School Texts

Beginning Astrology

Required Texts:

1. “The Only Way to Learn Astrology,” Vols. I, II, & III.
Marion March & Joan McEvers.

2. “The Inner Sky”
Steven Forrest

Optional Texts:

1. “Heaven Knows What,”
Grant Lewi

2. “Astrology for the Millions,”
Grant Lewi

3. “Saturn: A New Look at the Old Devil”
Liz Greene

Intermediate Astrology

Required Texts:

1. “Planets in Transit,”
Robert Hand

2. “The Lunation Cycle”
Dane Rudhyar

3. “Time To Remember: Secondary Progressions”
Nancy Anne Hastings

Optional Texts:

1 “Astrology in Modern Language,”
Richard B. Vaughan

2. “Planets in Aspect,”
Robert Pelletier

3. “An Astrological Mandala”
Dane Rudhyar

4. “Astrology of Fate”
Liz Greene

Advanced Astrology

Required Text:

1. “Astrological Counseling,”
Edited by Joan McEvers

2. “The Development of The Personality: Vol. I”
Liz Greene & Howard Sasportas

Optional Texts:

1. “Mythic Astrology: Internalizing the Planetary Powers”
Guttman & Johnson

2. “The Yod Book”
Karen Hamaker-Zondag

3. “The Combination of Stellar Influences”
Reinhold Ebertin

4. “Astrology for the 21st Century”
David Cochrane

5. “Retrograde Planets”
Erin Sullivan

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