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Teaching Methods

Our goal is to make astrology as accessible as possible to students.  To accomplish this, group discussion is used as an essential part of learning since it enables students to share what they are discovering about their charts with the other students.  This method allows the student to experience a transformative process through a process of natural dialogue.

The classes are interactive as we use the student’s charts to help us advance our understanding of the planets, signs, houses, aspects, and much more.

Beginning Astrology

This course is designed for true Beginning astrology students.  It lasts for 18 weeks and is composed of three 6-week sessions which run back-to-back.

This course will teach the basics of the signs, planets, houses, rulerships, aspects, configurations, and chart patterns.  Also, we will look at the basics of synthesizing these principles in the natal chart.  Finally, there will be an introduction of the subject of transits, which cover where the planets are now and how we are affected by them.

Intermediate Astrology

This course lasts for 18 weeks and is composed of three 6-week sessions which run back-to-back.

It is designed for students who have completed the Beginning Astrology course of this School.  It will go much deeper into chart analysis and begin discussing how to consult with clients.  Emphasis is given to the works of Dane Rudhyar, a leader in the development of transpersonal and evolutionary astrologey.  Also, his work went very far in linking psychology and astrology.  This approach seeks to help students understand the chart as an unfolding of potentials rather than focusing merely on events that happen to us.  This includes learning about the archetypal developmental phases that can be seen in both the natal and transit charts and how they can be used consciously to help us move towards living an evolutionary life.

In this course, we also will be covering elementary astrological counseling skills to assist the student to be able to use astrology as a counseling tool.

Advanced Astrology

This course is designed for students who have completed both the Beginning and Intermediate courses and desire to hone and develop their knowledge and skills.  Some of these students intend to become professional astrologers, but this is not a necessary goal.  An emphasis is given on astrological counseling in addition to adding a variety of new knowledge.

Some of the skills to be covered are mid-points, secondary progressions, solar returns and much more.

Right now, there is one on-going Advanced Astrology class which is a Master class.  Others will be added when there are students prepared to enter it.




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