood and the feeling that the universe is a bad place. It’s out to get us, so to speak, which is called paranoia and not to be promoted at all. So, why not ask different questions, such as “What is this Full moon asking me to recognize?” If I’m confused or uncertain, should I reevaluate something? Also, if we are unclear, maybe it’s not time to act yet. Slowing down and waiting until more is revealed is often the wisest thing to do. Let things develop on their own; cease needing to push so hard. We only do this sort of thing if we want to be in control all the time. Neptune is the most positive when we let go, surrender control to that which we regard as higher than ourselves. The reason why Neptune often manifests negatively is because this archetypal force is giving us a lesson. When we learn that lesson, we become happier and more content. Also, whatever is happening during this period may be showing us where we are too judgmental. I’m not referring to the normal and important need to create proper boundaries between ourselves and others. But Neptune can dissolve the armor that separates us from others and the world, the needless resistance we may have to participating in the fullness of living. I know there is a balancing act here, a tightrope, if you will. But perhaps life is best lived when we do walk this line, especially if we do it consciously. So, yes, Neptune may bring confusion, but we don’t have to confuse being conscious with that same confusion. We can stay conscious and aware of our lack of clarity and be humble enough not to force our way ahead, just because we want to. We can wait until something new is revealed, be open to that process of discovery and see the world in a new light. Try it and I hope some of you will choose to write about your Full Moon experiences.

Jupiter Opposing Saturn while Retrograde

We are in the midst of a 4-month cycle that is as archetypally conflicting in nature as anyone can imagine. As I’ve written in this article, Jupiter in Aries is highly motivated to begin new ventures, just for the sake of change and the desire for action. It loves taking risks and generally feels that whatever it begins will work out, and if it doesn’t, well, it was certainly worth the ride. There is an intense excitement arising in us and a ‘can’t wait for more’ attitude. Let’s just get stated.

Saturn in Libra, especially when retrograde, is about checking in with others and balancing all the issues. It urges us to be patient, to work step by step, and focus on being practical. Saturn retrograde, which lasts until mid-June, does have a purpose. We are required to go back and get something we will need before we will able to move forward. Maybe, we must partner with someone or find something we are lacking that cannot go without.

This transit is getting stronger and will become exact in March, but we are already feeling it. It can be frustrating, of course. In Egypt, the citizenry may become disappointed because things are not moving as fast as they would like, but it does not have to mean that it won’t work out the way they want. It just means that new structures take time to build. That’s what Saturn is all about.

So, how do we handle this or, at least balance it out? Like all oppositions, each side of this set, must get its needs met while also acknowledging its opposite too. We really do have something to be excited about as something new may be developing, especially if your chart is affected personally. But we must also know that we are just getting started, that there are many more steps that must be walked before we will have a foundation in place in order for us to begin to manifest the ideas we now see as important and possible too. It will feel like driving with the foot on the brake, but it’s OK. When Jupiter goes into Taurus this June at almost the same time that Saturn goes direct, we will have our chance to begin the project. For now, we dream, we do what we can, but mostly prepare for the exciting future ahead.

What starts now is important, but it is still dimly lit. It’s too big to be rushed. And if you are not seeing anything yet, just wait, for I think it is likely that many of us will be finding out that something quite new and exciting is in store.

As always, your responses are appreciated and I will answer questions to the best of my ability.

Jupiter Conjuncts Uranus #2 and the Full Moon

Published on September 22nd, 2010 | Posted by Jim Sher

Transits are always important, but when one occurs at the same time as a new or full Moon that transit takes on extra importance. That’s what is happening right now, so let’s take a look. Last Saturday, September 18, 2010, Jupiter conjuncted Uranus at 28° of Pisces. This is the second time they have come together so the transit is in play for about a year. The conjunction however is much more ‘present’ in our lives right now because of its proximity to the Full Moon which takes place on Thursday, Sept. 23, 2010 at 2:17am. The Moon will be at 0° of Aries, less than a degree away from the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction activating it strongly. By the way, another important consideration that strengthens the potency of this transit is the fact that the Sun enters Libra (the Fall equinox) only a few hours earlier at 8:09pm on Wednesday, Sept. 22. This makes this Full Moon a potentially very inportant one.

