Brief History of Astrological Counseling


It is helpful to understand how much life has changed in the past 200-400 years for the average person. Many of us might take these significant changes for granted. What was the average life span in 1600? Some have suggested it was around 45 years. If a person lived until they were 50 or 60 years of age they were considered to have lived a long life. Moreover, life was always tenuous. To make it through the winter was never a certainty. There was great fear of crops failing, plagues killing large numbers of people and livestock, and the ever-present fact or possibility of war. Fear of starvation was a very real thing to our ancestors. People lived with death every day of their lives in ways we do not appreciate today.

Astrology reflected these facts of life. The practice of astrology was regarded by many as a reliable form of information that was used to predict concretely many things such as, what the winter would look like, whether or not there would be war or a famine, etc. People went to an astrologer for concrete predictions and would act accordingly. Astrology helped people prepare for what they thought was coming.  This view of how astrology should be practiced still exists today. For example, there is one astrologer in England today who regards the only role of astrology to be the making of concrete predictions. He calls it ‘real astrology.’ Any other kind is dismissed. Many in the astrological community also feel this way. There is even a revival of medieval and ancient astrology, sometimes at the expense of a new, modern view. This view may be simplistic to more psychologically oriented astrologers, but we may want to remember that psychology itself only began in 1850 and is still truly in its infancy. The notion that the ‘unconscious’ exists at all began just 100 years ago as the theories of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung became known and somewhat popular. Thus, psychology itself is actually a very recent phenomenon. Also, the field of psychology has been fighting from the beginning to establish itself as a science. It has resisted any attempts to link it with religion, spirituality or any concerns with Soul. This is why many in psychology today still reject the works of Carl Jung and other psychologists who delve into the fields of depth or transpersonal psychology. And, the idea of combining psychology with astrology was been rejected out of hand. There has not been openness to even looking at the question of whether astrology could offer anything to the psychology and therapy, until recently. This is why we do not hear more about the great value that astrology can make to psychology and therapy today. The times are changing however, for there is a stirring of something new on the horizon.

Astrological counseling has been practiced for the last 30 years, but is only now coming into the open. Universities like Pacifica Graduate Institute, California Institute of Integral Studies, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and many others, are paving the way for this newly emerging field to gain both public awareness and credibility. I am grateful to offer this service in addition to the astrology classes being taught as an opportunity for you to have the chance to avail yourself of the many advantages of this new field of practice.

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