Why Study Astrology & Meditation?

1. Astrology offers a way to discover the Soul’s intention for this lifetime.

2. It’s intellectually captivating — and directly relevant to your own life. Astrology is a rich body of knowledge, based on many centuries of observation and study. Don’t be fooled by the scorn that modern Western culture has heaped on astrology – see for yourself whether it works.

3. Astrology is based on universal archetypes and cycles found in nature. These patterns and forces are operating in your life now, and you will gain valuable insights as you learn to recognize them for what they are, using the language and tools of astrology.

4. The study of astrology can lead to an ever-deepening process of self-understanding and self-awareness. Our curriculum is designed for students who wish to follow this transformational path.

5. Astrology fluently depicts a person’s inner world without assuming that something is wrong with that person. This framework allows for astrology to become a life-enhancing study that both expands and ennobles the student.

6. Astrology validates the uniqueness of each human being. You will discover your own uniqueness and appreciate the uniqueness of other human beings. This often has the subtle and positive effect of helping us become more tolerant of others.

7. Understanding and using astrology can empower you, both internally and in your ability to succeed in the world. Astrology can illuminate life’s problems, and help you become more sure-footed in solving them.

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