Jupiter expands whatever it touches. This expansion can include exaggeration and over-optimism, but also the desire to learn and experience so that our understanding and vision is expanded. This is how this energy is best used. Uranus in itself represents the out-of-the-box outlook and the desire for unfettered freedom to be our own unique self. The Uranian energy needs independence and fosters the sense that no one and no thing should be able to block ones freedom to do whatever one wants. In the best sense, it does enable us to think beyond the constraints of normal everyday consciousness and opens things up for us so that we can break the bonds holding us back fro the fullest expression of our own personal genius. But if it is not balanced by both Saturn and Neptune, it can create a ‘me-first’ attitude that shuts out concern for other people. One ceases to consider others at all, if it becomes extreme enough. In a society this can result in a breakdown of the social fabric. Many astrologers believe that when Jupiter and Uranus dance together that it brings about an increase of tolerance and respect for others. Often it does, but not if these two archetypes move to the negative side of its potentiality. Preachiness, wanting others to abide by our own sense of morality, even if it does not harm another person such as a criminal act begins to dominate the social landscape.

Together, Jupiter and Uranus really push us towards total freedom from constraint and can produce revolutionary conditions. ‘Expect the unexpected’ is the watchword of the day when theses two archetypal energies are in play as they are now. It is obvious to any astrologer that the Tea Party movement is one way in which this transit is playing out. The election of Tea Party candidates in this week’s primary against the more mainstream candidates certainly speaks to this. What is interesting to me is that since Saturn, the restrictor is moving away from its opposition to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, it is allowing the energy of freedom from restriction (by government) and independence (take back our country like the Tea Party proclaims) to grow as it is no longer balanced by Saturn. The desire for unfettered freedom is exposed for what it is and has been, the view that government is bad. Whether you are in favor of this movement or not, its presence is evidence of something important and which will be growing, not receding.  

As is always true in life, if an extreme side of things appears it will immediately evoke its opposite side. So, just as Christine O’Donnell wins the GOP nomination in the state of Delaware (ex-Senator Joe Biden’s seat) and Jerome Corsi, a conservative author, asks President Obama to renounce Lucifer, Jon Stewart is organizing the “Rally to Restore Sanity” at the Washington mall. It is always like this in life. To understand more of this, read about the basic principles of the I Ching, one of the wisest books in the world and encompasses thousands of years of ancient wisdom. It is pure Taoism. It basically postulates the idea that the two fundamental opposites (Yin and Yang) are always dancing back and forth, moving from one extreme to the other, and seeking balance between the two extremes. This dance excites and moves through each of us, and makes life on planet Earth what it is.

However, this dance is also never stable, at least not in a society. It is constantly in flux. For individuals, however, something more is possible. The finding of an inner stability or equanimity is possible for a person. It is a higher state of consciousness and would have to include the understanding of the existence of both sides of a set, but does it seem possible? I think I need to create a website to discuss that, don’t you? Hmmm! Sounds like a good idea to me. But… I digress.

For now, what we are apt to see is more and more inflamed passions and the move toward greater extremes. Dialogue has been missing for the past several years, but I’m afraid it is going to get worse, not better. That’s what the present transits are suggesting. As I’ve said in the past, the biggest transit of all is nearing and is going to look very much like the 60′s. I’m referring to the square between Uranus and Pluto. Because it is a square rather than a conjunction, and because it will be in Aries and Capricorn rather than more modest and peaceful Virgo, this square is likely to really polarize and divide this country. Another interesting indicator of how things work in the overall scheme of things is that the 60′s were a rebellion from the left or liberal side. The coming square, however, is clearly coming from the right wing or conservative side of the populace. It will be as extreme as the 60′s were, and probably even moreseo.

By the way, this is why I can already pick Obama as being re-elected in 2012. Why? I don’t need astrology to do it. If things continue to become more and more extreme from the right, it must evoke its opposite force. So, the more extreme the right becomes and the more power it can garner, the more likely it will be that the other side, which will be represented by Obama will have to exist. The more the hatred, the more the self-balancing side of things must emerge. His presidency will become the necessary opposing force. It’s just ‘philosophical physics.’ I just made that term up. (And, by the way, Jupiter and Uranus are squaring my Moon, so I get to make all sorts of new terminology up. The problem I have personally is that some wise person said a long time ago that ‘there’s nothing new under the Sun.’ Then there’s the guy who even said that we don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. Sheesh! Where’s my chance to be totally unique? Oh well, that’s ‘philosophical physics’ for you. All these dualities haunting us all the time. What are we to do?)

