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Our School is proud to announce our second public Meditation class. The class description you see here is the same curriculum as that which has been given privately for 12 years.

The new class will begin on Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 7:00pm in Culver City.  Click here for more information.




Introduction to Meditation


Class 1 – We will look at the purpose and value of meditation. In this class we will begin to learn how to discover the nature of our mind. We are not just trying to quiet it, but become able to ‘witness’ it and then work with what we find.

Class 2 – We will learn about the power of our programming and begin to look at the nature of reactivity and inquire into the nature of attachments, identification or triggers. Also, we will discover how we might approach releasing from them.

Class 3 – Discovering how we are affected by language. Rather than try to control our mind only, we are going to closely examine our relationship to words and concepts. Also, we will look at how language creates reactivity and what we can do to move towards a new way of handling this. What is the cortical-thalamic pause?

Class 4 – How we can apply what we have learned here in our daily life. In this class we will discuss how we can take our meditation into each moment of our life. This is the beginning of learning how to Work on oneself and to practice contemplation.

Fee: $110 for this course.


Meditation Two – Going deeper


Class 1 – Introducing the concept of ‘shadow.’ How it makes observing or witnessing difficult. We will go into the power of ‘neutral’ and the importance of not using force.

Class 2 – Learning how to inquire into the ‘essence’ of thoughts, emotions and reactions. First we must be willing to observe and then be willing to be truthful with ourselves. Also, we will inquire into a new definition of ‘Intelligence’ and why contemplation is an aspect of meditation. Discovering that ‘inquiry’ through discourse accelerates growth.

Class 3 – How we can be open to a truly new approach and why it is difficult. This discussion will develop the idea of ‘increasing velocity.’ We will approach the subject of ‘real philosophy’ and the power of discourse. We will discuss the value and even need for others.

Class 4 – Introduction to partner-assisted meditation or the ‘dyad’ approach to meditation.

Fee: $110 for this course.


Introduction to Metaphysics and Spiritual Transformation


Prerequisite: Meditation 1 and 2.

The topics for these courses will be discussed in the Meditation classes and you can read more about them here:



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