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The programs of this School combine the wisdom and intelligence of those who have come before us whether it is from millennia ago or of the last century. Often in the past, this type of School has been referred to as a ‘Mystery School.’ There are many definitions of the term ‘wisdom’, but the one that guides the development of this School is this: “Wisdom is the art and science of spiritual transformation that leads to an awakening to one’s true nature or essence. As we awaken to this wisdom we find that we desire to unite with the Divine Spirit whose nature is, in fact, our Own.” This means that the foundation of this School is one that emphasizes direct experience along with knowledge and study.

The School also is grounded in the view that the term ‘Intelligence’ needs to be redefined more than ever. It must include ‘Wisdom’ and perhaps, even equated with it. Our society needs this more than ever with our tremendous emphasis on knowledge and information as the only important things that are important to seek. This School while valuing information seeks to utilize new knowledge in the service of the transformational process.

Finally, although it is wondrous to have a ‘peak experience’ as it can change us forever. It is just as important to learn how to stabilize in the new state so that we are able to translate that new state into our world in an integrated way. We have found that the transformation process must be a true permanent change in our way of ‘being-in-the-World.’ It becomes crucial then to focus on learning about the stages of transformational process itself so that we become able to move through them safely, steadily and with awareness. This is the fundamental ground of the educational philosophy of this School. We hope that it will be of service to humanity.

Jim Sher, MSW


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