One of the wonderful aspects of astrology is in the exploration of the philosophical implications that becomes necessary when we study it. Each planet contains an underlying set of philosophical viewpoints that can widen our understanding of ourselves and the world. There can be faith in astrology, but what is much better in my view is that by using astrology to test out the way in which these forces manifest in our world, we get the chance to formulate our own educated thoughts about what it all means and whether or not astrology works at all. I hope this article will in some way reflect what is happening in your world.

As always, I want to encourage my readers to reply to this article and describe how this Full Moon is affecting you and those you know. Enjoy!!

A Very Telling Week Ahead

Published on January 23rd, 2010 | Posted by Jim Sher

The job of an astrologer becomes very interesting whenever three transits occur at the same time. But when those same transits are also unusually significant in themselves, one can assume that we are in for a very important week. By important I mean that the events and shifts of that week are likely to signal the kind of things that will affect us for many months or even years to come.

We have just completed our recent series of eclipses and the Mercury retrograde. And no doubt these have created situations that we are now having to pay close attention to and work with in a focused way. But in my view, the last month has in actuality been leading us to what will be emerging this coming week. Here’s what’s happening:

  1. There will be a Full Moon on January 29 which is closely connected to the Solar Eclipse we had on the Jan 15.
  2. On the very same day, Mars retrograde will oppose the Sun of the Full Moon. This marks the mid-point of the10-week retrograde period. This is the time when we can begin to see what the underlying meaning of the entire Mars retrograde cycle. Also, because of the nature of Mars and the Sun, it is likely to feel very intense and to therefore cause us to react strongly to whatever is being felt.
  3. Finally and most important, this is the second occurrence of the Saturn square to Pluto which began on November 15, 2009. It is this difficult and sometimes even depressing transit that is setting the tone for what is happening now. It can be depressing because it is forcing those of us who are affected most, to face certain realities that challenge us and demand both fortitude and courage. Our structures, either physical or psychological, are going through a transformation and while they are necessary (Saturn), they often evoke a great deal of resistance to those very changes that must be made. Yet, at this time, reality must be faced. There is no choice. In fact, any denial that has occurred since the first time these planets were in square, will come back much more strongly this time, so that it can no longer be avoided.

Politics - The surprise election of Scott Brown, a Republican, over Martha Coakley for the Massachusetts Senate has revealed a far higher level of dissatisfaction with Pres. Obama and the Democratic Congress than was believed. I’m not sure why so many people were surprised, as I sure wasn’t, but that’s another story. So, within a few days, Obama announced a major shift in his approach to the economic problems and is asking for a variety of new reforms that he has avoided until now. He has proposed new, stricter regulations, especially on the super-huge banks and is listening to a different set of economic advisors as well. (By the way, did you know that the four biggest banks now control approximately 40% of our nation’s wealth?) The confirmation of Ben Bernanke to a second term as the head of the Fed is now in question, although the Obama administration is fighting to keep him in his position. An astrological look at how the present transits affect the chart of the Federal Reserve reveals a very high likelihood that big changes are coming to that organization, so it is very possible that Bernanke will have to be replaced by someone who appears to be far more sympathetic to ‘Main Street’ than in the past. Perhaps he may actually be sympathetic, though there have been no signs of it so far. Also, the entire health care bill is up in the air which had been the cornerstone of Obama’s first year in office. This is a huge political defeat for Pres. Obama. He invested an enormous amount of political capital on this bill, so that its defeat could be devastating to his ability to influence what is happening in the next year. By the way, Obama is extremely affected by the Mars retrograde in Leo, going over his Sun and affecting his Ascendant and Jupiter. He is really being hit hard by all that is coming forward this week. What people seem to be the most upset about is the gap between what he said during the campaign which elicited great hope for many people and what has actually happened during his first year in office. Whenever there is gap in expectations, the people (ruled by the Moon) can become very unhappy and vote in even more erratic ways.

