Introduction to Metaphysics and Transformation

This class does require that the student has taken the 8 week Introduction to Meditation/Contemplation class.

There are many students who do have experience with meditation and it would be only natural to feel that class may not be needed in order to take this course. However, the approach and philosophy of our Meditation/Contemplation classes may be different from the approach students have taken in the past. We will be adding aspects to the practice of meditation that are not usually included, so we ask for your patience so that you might have a chance to find out more about an approach that includes discourse, partner-assisted meditation and other techniques that have become fundamental elements of this practice. The basics of these techniques will be introduced in the first meditation/contemplation course so that the student can determine if they might be interested in going more deeply into them.

One important field we will study is the degree we are affected by language. Many people find that the more we learn about this, the more we are able to both function much better in the world as well as have a very quiet and effective mind. Also, we will be discussing the ways in which communication cycles affect our minds.

To learn more you can read more about our philosophy here and our teaching approach here.

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