Economics- The stock market has been dropping all week. Many reasons are being given, but perhaps one of the most important is that China has announced that it is going to slow down the growth of its economy, which has been booming. The effects of its tremendous growth is that it has been buoying up the rest of the world’s major economies, which has mitigated some of the worst effects of the U.S. and international economic slowdown. Other factors include the questioning of the reasons why the market has risen so much since last March and the lack of any reforms or regulations that would deal with the causes of the original problems themselves. Here is an article for those interested that goes into some of these issues:

The Intent of the Mars Retrograde

The basic effect of this cycle is that it demands that we change our strategy of how we assert ourselves. Its effects while we are in the midst of the period is that we can have health problems, injuries, accidents and other Mars-related problems. That depends on how the retrograde affects our personal chart. It’s very much like a forced pull-back. No wonder many members of Congress are pulling back on the health care bill so as to re-evaluate how to move forward. One even suggested that Congress wait until mid-march before revisiting it. He probably didn’t know that Mars will go direct on March 10, right in line with his timing. Another possible effect is that we must move to a new location or at least set into motion actions that will lead to that later in the spring or early summer. It has to do with looking at our goals and adjusting them to the actual realities we are facing. This is a great time for the realists of the zodiac, because they’re looking pretty good right now.

Our Strategy

So what is the best strategy in dealing with possible changes and obstacles? I know this article is not as hopeful as many of my readers would like. It’s certainly not as fun writing as most of my newsletters. But I hope it is helpful in that if we can understand and accept the underlying tone of the times and know that whatever is occurring is temporary, it can assist us to handle things in a more functional and positive way. It won’t last forever. And if there are things we must do, the sooner we do them the better it will be for us. Specifically, Mars goes direct on March 10, 2010 and this summer things change quite radically as Jupiter and Uranus enter Aries and mark a very significant shift in our ability to move forward.

And finally, whenever we’re dealing with Saturn, the one thing I’ve noticed above all is that we always feel better when we handle the necessary issues with which we are confronted. When we do not, we feel worse, more pressure and more pessimistic. The pressure lifts when we accept what we must do. There is the famous quote of Dr. Carl Jung that applies here so I will end the article on that note. “The only freedom I have is to gladly do what I must do.”

As always, as the week moves forward, I would love it if you would write on our blog. The good and the bad.

Wishing you the best.

Jim Sher

Last Eclipse of this Three-part Series – 2009

Published on August 4th, 2009 | Posted by Jim Sher


At 5:55pm PDST, Wednesday August 5th, 2009, we will have a Lunar eclipse (Full Moon) that marks the last one in this series that began at the previous Full Moon on July 7th. The Sun will be at 13 degrees of Leo and oppose the Moon at 13 deg. of Aquarius. Because this is the last one of a series, it’s likely to occasion a finishing up of what has been set into motion over the last 6-week period. Lunar eclipses do often create emotionally turbulent periods that can bring cathartic relief in their wake. This one might do something similar, but that will depend on how much a person has been dealing consciously with the myriad of forces that have been emerging so far.

This eclipse describes the nature of the possible difficulties and also provides some strong hints on the best way to deal with the issues that are coming up. Firstly, there is a square between Mars and Saturn that is likely to bring about delays and perhaps even frustration in projects on which we are working. We see this now in the health reform issue as the forces trying to stop reform have been successful in either slowing or derailing the legislative process. Although things may not be working out the way one hoped for or had intended, it is also true that this aspect suggests that continuing to work is the wisest course of action. Squares ask us to either let go completely of what can now be seen as unworkable or make a conscious decision to put in whatever effort is needed to persist and handle the obstacles in our way. Sometimes, we have to make considerable effort at a time like this and not let delay or frustrations stop us.

Also, there is a sextile (60 deg.) aspect between Mercury and Venus. This suggests that success can be achieved if we make an effort to communicate with whomever we are having difficulties and try to find common ground. This is a hopeful aspect for overcoming misunderstandings but with sextiles, one must make the effort or the flowing energy will not be used.

Finally, it is noteworthy that Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Chiron are all retrograde now. The energy I’ve been writing about in the last two articles is still strong, but all of these issues are now being reviewed. And they need to be. Let’s use the health care debate as an example. Over the past two weeks the protests against reform have become stronger and more vocal. Some of the issues are important concerns that need to be addressed, but also what is being revealed is that there has been a concerted effort to distort (Neptune) the facts which confuses things more than ever in the minds of the people (Moon). I believe however that the square between Mars and Saturn that I referred to above is doing two things. It is bringing about delays and an amplification of the negative voices, but it is also demonstrating the real motives and financial interests behind those voices. The powerful financial interests of the insurance, pharmaceutical, hospital and other health care giants is now being seen as doing all it possibly can to negatively influence the health care debate. This could bring about a kickback against these forces if enough people react to learning that their personal interests are begin highjacked by these powerful lobbyists. We’ll see in the early Fall when Mercury goes retrograde what comes of this.

I want to encourage you to write responses to this article and on any other articles in our interactive blog. You can write about your personal experiences or your thoughts about what is written. I believe that disagreement is as important as agreement as both make an important contribution to any discussion. My only request is that all posts avoid rudeness. Again, you may reply to any articles on the blog, not only the most recent. I hope you will enjoy reading these responses. Let’s have some fun together.

The Lunar Eclipse on July 7

Published on July 6th, 2009 | Posted by Jim Sher

Every six months or so, we always experience a Lunar (Full Moon) and Solar (New Moon) eclipse. They occur within two weeks of each other although sometimes the Lunar eclipse is first while at other times the Solar eclipse is. We are about to enter an unusual phase where there will be three eclipses running in succession. The first of the series is the Lunar eclipse occurring on Tuesday, July 7th, at 2:21am PDST near 15 deg. of Capricorn. The next Eclipse is a very strong Total Solar Eclipse on Tuesday, July 21st, at 7:35pm at 29 deg. of Cancer. The last will be a Lunar eclipse on Wednesday, August 5th at 5:55pm PDST at 13 Aquarius. Eclipses are inertia changers in my view.  Although many astrologers regard eclipses as predominantly negative, I don’t agree with that assessment. Yes, they can close doors, but also they open new ones. They allow new energies to come into our lives, though there are times when they also usher out old structures before the new ones can be created. When we have three eclipses instead of only the usual two, we often see a cycle of greater levels of change and this is also true in this case since the coming Solar eclipse is a very strong one. I will speak more about this in the near future.

The first thing to know about a Lunar eclipse is that it must occur at a Full Moon. The basic meaning of a Full Moon is that it always brings forth some kind of culmination, fulfillment and revelation of the ‘seed’ that was born at the New Moon two weeks earlier. We get to see fully whatever is developing either in us or in our world. The fact that this Full Moon is an eclipse makes its effect much stronger. The issues are bigger and strike us more deeply. So, it is an important period for us. At this time, the Earth stands between the Sun and the Moon. If you were on the Moon, the Sun would be blotted out for a time. Since the Moon rules subconscious emotions which are often negative, the fact that those very emotions are hidden allows them to be examined more clearly. For example, if we normally feel fear about some issue, we may be more willing to experience and move through that fear at this time. We can become motivated to handle an area where we are easily triggered. Of course, sometimes, we just feel forced to do so.

To gain some perspective on the nature of the Tuesday Lunar eclipse, it is best to begin by looking at what the New Moon tells us. It occurred on June 22nd at 1 deg. of Cancer. What is significant about it was that it was in a very close opposition to Pluto. When I study the nature of the Moon in mundane astrology (the area of astrology that examines events of nations, governments, politicians, etc.) it refers to things that affect the mass consciousness, what the people think and how they are affected. With Pluto ruling transformation and even death, in the past few weeks we have seen many national figures die, including Michael Jackson, Farah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, Karl Malden, and the most recent tone being Steve McNair(ex-football player) who died in a violent shooting along with a woman whose relationship we do not yet know. What is significant about this type of event in the national psyche is that it often sends forth strange reactions in the people. It seems to me that any public figure who achieves some sort of intense attention, is actually resonating with something far beyond just themselves personally. It sends out ripples into the mass consciousness because those individuals somehow represent something significant in ourselves. It doesn’t matter if they are famous or infamous, they tell us about our own consciousness as a people. That’s part of the heightened expression of this New Moon. Now we are about to have the Full Moon of this very same cycle and it is an eclipse as well.

To repeat — the nature of a Lunar eclipse is that it often brings out an hidden emotions that can result in a catharsis. This can enable us to release something that has been building up for a long time, so that we can feel a great sense of freedom. Because Pluto rules the depths of our subconscious and what Carl Jung referred to as the ‘shadow material (the feelings we may not approve of in ourselves), it is very helpful to confront these things, letting them see the light of day, so we can deal with them and move on. That’s what a Lunar eclipse can help us accomplish. However, the way it usually works is that one must go through a very intense confrontation with something that has been avoided, something from which we want to turn away. It will help us improve our lives if we don’t do that and instead take advantage of this pressure to work as consciously as possible with whatever is coming up.

Of course, where this eclipse occurs in our chart will tell us a lot about the specifics of what we will be having to deal. If it occurs in our 7th house, we may be dealing with important relationship issues or have to deal with someone who is going through the things I have spoken about here. If it is in our 4th house, it can affect our home, family or parents. This is a time to be a warrior and to make a noble effort to see into our depths no matter what we think we might see. Have the courage to face the demon and it may turn out to be far less of a beast than we thought.

An unusually busy and interesting week – The Coming Full Moon and More

Published on March 7th, 2009 | Posted by Jim Sher

Hello Everyone,

We have a most interesting and possibly eventful week ahead, especially if you have natal planets being affected between 18-22 degrees of the mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces. Beginning on Sunday, March 8, there will be three significant astrological signatures and each of these are meaningful when they occur by themselves. Together there are likely to be unusual and shocking developments in our financial systems as well as in our personal lives.

The first is tomorrow at 12:53 pm when the Sun opposes Saturn. This is a fast-moving transit whose effect is usually short but this time, it can trigger bigger events or issues for us. The meaning is that the Sun will shine its light on whatever we consider to be an area of duty, responsibility, or personal weakness but with which we must deal. It brings certain difficult issues to a head which we’ve already been dealing with for some time. Also, Mercury will enter Pisces, which can be great for creative, imaginative thought, but also contribute to some unclear or fuzzy thinking that will be tinged with more emotion than usual. Pisces speaks, not as much in words, as in the realm of images, archetypes, and above all, symbols. Pisces seeks to play in many layers of meaning, knowing that life is not composed of mere facts and figures. It knows that understanding is not a function of rationality/irrationality, but something more intangible yet no less important.

Also, we are in the midst of a Mars-Neptune conjunction at 24 Aquarius. Mars loves to act, but with Neptune, those actions are likely to be motivated by confusion and uncertainty. It is best when decisions are based on a finely honed sense of intuition. But when in doubt, it is often best to wait until the transit subsides a bit before making the final decision, especially if we know we don’t have all the facts. The bigger the decision, the better it is to wait. What this transit is good for is letting yourself go and indulging your imagination and dreams. Neptune softens us, makes us dreamy, and can enhance our desire nature. Mars/Neptune is a puzzle as it can activate deception and just plain lying, with approaching solving problems magically, through the use of a Will under control. And sometimes, it’s tricky to know which one is more in play. Enjoy the feeling of openness and even glamour. Let the mind loosen, unlocking one’s blockages that tend to close the door prematurely to all sorts of possibilities.

The Full Moon then occurs on Tuesday, March 10. This is what can trigger a great deal since the Moon will conjunct Saturn and oppose the Sun conjunction with Uranus, the planets of excitement and sudden shocks. Oppositions are full of dilemmas and paradoxes. The Moon coming upon Saturn is concerned with maintaining discipline, order, and in Virgo, details. And at the same time, with the Sun conjuncting Uranus, the natural instinct will be to rebel, break free from restricting circumstances, and avoiding awful routine. Now that’s a great example of what an opposition can be. What this Full Moon can do is break open stale or unmoving situations, bringing things to a forced conclusion so that as the Moon cycle proceeds, one will find oneself moving in a new direction.

Oppositions are very fertile times as well as active ones. They ask us to operate in ways we may not find easy but which are transforming. Here, it asks us to learn to handle responsibility with the need for freedom and new encounters of all kinds. Sometimes change can be orderly, but more often than not, it is messy, and cannot be simply regulated. Chaos is, after all, our chance for real change and at the same time must be full of uncertainty and unpredictability.

Since the Sun will not conjunct Uranus until Wednesday, the 12th, the change aspect may be delayed until then. I am looking for something in the news that will shock our society and whose effects will ripple through our society for the next few weeks. Revelations about our economy is one likely source of shock, but with Uranus, by definition, we cannot know since it rules surprise and the unexpected.

As always, I love the responses I get from my readers and enjoy them very much. Please feel free to write.


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